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Top 5 Reasons To Use Flash Templates

Flash is also known as multimedia platform, has become the most popular method for adding interactivity and animation to the web pages. Flash templates are most commonly used to create animations, web components, advertisements and integrated video. A flash website template also manipulates raster graphics along with supporting bi-directional streaming of both audio and video. Flash design simply contains scripting language which is also commonly called as Action script.

Several products are also able to create or even display the flash templates and flash design including the flash player which is mostly available with the most common browsers, and also with a number of other electronics including certain mobile phones. There are certainly many advantages of using a flash template when making your website. A few of them are listed here.

1. Format and plug-in:- when compared to a number of other plug-ins like Java or Acrobat Reader or even with Windows media player, The flash player always has an advantage as it does have a very small installation size. So, flash website templates are easily installed to give a very good effect of flash designs when using them with flash websites to promote flash e-commerce. The workaround is also much simple. Using vector graphics with programmable code makes the flash files also much smaller and thus use a less bandwidth as compared to video clips.
2. Format: – the template exists for a variety of systems and devices. A number of systems use them including the Linux, Pocket PC, Symbian, Windows and Solaris. The flash templates also support 32 bits platform and is also available for Linux system. A number of flash website templates are also compatible with many other output devices.

3. Open source projects also use these flash templates in their projects like Ajax animator with a simple aim of creating a better flash environment. It also provides certain tools to create SWF files. Such files are usually used to convert text to graphics thus promoting flash e-commerce and flash website templates.

4. Flash templates have tools that have to power to outsource any other creative tools in the market. This may even encourage most of the users to increase their price. It may even force many of the tool creators to drive out of the market.

5. More over these flash templates also have an ability to capture screen contents and do lossless compressions. A number of software are designed such that they can teach most of the newbie with a much easy methods. Flash website templates are very easy to use.

The technique is also used to embed video in your web pages. The movies that make use of flash templates can be run in a number of browsers which has the flash player installed in them. So an unusual combination of video with website can be used. This may also be the basis for most of the popular video sites. So, if you want to know more of using flash templates or flash website templates you can always try visiting http://www.dreamlinestudio.com for more details.

About the author: Ian Curtis is a Graphic Designer at Flash Templates Company

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  1. What is the cheapest but still quality web host with flash website templates?
    I am looking to build a website online for my small busines. I’m currently using Office Live Basics but that doesn’t support HTML script. Is there a cheap but still good quality web host with flash templates for a cheap price that also has a shopping cart?

  2. How do you edit Flash Website Templates Downloaded from websites such as flashmo and templatemonster etc?
    Ok i downloaded a free flash template and opened it with flash but i dont have a clue how to edit the page contents because like the pages and stuff have been pre-made if you know what i mean?

  3. Always search for templates that include source files, Adobe’s Flash you need the .fla files. Submit a query to support system, it maybe take a bit, but they’re puting contents (and money) there

  4. Where is a good source for FREE Flash Website Templates?
    Does anybody have a link for FREE Flash Website Templates? I’m looking for one that is in a photo gallery form or slideshow type. Thanks in advance.

  5. Where can I find a website that sells quality flash website templates for an online art gallery?
    I am seeking a high quality, beautiful flash website template in order to create it into an online art gallery.
    I have come across many websites in my search, but all of them seem to offer the same website templates, and I can’t find one from among them that I can use for an art gallery.
    Any assistance would be very much appreciated!
    Thank you!

  6. How do you customize FLASH website templates?
    Specifically, I just want to add a link to my flash template that links to an html folder which contains a slideshow. Can someone assist?
    Oh, and one more thing…please note that I am very much a non-techy type of person so it would help if someone would descibe it in a very basic way. Thanks !
    I am using Macromedia Flash 8 to do this project, if that helps

  7. Create your object of whatever the link will be – make sure it’s a symbol. You can change any shape to a symbol with F8. Text works fine to.

    Give the link object an instance name – in the lower right hand corner in the properties panel.

    Then you need to add the action script to the object. If you add it on the object itself(while the object is selected) type:

    onPress = function() { getURL(“http://yourdomain.com”); }

    I recommend creating an actionions layer then adding this code there:

    linkObject.onPress = function() { getURL(“http://yourdomain.com”); }

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