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Elements Of A Good Website Design

Before selecting a web designer, you should request to see their portfolio. This will give you some indicator of the designer’s ability to produce a website similar to what you want. There are four main elements you need to look for in the sites of a potential web designer.

First, you need to see if the designer is able to build websites that have the functionality of other sites that have a similar purpose. As an example, if you want to have a site dedicated to real estate, you may want to make sure the potential designer will provide an upload script for pictures and text. A quick look around the internet will give you, and the potential designer a good idea of the format similar sites use. In many instances, there are free scripts available. Your web designer does not need to be a programmer to incorporate these into your website; but he/she may have to adapt some items to fit your needs.

The actual layout of the pages is also very important. As a basic rule of thumb – make things as simple as possible. A website that is not covered with glitzy images and animations will load much faster. A site that is easy to navigate will be greatly appreciated by your viewers. Just think of the times you have left a promising website because you could not get to the information or area of your interest. Your potential viewers will feel the same way about a difficult to navigate site, and will not be likely to return. The layout of your website can also seriously affect your search engine ranking. If a search engine spider cannot easily gain access to pages, or there are broken links, this will affect your rank in a negative way.

The colors, images, music, and background elements should add charm and elegance to your site. As with formatting, sometimes less is better. Unless your site is image intensive, you may want to limit yourself to one or two pictures per page. In addition, if your website is going to have a lot of pictures, you may want to break them down into individual categories, and then load them into separate galleries. Non-text items should be in harmony with the types of enhancements used on similar websites. Ideally, your website should stand out as unique in a professional way, not a garish one. If you think about the stereotype colors and images for different types of businesses, you will have a clear understanding of how a potential website might look for a particular project.

Finally, you need to select a web designer that is reliable and easy to work with. There are many programs available to create web sites. Chances are, you could run one of these programs and have a working website in a short time. That said, a web designer specializes in making sure each aspect of a website is as strong as possible. Since this is their industry, they are also aware of what new trends are emerging, and what will give your website a fresh new look.

In many cases, you may want to have a professional web designer build your site. During the selection process, you will want to ensure that your prospective Affordable web designing company and web designer has a track record of creating web sites that are tasteful and easy to navigate. As with many other software related issues, you will also want to pick a vendor that is reliable.

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  1. What are some good website design companies?
    Hi, i was wondering if someone could give me the names of a few good website design companies (I know that light maker is one of them) As for more details, i’d rather it not be in flash, I’m not really sure what else i need to provide, but if need be, i will.

    Yea, i’m looking for details. And i’d prefer a custom one, which i know comes with its own costs, and i’m prepared to pay that. thanks for your answers so far.
    thanks colanth, i’ve noticed that, i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

  2. Look around the web. If you see a site you like, look for ta link to the developer. You know what you like, so you’ll know a nice site when you see it.

  3. Looking for a good website design software?
    I’m wondering if there is anything else out there other than Dreamweaver that offers simple website design for a small business. We want basic, but not too basic. I want to be able to edit and change things on the screen without using the HTML directly. Does anyone know of a good webdesign software other than paying $400 for Dreamweaver? Thanks!

  4. NVU is the best free alternative to Dreamweaver.

    NVU – Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a “new view”) makes managing a web site a snap.

  5. I am looking for a good website design company in Mumbai, I am NRI who has setup business here in Mumbai recen?
    I am looking for a good website design company in Mumbai, I am NRI who has setup business here in Mumbai recently and looking for good website design company for getting a website designed for my compnay.

  6. what is a cheap yet, good website design software for a beginner?
    I have a little knowledge of html but not much. I am looking to design a small business website (no buying or selling, just info). I have heard that there is good software out there that takes the html knowledge out of it but they are expensive. I want a relatively inexpensive one to start out with., but I want to be able to make the website look nice and original, not cookie-cutterish.

  7. Please, oh please, do not use Micro$oft anything for making a web page. You may have FrontPage extensions problems on some hosting sites.

    Since you are a newbie, I recommend you start off using a free WYSIWYG Editor like NVU ( Once you learn HTML and CSS, you can still use this editor in Code View mode. Some other good free editors are:
    Matrix Y2K 2005 and AceHTML 6 Pro. You can Google for these.


  8. Does anyone know of a good website design company to design a property management website?
    Does anyone know of a good website design company to design a property management website?

  9. Whatever may be the site .the design and development of a site are almost same .just you have to check for a good website design company based on there experience and the number of sites they have designed and have a look up of all samples and references.

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