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Three Most Important Elements of an Effective Website Design

When we talk about website design, we have to talk about the very important elements that are influencing the process of website development. If we browse the Internet what we see are web pages and these web pages are the product of website development. Web designing is necessary in the website development because it has the potentials of making the website attractive, full of details, informative and significant. In other words, web designing is the crucial part of website development. So what are the very important elements that are influencing the process of developing a websitec Here are some of the most significant.

1.Satisfaction of the customer. Although obviously anything that must be presented online needs to provide customer satisfaction, in the internet, customer satisfaction is very essential because it is the gauge wherein the development of website can be successful or not. Companies are always aware that if there is a failure in providing satisfaction to the online visitors then the culprit or error is in the way how the website was developed which comes to the next point.

2.Listening to what the Customers says and what they do need. People ideally think that when it comes to business, the customer is always right. That is the ideal concept because clients generally know what they want and what they want to see on the website. However, some businesses who get too excited in bringing in more products to their website to increase revenue usually forget that what they do is not what the clients want to see. This is exacerbated by the fact that some website developers only follow what they know in building a website and to be led by their employers without any curiosity if what they do is satisfactory to the online clients.

Probably it takes a lot of time before a website design can become user friendly if the owners of the website keep running their websites without identifying how the clients can familiarize the look and feel of the website. However, if the businesses that ran the websites are always aware of the people’s needs and listen to their comments and suggestions, the groundwork in producing an effective website development will not be far.

3.The gift in communicating with the client. The ability of assisting the clients to identify what they want to do online can be best identified as an effective communication. Communication is the process of exchanging information by different procedures to complete an understanding or able to share meaningful ideas. This kind of ability can only be done if the businesses who manage websites develop the skills of communication and practice it.

If the creator of the web design will use their skills in gathering the information with regards to what the people are looking from the website then there would be good communication and enhancement of the website and this will bring in more revenue to the owner of the website. Website developers should always use their skills in interpersonal projection, clarifications, probing questions, analysis and evaluation about their clients because the clients are the people who are powering the websites.

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  2. How do I make a website from start to finish?
    I’m a biologist not a computer scientist; help a brother out. How can I design a website that is cost effective and “classy” looking? Thank you!

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  4. Help with website design?
    I want to make a website but i dont know the first thing about website design so i intend to get some type of website design software but i have not a clue about what program is the best/ easiest/cost effective. Help please?

  5. Since your just starting out NVU may be the best option to start with.

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  7. Is this an effective way to present my assignment?
    It has to be a multi-modal presentation, and considering i’m good at graphic design and website construction, i thought i could make a website. It’s a rather large essay, and can’t be a general essay, so would a website be an effective way to present this if i broke it all up into sections?

  8. I think it’s a great idea! Ppoint presentations
    are so typical a website can show your effort effectively.

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