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Picking The Correct Wedding Photographer

Choosing the correct wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that a bride and groom will ever make. After all, the wedding album is all they are left with once their special day is over.

The evolution of the digital camera has resulted in a larger number of people owning a camera. The ease of the controls such as auto focus and exposure have made taking a basic picture so much easier. The low cost of buying a reusable memory card has resulted in more people experimenting with their cameras. Because of this there are so many amateurs out there who have bought a cheap camera and think that it gives them the right to call them selves a wedding photographer. Couples should be aware of such people and should check various things to help them avoid the trap.

One such thing to check is the camera that the so called wedding photographer uses. Ask the wedding photographer what camera he uses and then look it up on line. The basic cost will give you an indication of the quality of the photographs that will come from it.

Another is to look at their web site for a general feel of the company. Check out their web site. Pay attention to how well designed the web site is. You will know if the web site looks like something some one has just thrown together. They should also be testimonials on the site. Read these, as it is important to see what other customers think about the quality of their work.

Once in the web site look at the portfolio of work. Do not just look at individual photographs, the website should also show example of album pages so that you can see what your album layout is likely to look like.
Once you established that the photographers equipment and examples of work are of a high standard, you should arrange a meeting so that you can asses if you feel comfortable with their personality. Remember if you do not feel comfortable with some ones presence, it will be written all over your face.

Once you have established that you feel comfortable with the potential wedding photographer you should then ask about their style of working because wedding photographers vary in terms of their persistence and therefore potential annoyance. Remember, the last thing you want is an over obsessed photographer that thinks it is his or her right to boss you and your guests around. It may be worth asking for a pre wedding shoot. A lot of photographers offer this to give a higher perceived value to their packages. A few portrait photographs may be supplied even with frames. If this is some thing you actually want then why not take them up on the offer. How ever even if it is not, it will give you a valuable in site into how the photographer works. If he gets frustrated or his manner is a little abrupt think again about hiring him. If he gets frustrated during a portrait shoot he will certainly get frustrated during a wedding shoot.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to making the correct choice.

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I am an expert wedding photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne.
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