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What You Need to Know About Free Website Templates Before You Choose One

There can be any number of reasons to have a website. Companies of all sizes may wish to expand their business by utilizing e-commerce; individuals and families may wish to have a site to keep friends informed on what is happening or to share photos and video clips; and non-profit organizations may need a site to share information with interested parties. But in all of these scenarios, having a clean, functional site is critical for its success. This is where Free Website Templates comes into play.

The truth is designing and installing a website can be expensive. Hiring a graphic designer and a writer, as well as someone to draft the code, can cost thousands of dollars. For many of those who need or simply want an online presence, this cost can be too high. But there is another way, a better way.

There are some online companies such as Fresh Templates that offer consumers and companies free website templates. These are high-quality templates that can fit virtually every need. These templates are easy to use and fully customizable. Users can quickly add their own text, logos, graphics and images to create a truly unique site that sets them apart from others. But, like everything else in life, it is important to select only the best free website templates as these products are not all the same.
When searching a free website template it is often helpful to make a list of what features you need before you begin your search. This may require a bit of research of your part. In the past, sites were created using HTML (HyperText Markup Language). While this form of site coding is still popular, there are other options available today. Some of these options include Flash and HTML with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Knowing in advance which of these will best fit your needs is a great place to start.

Once you know which coding you prefer for your site, you will want to visit sites such as the one mentioned above and see if they offer products that meet those needs. You will also want to make sure that the free website templates that they offer come in a variety of source options. Source options can include: PSD, HTML, CSS style, and that they have features such a selection of fonts that you can use, easy to use buttons which can include rollover navigation tabs or buttons.

While this may sound a bit complicated, the true beauty of using free website templates is that all of this work has been done for you already. You will have to decide on which type of site you want, but once you have done that, the hard work is already installed for you. You simply customize the site, page by page, to meet your desires and goals. In other words, you do not have to know HTML or Flash or CSS in order to have a great site.

In addition to finding free website templates, consumers and businesses can also find free Flash templates, as well as free newsletter templates. Some online companies even offer access to free logo design templates.

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  1. Where can I get the best free html website templates for posting videos?
    I want to create a website and I am looking for a template that I can place one large video along with a small paragraph description about the video. And on the side have about 3-4 thumbnails and short descriptions of those videos. Similar to what it looks like when you are watching a video on youtube but with a more stylish format.

    Any links to a free template like this?

  2. Where to get free website templates and graphics?
    Hi there i am interested to find free PHP website template packages(codes and relevant graphics bundled in)… the site i am planning to create is very simple and is use to house a search and update database.


  3. You might want to investigate using a CMS (content management system) which has everything you need to work with PHP and databases included. A good startting point is . It allows you to try many different systems there on the website.

    If the CMS path is maybe a little too complex for what you need, then it is not hard to get a web template and add a little bit of your own PHP/MySQL to it. Check out for free templates. You can find PHP info all over the web; I used and their tutorials when I was learning.

    Don’t forget you will also need a webhost who supports PHP/MySQL 😉

  4. Where can i find free website templates?
    I need a christian/religious template for our church. I use dreamweaver. I just need to find a site that offers numerous free templates

  5. How to use a free website templates?
    I currently have a domain… can i use my existing site and build from it.

    How do you build your site with free website templates.

    Do you recommend any sites?

  6. Does anybody know of a website that offers FREE website templates that you can use with Weebly?
    Does anybody know of a website that offers FREE website templates that you can use with Weebly? That would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jonty.

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