Fortune City

Dead Rising 2’s Fortune City: Definitely Bigger Than Willamette ...

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Dead Rising 2, an action adventure packed video game, was developed by Capcom, in collaboration with Blue Castle Games. This video games was launched this year, for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 games and Sony PlayStation 3 video gaming consoles.

The plot is scripted on the United States, which is under continuous zombie outbreaks. Even though years had passed since Frank West saved America from a zombie cataclysm, the root cause could not be identified or removed. In ‘Dead Rising 2’ the action is switched from the day to day world to the glamorous Fortune city, where people are flocking from around the globe, hoping to escape reality.

Chuck Greene, the former National Motocross champion, enters, fighting off legions of zombies, and accomplishing other missions simultaneously. Before he hits the big time with a backing squad, Chuck had to repair the bikes on his own, which made him a real odd job man.

With the zombies running havoc in the city, the protagonist Chuck green, played by you, is on a mission to save his only daughter as well as other survivors of the Fortune city.

Apart from guns, you have weapons like swords and other traditional stuff like the Paddle saw, etc. with which you can attack the masses of zombies. As the zombies start crowding in on you, shooting them all off does not seem to work and you can resort to these weapons.

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  1. An Arab sheikh tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune.?
    An Arab sheikh tells his two sons to race their camels to a distant city to see who will inherit his fortune. The one whose camel is slower will win. The brothers, after wandering aimlessly for days, meet a wise woman and ask for advice. After talking to her they immediately jump on the camels and race as fast as they can to the city. What did the wise woman tell them?

  2. what is the perfect city in Euope and amirica to make a fortune?
    i live in the middle east right i study computer engineering.
    but being in an economically low level region.
    its hard to make a future and start a good bussiness.
    after i finish collage i think of working in the NEW WORLD for several years and if possible to sattle down.

  3. After you get your degree, you would need an employer to sponsor you for an H-1B visa. You live in whatever city they want you to work in.

  4. Where can I buy Tarot { fortune telling } cards in Galway city, Ireland?
    I would like to know where I can buy Tarot { fortune telling } cards in Galway city, Ireland.

  5. Animal Crossing: City Folk fortune telling question?
    I have Animal Crossing: City Folk for my Wii, and I was in the city today and went into Katrina’s fortune telling tent (to the right of Shampoodle) and when I went in a chose for her to tell me a charm. She says that when a visitor comes to my town, and if he picks up a mantis insect the charm will start to work. Is this true? Will something actually happen?

  6. If you have ever had your fortune told at atlantic city boardwalk please help?
    there was this one amazing palm/tarot reader i met over there, and everything she said was completely accurate. id like to see her again but i lost her card with her phone number on it…i think her name was nancy? is there any way i can find her?

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