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Usefulness Of Website Designing In Business

Concept of web designing

As given in Wikipedia, web designing is the skill of creating presentations of web content (usually hypertext or hyper media) that is delivered to an end user through the World Wide Web by way of a web browser or other Web-enabled software like Internet Television clients, micro blogging clients and RSS readers. The intent of Web design is to create a website – a collection of electronic documents and applications that reside on a Web server/servers and present content and interactive features/interfaces to the end user in form of Web pages once requested. Such elements as text, bit mapped images (GIFs, JPEGs) and forms can be placed on the page using HTML/XHTML/XML tags.

There are countless companies in the market today, working as web designers for the sites of your company. While designing a website some points need to be considerably kept in mind as it is not an easy game to play.

Designing an efficient website for your company

There are two categories into which a website can be classified: Static and Dynamic. A static website is a simple layout whose content doesn’t change with every request unless manually updated whereas Dynamic pages adapt their display in accordance with the user’s interaction with the website. There are many websites on the web which offer great presentations but unimportant, irrelevant or very little content. Some ways to make a Website efficient in the network are given below:

Make sure that website designers make your website comprised of more relevant and meaningful content. The more information you deliver through the site the more visitors are acquired.

Less of image backgrounds should be implemented.

Make the contents of the website easily searchable including a menu on every page

Use less of frames and also more of information should be accessed easily without too many clicks involved.

The target audience’s requirement should be kept in mind while designing a website.

The website should be compatible with the user’s browser.

The content of the website should but unique and not super imposing and other article on the web.

Steps beneficial for good website designing

Some important steps are suggested by ecommerce web designers to help a person expertise in web designing. These are mentioned below:

1.Select a color scheme. If there is any specific color or logo of the company, the same color should be used for the background of the website.

2.Always use templates for your site if you are unable to find the site you are really like.

3.Provide an easy to use navigation system. We must ensure easy availability to the visitors about what they exactly want or searching for. Include a navigation bar at the top as well as bottom of your website.

4.Provide a site map and search feature for visitors to easily look into the page they are searching for if the site is longer.

5.The content in the site is said to be the main determinant for ranking of the site. If the site constitutes relevant content with exact information the ranking will automatically raise.

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  1. What book should i buy for Ecommerce Website Development.Im a web designer and not a hardcoder.?
    I want to create a fully functional ecommerce website. The most important part i wanna learn is the transaction handling(shoppingcart….and more) Step by step wud be great.. ANY BOOK RECOMMENDATION?
    I have knowledge with CSS HTML/XHTML and a lil bit of php/mysql

  2. How easy is it to add an affiliate application to an ecommerce website?
    I am having a website built for me by a friend of a friend and I want to ask them about adding an affiliate application where a code can be entered that gives a purchaser money off and also pays the affiliate who advertised the code. Is this a complected thing to ask for or is this something any web designer can install?

  3. Lee,

    Adding an Affiliate Marketing Program to your online store is EASY (when you choose the right eCommerce platform from the start). There are a few platforms that come pre-integrated with affiliate marketing programs and some other can be integrated with third-party affiliate platforms fairly easily.

    Here are a couple links for you; this shopping cart comes with affiliate options built-in:

    You may also want to see a list of the Top 10 Shopping Carts here:

    Good luck!

    -Daniel O.
    eCommerce Developer

  4. How much should I pay a website designer?
    If I need an ecommerce website what should be the going market rate I should pay the web developer?
    I guess I want to know what is too high….
    I would like to know the average Hourly rate.

  5. You should pay as little as you can. The average hourly rate depends on where you look for help. Without a clear understanding of what you want (that is, a specification / request for proposal), a price cannot be offered.

    Most mediocre Web designers charge in the $50 per hour range. Hire a mediocre contractor, get a mediocre result.

    When dealing with contractors, there’s a simple rule: Cheap, fast, good. Pick two.

    In other words, if you don’t want to spend much, your project will either take forever or be of low quality. If you are willing to spend lots of money, your project can be done quickly and well.

    That said, were I you I would be looking for someone to install and skin a copy of Zen Cart for me, and my budget would be $3,000 if I want to let it take some time, $5,000 if I want it done quickly.

  6. My software designer is giving me 24 hours to copy my (unfinished) ecommerce website from WordPress?
    Because of incompetence, I am terminating my website designer for my ecommerce site they are developing on word press. I dont know how to copy it, so that I can try and work on it myself.

  7. I’m starting an online photo printing company.Which ecommerce website developer has the solutions that I need?
    I’m starting a small company that offers online photo printing service like in and

    Thus, I need an ecommerce website with some extra features that are not offered by most ecommerce website developer/designer. I want the customer to be able to upload their photos and pick the size and quantity that they want. I prefer if they can place the order without having to register an account.

    Most ecommerce website developer/designer only offers features like product listing and search but not photo uploads. I’d really appreciate any help and guide. Thanks.

  8. Personally, I recommend Big Commerce. One of the easiest to use ecommerce software.

    Drag & drop store design, 46 ready template, optimized by SEO experts, online HTML/CSS Editor, W3C compliant themes just to name a few features.

    Try it FREE for 15 days and see for yourself.

    Let me know if it helps!



  9. If you really want to accomplish this, you’ll need to begin thinking of yourself as a coder, too. You can simultaneously be both, and people with both design ability and coding skills typically do quite well.

    You will either have to hire a coder or become one. If you want to become a coder, there are several books I can recommend.

    HTML / XHTML / CSS All in One for Dummies is coming out next month. This book begins at the very beginning (building a simple XHTML page) and walks you all the way through the process of adding CSS for style and layout, JavaScript for client-side interactivity, PHP for server-side functionality, MySQL database access, and the emerging AJAX technology. With this book, you should be able to update your current skills and move through the technology to get exactly what you’re looking for. All the software you need is supplied with the CD-ROM and is completely free (open-source – not demos or trial software.)

    If you want to concentrate on the server-side technology, PHP5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner teaches PHP (a very popular server-side programming language) and MySQL (an important free database system.)

    I’ve taught hundreds of people the skills you seek in my live classes, and many more through these books (and a few more, but you didn’t ask about them. . . )

    With a little hard work and a good coach, you can succeed.

    Good Luck!

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