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Image Compression: Importance of Gif, Jpeg and Lossy Method in Web Designing

Graphics and images form an integral part of website designing. Graphics have an engrossing appeal and thats why they attract more and more visitors. But, due to expensive bandwidth and time-consuming downloads; it has become essential to compress data and images. Compressing data means the ability to crunch an image or text into a smaller size. Compressing images or graphics makes use of special algorithms to measure pixels. The pixels are used as single items in a compression method.

A compressed image consumes less storage space. The bandwidth required is also less compared to uncompressed data. There are two fundamental methods for compressing data:

Lossless method

Lossy method

The Lossy compression technique is preferred by most companies specializing in custom web site design India. It is mainly used for crunching graphics, audio and video signals. Images compressed using lossy technique may have lower resolution and sharpness than the original. In case of audio and video, the lossy technique compresses to 5 percent of original size.

Almost every custom web site design company in India use different image formats. These image formats consume less space and take less time while downloading. One of the most popular formats used is the Graphic Interchange Format or GIF. GIF formats support 8-bit color palettes and keep files relatively small. Most Ecommerce website design companies in India use GIF format in the designing because many image files can be compressed into a single GIF file, especially if an animation is created.

Apart from GIF formats, JPEG formats are widely used in websites. JPEG format can compress an image file a 100 times than the original size. A custom web site design company in India easily controls the compression elements of JPEG files. The complicated drawings and images do not lose their overall quality and the download speed is quite faster than other file formats.

Ecommerce website design in India includes many elements in an ecommerce website including shopping carts, images and even video. Usage of compressed images and videos requires less bandwidth and less storage space.

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  1. What’s the best place(news paper & magzine) to advertise in Brisbane? We are a website design company?
    We are just starting, so very limit budget,

    we major in website innovation and eCommerce.

    Is there any good recommandations ?


  2. Please recommend me some company that can design my ecommerce website at an affordable cost?
    What is the cost? and is there a monthly fee?

  3. Might take a look at these and see if you can use any of them yourself…

    eCommerce (Some Free):

    Mal’s e-commerce is a FREE Shopping Cart Service:
    Free Shopping Cart Software for Joomla! & Mambo:
    Create your own Online Store for Free with Free Webstore: is both a free web store builder and a free online marketplace:
    Ubercart is an exciting open source e-commerce package that fully integrates your online store with Drupal:
    Free Shopping Cart Software:
    ShopSite Shopping Carts (Trial):

    osCommerce Online Merchant is an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License:
    Zen Cart™ truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software:

    35 Free High-Quality E-Commerce Templates:

  4. Is there a website that do both a new ebay shop design and ecommerce business website design in one package?
    Hi, I have an ebay shop with a simple free ebay template store front, but I would like a really good ebay shop design now, I would also like a good ecommerce website too, is there a company or website that can design both of these for me, in one package?

    I just want to keep both sites simple, I don’t want any flash, or animation, could I have both done for £200 or $400 in total? Also could I also have free hosting or very cheap hosting? I own my own domain name by the way.
    Thank you for the hosting information John, I like the sound of host monster and blue hosting, I will look into them.
    Thanks SaTYou, nice bit of advertising there, I will look into it.

  5. what are some good companies to get a website designed from (flash ecommerce)?
    i’m mainly looking for professionalism, creativity, ecommerce, marketing, flash.

    I like flash but I want the text of the site to be text (ctrl+f) and I want the design to be more creative, rather than all linear lines. need ecommerce. what is the price range to expect?

    I have browsed yellow pages sites, and google search sites, looked at portfolios. There was so much information and so much I don’t know. After i entered my site that supposedly was supposed to forward my information to more companies for quotes and I didn’t get any replies, I gave up searching and came here.
    Thank you for the interesting sites, if anyone has more pile them on please. Yes, I had considered that flash is not accessible or practical to everyone nor necessarily affordable. I only had in mind a flash header, but the shop with the bags is amazing.
    I just recognized the bad phrasing of my question title, oops!

  6. No Flash website will be able to be ‘searchable’ via crtl-F. It’s a limitation.

    Also, for e-commerce, Flash is almost never used. It’s not like a normal website where it can be updated quickly and easily and in general it’s just not as flexible. Also, average customers just tend to get confused with non-standard designs and this could impact on your sales.

    Granted, it can be very pretty, but think about the users of the site. What if they have a slow internet connection or cannot load flash (e.g. mobile browsers)? You need to make sure that there’s a non-Flash alternative (or ‘Lite’) anyway. This means that Flash will end up costing more money.

    If you’re looking for an interesting website, don’t ignore the power of ‘regular’ websites. CSS and AJAX are very powerful tools and can be used to create some very useful web pages, e.g. Facebook.

    AJAX can be used to create dynamic pages which respond to the user and CSS can be used to make things very pretty.

    Take the Apple Web Store. Very pretty website and extremely functional:

    Here are some non e-commerce websites, but use CSS very well (there’s hundreds more where that came from) showing that you don’t need flash to create interesting designs:

    But despite the impraticalness of Flash to use on an e-commerce site, here’s the only one that I can think of:

    I don’t know who designed that – you can ask them – but see if that fits your needs.

    My suggestion if you’re really liking the Crumpler website is that you find a competent professional who is good at using flash and use the Crumpler website as a ‘goal’ as to what you’d like in your website. 🙂 Keep in mind that Crumpler is very much a youth brand and the website reflects that.

    E.g. That site design would prove very confusing and could deter older customers.

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