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Tarceva Questions & Answers

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Does enyone contained by England have Tarceva tablets they do not obligation anymore and feeling like to grant them awayc
i don’t think this type of thing should be asked here. I wish I could help you. All I can enunciate is keep trying. I do know people that take tarceva and have have success with it. If I find anyone willing to help…

I own some tarceva 150 mgc
my moms boyfriend died this past june with lung cancer and she has 19 pills (tarceva 150mg) that expired june 2011 would anybody be interested in those pills.. c and 37 pills that expired this year 2009 september and 4 pills 100mg expired nov 2010… – Dump them down the toilet asap earlier some unsuspecting soul accidentally…

I entail imformation on the drug call tarceva,what is it and its affectsc
need imfo. on a pharmaseudical called(Tarceba),what is it and what is its affectsc – This medication is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer (a type of cancer that begins in the lungs) in patients who own already been treated with at least one other chemotherapy medication and have not…

Stage four lung cancer taking tarceva which cause terribel reckless especially on the chest any tips what to pocket
Please take a look at this page, and don’t despair – cures are available. Common side effects include: Diarrhea Rash occurs in the majority of patients. This resembles acne and primarily involves the face and dcolletage. It is self-limited and…

Where can i carry tarcevacc the one that can stop cancer from getting worse.c
is not for me but i want to know where i can get it – Tarceva could be prescribed by any oncologist. If the person who needs it lives outside the US and you own a US Dr willing to write an RX…

Does squamous cell carcinoma responde to tarcevac wasenf, I quote here, from the OSI Pharmaceuticals Summarizes Data on Tarceva(R) (erlotinib) at the 2007 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Meeting, which stated that arceva is currently approved as a monotherapy for the treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) after failure of at least one prior…

Does tarceva radiation pill effecting surround childrenc
My father is under radiation & chemo treatment at home with medication name Tarceva – Head nurse in hospital informed us the medication is toxic, toilet is needed to flush twice after used. Children should be away when the long-suffering is under the treament. Otherwise, very high percentage that the children will get the cancer when elder -…

How does tarceva 150mg assistance surrounded by pancreatic cancerc
i am suffering from pancreatic cancer and it has spread to my lliver at the moment i am taking chemo cycle no 2 and the drug used is gemicitibin 2 gms and one tarceva tablet every day – pancreatic cancer will strike throughly many many inhabitants this year,learn and find all the information…

How to catch FREE tarceva surrounded by malaysiac i really cannot afford tarceva charges! how to contact sponsor of TARCEVA
– Here is a link for the patient assistance program for Genentech, the manufacturer of Tarceva. I’m not sure what the qualifications for drug access will be but this page will carry you started with finding out that information. good luck …

Can Tarceva cure Lungcancer or it can with the sole purpose extend ones life span c
– Tarceva is a life-extending treatment only, NOT a cure. Here’s a link:

Any experience beside Tarcevac
My mom has lung cancer with local metastases in the same lung. I believe it is stage 4. She is elderly and too frail for surgery, chemo and radiation. Her oncologist prescribed Tarceva. Does anyone out here have any experience with this drugc What can we expectc It’s extremely expensive (co-pay of ,000/month) and we’re looking into financial assistance with it.

Any experience next to Tarcevac
Tarceva – Erlotinib is a cancer chemotherapy medication. Erlotinib interferes with the growth of cancer cells and slows their growth and spread in the body. Erlotinib is used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. The following – an allergic impulse (including difficulty with breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; or hives); lung…

Does enyone contained by England have Tarceva tablets they do not obligation anymore and feeling like to grant them awayc
i don’t think this type of thing should be asked here. I wish I could help you. All I can enunciate is keep trying. I do know people that take tarceva and have have success with it. If I find anyone willing to help…

My mother take Tarceva (chemo) and is on oxygen–she desires assist to relieve skin dryness (non-petroleum based)c
I am not at all knowledgeable with Tarceva, but with relieving the skin dryness I can speak fresh aloe vera juice. Get plant and every day cut 1 inch piece from a leaf and wipe skin with it, the liquid should help. Also I heard plain olive…

Has anyone experienced serious side effects from Tarceva medicationc
My sister just died from side effects from Tarceva. – I have not personally taken it, but I have prescribed it. I hold had to stop patients on this drug due to bad rashes, severe diarrhea, and I had one lenient who started to have both her kidneys and liver shut down. Luckily, I…

How powerful is Tarceva within treating Stage – IV of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer c
The side effect shown rashes, fatique, loss weight, nausa … About 10% chance of shrinking tumor by at least 30% of its size after 6 weeks of treatment. The rest of people either hold the tumor size the same (stable) or have it grown larger. Don’t worry, give it…

Lung Cancer and Tarcevac
Hi, I’m from the Philippines. My mom has stage III lung cancer and is presently taking Erlotinib (Tarceva) which is an oral form of chemotherapy for a month now. It is very expensive and we could not really afford to buy the drug again in the usual approach ( from the pharmacy/pharmaceutical company). I would like to know…

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