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Eyedropper Tool: An Important Flash Feature

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Flash is one such software that has been in the graphic design scenario for quite a long time now. Right from animation firm to graphic designing agencies, Flash has played its role in every sector and the software is still going strong. Many a versions have already been brought into the marked by Adobe and guaranteed satisfaction has been established worldwide. Flash page designers who play a very important role in the development of any flash site, need to play a very stringent affair with the software. As the success of the site depends a lot on its designing, a Flash designer considers every minute detail in precision and proceeds accordingly.

Flash designs are not only eye-catching but they can help a lot in bringing customer attention thus pushing them further to browse through the other pages without letting them leave the initial page. However, compared to a normal web page, a Flash page is heavier and normally takes a bit more time in loading. Therefore, Flash web site design needs serious attention from the designers’ side while designing the pages.

The Eyedropper Tool of Flash is a frequently used function tool. It is used for picking colors values on the screen. By simply using the Eyedropper Tool of Flash you can pick colors for both strokes and fills. If you select the Eyedropper tool and hang above a fill, you will see a small brush appearing on the Eyedropper icon and when you click it, you can see color or gradient appearing in the active Fill area. In the same manner, when you hang above the Eyedropper tool over a stroked outline, you can find a small pencil appearing next to the icon. By clicking on it, you can see selected color appearing in the active Stroke area.

As web site Flash design becoming more and more popular each passing day, Flash professionals are utilizing all the features of Flash including the Eyedropper Tool towards fulfilling the dreams of every client. .

About the author: I am the webmaster at www.synapseindia.com A web development company offering web site Flash design to businesses in India and abroad.

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  1. what is the best way to learn flash web design?
    Are there any useful sites that teach you how to use, design, and make flash web sites

  2. 4Front Investigations Private Investigator. Assistance on Flash Design Web Site Creations?
    4Front Investigations Private Investigator looking for guidlines on flash web site design and seo expertise

  3. Can you design a web site in Flash?
    We have debate going at work and I need your help.
    Would you consider Flash a web design program. My boss is saying its not, because you can’t create the web ready page in Flash. I say that it is becasue the “look and feel” of the site and much of the leg work is done in flash. What do you all think?

  4. How can I get project outsource..? I mean web site designing, web programming, Flash works etc.?
    I am looking for project outsourcing. I mean web based project.Animation and graphics, web site designing, banner making, logo desining, flash web sites, web programming by using ASP, PHP etc.

  5. Is it hard to sell Flash web templates?
    I’ve been into web design before. But I never bothered with Flash since I preferred simple web site design. Then I learned that you can buy Flsah templates for several hundred or even thousands of dollars. How hard is it to design a Flash site? Is it a highly competitive field? Do you require lots of programming and design experience?

  6. It is possible to create an entire website in Flash, and people have done it before. But there are serious implications to doing that, which you need to be aware of. One of which is accessibility. A website made entirely in Flash is inaccessible to disabled folks, who use screen-readers and browsers which don’t have the Flash plugin installed.

    Also search engines cannot crawl Flash content, which will affect your visibility on the web.

  7. What exactly are you looking for: people who can do all these things for you or people who would pay you to do those things for them?

  8. I would stay away from designing websites in Flash. You can find many “templates” available for sale online, but I don’t think that there is a huge market for these types of “build it and forget it” models.

    There are many problems with pure Flash websites — you can’t bookmark subpages, there are version compatibilities, they can be difficult to update, they may or may not be secure, etc.

    Flash definitely has a place in websites, but I’ve always viewed it more as complimentary, a way to jazz up a site.

    If you want to make money doing web design, start a little company, and take on clients personally. You can then build your portfolio, learning many new things and technologies in the process. Simply authoring templates with the intent to sell them without any customization isn’t the best business model for you or for customers.

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