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Ecommerce Website Development Is The Chariot Of Present Day Commercial Ventures

Ecommerce world has provided both the corporate circle as well as the general customers with a robust electronically automated platform to promote, sale and buy products and services. At present, use of internet is increasing at a rapid pace and it has crossed the boundary of cyber cafes, office zones and commercial areas to enter into the domestic fronts of home users with a strong stride. With little operating knowledge of the computer, one now can easily shop at the virtual stores right from his cozy home. Development of feature and function-rich ecommerce sites or the online stores has become crucial to ensure improved shopping experience for the customers, enhance their retention level and generate higher revenues. It is no wonder that B2B and B2C online portal customization has offered the entrepreneurs with a strong and well-defined growth path, backed with improved interaction facility with the target groups and flexible engagement platforms.
Ecommerce Website development is no more an alien term in the IT sector. The web professionals have very much become part of the ecommerce revolution. Powerful and smoothly functioning sites are key platforms to successfully launch corporate promotions and online programs. A key purpose behind developing rich ecommerce sites is to extend the online identity of a company by providing it with a sister site that complements the significance of the main site. Judging from this point, ecommerce serves two key goals: ensuring a secured platform for commercial transactions and secondly strengthening the effort of the existing business venture.
Ecommerce Websites enable the business enterprises to effectively establish well-integrated network to reduce their distance with the target market. It not only offers the customers to easily avail and purchase their required items but also strengthen their loyalty for the service providers. Moreover, such sites also enable the companies to strengthen their bonds with channel partners backed with a vast platform that drastically reduces the time restraints. Web developers and designers also undertake several other key tasks to ensure quality enhancement and modifications of the applications and the sites.
The developers should never be carried away by their natural emotions while developing and designing the ecommerce elements. The sites should be well-organized enough to ensure smooth browsing through the pages. The visitor and prospective customer should never feel that he/she has lost the way while navigating through the sites. It is crucial to ease up the process involved in online shopping. SEO principles should guide ecommerce site development. Good quality shopping cart should be integrated with the sites along with safe and secure payment gateways. CMS customization is also a vital component of ecommerce Website development. It enables the store owners to change the presentation content easily from time to time for offering the customers with latest updates.
In the competitive market, companies are required to be armed with advanced online platform to polish their portfolio sections. Here ecommerce platforms act in a great way to improve their image. Online-based virtual commercial platforms have become the vehicles to pull the major business initiatives.

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  1. What book should i buy for Ecommerce Website Development.Im a web designer and not a hardcoder.?
    I want to create a fully functional ecommerce website. The most important part i wanna learn is the transaction handling(shoppingcart….and more) Step by step wud be great.. ANY BOOK RECOMMENDATION?
    I have knowledge with CSS HTML/XHTML and a lil bit of php/mysql

  2. which is the best platform for ecommerce website development?
    i have to develop an ecommerce website…which is the best software and language for the same….plzzz help

  3. If you really want to accomplish this, you’ll need to begin thinking of yourself as a coder, too. You can simultaneously be both, and people with both design ability and coding skills typically do quite well.

    You will either have to hire a coder or become one. If you want to become a coder, there are several books I can recommend.

    HTML / XHTML / CSS All in One for Dummies is coming out next month. This book begins at the very beginning (building a simple XHTML page) and walks you all the way through the process of adding CSS for style and layout, JavaScript for client-side interactivity, PHP for server-side functionality, MySQL database access, and the emerging AJAX technology. With this book, you should be able to update your current skills and move through the technology to get exactly what you’re looking for. All the software you need is supplied with the CD-ROM and is completely free (open-source – not demos or trial software.)

    If you want to concentrate on the server-side technology, PHP5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner teaches PHP (a very popular server-side programming language) and MySQL (an important free database system.)

    I’ve taught hundreds of people the skills you seek in my live classes, and many more through these books (and a few more, but you didn’t ask about them. . . )

    With a little hard work and a good coach, you can succeed.

    Good Luck!

  4. Dreamweaver is a very good web development software package, especiallly when used in conjunction with other adobe programs such as flash 8, fireworks etc.
    Once you get to know your way around it you can make some very professional websites, but as far as ecommerce goes, I have never tried to creat one using dreamwearver. It would be worth looking into packages designed specificly for ecommerce sites.
    So I would say try it out (if you have it – or download the trial version) and see how you get on.
    Another good web design package is microsoft sharepoint designer which is similar to dreamweaver – you can get a free 3 month trial from

  5. Website design and maintenance plays a strong role in the ecommerce world. Websites need to be easy to use with simple yet attractive interfaces so that users can navigate quickly and conveniently.

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