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Ways Of Creating Good Logo Designs

Logo designers are expert in their field and they have the talent to design good logos for their clients in given frame of time. But you might think how can they work on time deadline and yet come up with good designs that bring in profits.

First and initial piece of information that they require is the company name or brand name for which they have to create a logo. Many companies demand their companys name initials in their logo, while some may just need a symbol. There are companies who demand putting up their entire company name as their logo in attractive styles and fonts. Therefore the logo designer consults their clients about what type of logo they want for their company a symbolic one or their company name abbreviation. These designers prepare a rough drafts of few logo designs from which the company chooses the most suitable one the find for their business.

Another important piece of information that logo designers require is details about the products and services the company deal into. This information would give them the idea, as to what type of company image they need to create for their clients range of products/services. So the company should provide as much information about themselves as they can to the logo designer so that the images they design are in complete harmony with your company. For new companies that are launching their brand in the market might not want product images, instead any professional symbolic logo that can create a positive brand image.

Many existing companies also want to have a new logo or re-design the old logo to give a fresh outlook to their business. In re-designing of logos, the company may want to give a new outlook and appearance to logo.

The skilled and professional designers provide the options of different styles of logo designs for the company, they can choose it according to the preference. Iconic style, text style and illustrative style are few of the style options in logo designing. After viewing the different logo draft designs, the client selects the most suitable one. The company can also ask the logo designer to merge design styles of more than one logo together to get something more exclusive.

Its very important for a company logo to be exclusive and attractive so that people get motivated towards buying the products/services of the brand and remember it for future buying also.

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  1. want to be web design expert. Where can I learn through video tutorials.?
    I want to be really good with in a year. I wanted to take weekend classes local but found nowhere offering it. I tried taking an online course but it is just a lot of reading. I need to learn either in a class or with some really good video tutorials.

    Are there any websites that offer this for freee or dvd I can buy or even video classes? I need to learn Design, Web design, CSS ,some basic programming and flash. I learn html on my own but 5 or six years ago and I have been out of it for a while.

  2. You may be technically competent within a year but you will be a million miles from an expert. Be a little realistic. And you’ll need more than Flash and CSS to be an expert. Try SQL, PHP, just for starters.

    To be a good designer takes years (if you’re lucky) of practice and experience. Too many self-taught “web designers” think they’re awesome because they make EVERYTHING on their web pages stand out. This is very poor practice. A web designer needs to know how to communicate effectively with graphics. A graphic design course will see to that for you. But don’t expect to learn it all in a year.

    Everything else you mention can be learned, to a reasonable level, in a year with the right attitude. The O’Reilly books are your best bet for that. Set yourself pretend projects and when you get stuck, refer to the books.

    I don’t know of any video tutorials. I prefer books – easier to quickly refer to a particular subject with a book. is free, but only skims the surface of each language it teaches.

  3. Web design expert needed. ( Adobe Questions)?
    Alright let me explain what I’m trying to do, which program and features would I use in Adobe to achieve this.

    I want a Box on the top of my web page and a button to go left and a button to go right. The buttons move the image in the center to different images. ANy ideas

  4. Expert web design help needed please.?
    When someone creates a new account I want a profile page to generate specifically for their account. How do I do this, or where would I find some guidance on setting this up?

  5. If I wanted to become an expert in web design, how/what should I study?
    I took a basic web design class in high school, so I know the basics of how it all works, but I am certainly no expert in HTML programming. I’m also interested in Java and C++ scripting, but I have trouble performing easy exercises for the sake of a grade; I find it boring and unmotivating. I’d prefer learning to program a game, or a useful program instead of just a series of functions that can remember all the numbers you enter and store them in a database. -_-

  6. This requires PHP.

    A PHP script is a program which generates a web page as output. has some beginner’s tutorials.

  7. Looking for an expert in web design?
    I have ideas for several different websites. I’m very busy and I doubt I would be able to learn web design and create a professional site.

    I was wondering if there is a great way to find an excellent web designer that would be interested in becoming 50% owner in company in exchange for their talents.?

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  9. You need 2 number selectors.

    Image1.x= numberSelector1.value;
    Image1.y= numberSelector2.value;

  10. Some good things to study for web design: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP,, Java, mySQL. I’m sure there are quite a few more, but that’s a good list to get you started. To learn something without doing it “for the sake of a grade”, try finding a project that you want to do. I’ve heard learning to build your own forums, for example, is a great way to learn the ins and outs of PHP. I personally am creating a website for users that includes registration, login/logout, owning “virtual items”, private messages, forums, and so on. It has been an incredible experience, but very time consuming. There are some books on programming to make games. Do some searching on Amazon and I’m sure you’ll find something to your tastes. Good luck!

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