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5 Little Know Facts Every Website Owner Must Know About Google Caffeine And SEO

Google announced they had created a new search index this past August, and now they have released Google Caffeine, which is a quicker, more comprehensive search index that provides results in real time. Google Caffeine is accompanied by several advantages and disadvantages, but its main goal is to be able to produce search results in a more precise, applicable and fast manner. SEO professionals are finding Google Caffeine may provide them with new challenges that must be overcome; most of these challenges relate to optimizing for search engine results.

Google Caffeine is an extra boost to Google’s search engine that is already widely used successful Google search index. Google’s standard search index only included breaking news stories, whereas Google Caffeine provides results by utilizing real time search traffic over all new web postings; this helps provide results that are more relevant to queries that are being searched.

Twitter and Facebook: Two Reasons behind the Creation of Google Caffeine

Twitter and Facebook have millions of updates being posted on a daily basis; this makes Google’s regular search engines not quite good enough. Playing a major role in Google Caffeine are the increases in semantic search and factors of localized keywords and local SEO.

Google states that searched keywords should provide accurate and relevant results because they have the changes made to create Google Caffeine are based mostly on speed, indexing, and also in the infrastructure of their search engine. As of right now, no major changes to the Google web design and structure cannot be seen imminently, and most users will never endure a major change in their Google use experiences.
Students and Professionals

Many students and business and medical researchers are better able to find the information they are looking for when using Google Caffeine. Not only can they find more relevant searched information but they can also find it in a very quick manner. Google Caffeine has access to more information than Google traditionally had access to; this increase in accessible information helps Google Caffeine provide more accurate and relevant results.

An Overload of Information

Some users of Google Caffeine say they are provided too many relevant results, when in reality all they really want is one, perfect website that provides answers to their search query.

Effects SEO

Many SEO professionals have had to rush and make changes to their web sites and market campaigns in order to keep up with the new changes in Google Caffeine. Many of these changes are enhanced old techniques, and it is still unsure as to whether new techniques and SEO tactics will need to be implemented in order to keep information at the top of a Google Caffeine search result list.

Many users of Google Caffeine are using keywords to conduct their searches. By only using keywords the most relevant web pages are listed in the search result list. With Google Caffeine and its extraordinary way of producing search results, most spam websites are not listed on a result page. Quality content is what Google Caffeine is all about.


Google Caffeine is also more focused on organic search results. This means it is less focused on paid advertisements, which makes the ads users do pursue more individually important than they used to be.


Google Caffeine, in general terms will perform the same functions as the traditional Google, except now the functions will be performed in a better and faster manner. Most changes that occur within Google Caffeine do not affect the users; rather they affect SEO professionals in a much larger way. Interesting challenges should be expected by SEO professionals.

Google Caffeine was not created to out-do competition; it was created to benefit Google users.

About the author: Fred Meek is a professional search engine consultant in Austin Texas. For more information on Search Engine Optimization or Web Video Production.


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  1. How much would a web design cost with good web hosting and a top page google listing. Any recommendations?
    Needs to be top page listed and will also require a quote page that once details are entered a price would appear. I would also need a payment processor but I suppose PayPal would be best for this.

  2. How Can Get My Sites Result in Google Top Ten Position Targeted K/w is -Web Design Directoory?
    hi dear all

    p’se anyone help me my sites is :

    Targeted Keyword : Web Design Directory

    so dear how can this above result in Google’s top ten position p’se give me idea/suggestion for which step i can follow……


  3. Does Web Design Increase Traffic to a Website?
    My question is two fold. Do Search Engines view some web designs favorably? If so, where can I find data that tells me what design is best for Google Search Engines? What web designs make users stay longer on your site?

  4. The title is important and the meta description is optional, meta keywords is useless, Google,yahoo and MSN do not even read them, Period.

    To target this phrase, you will need a massive amount of incomeing links from related HIGH pr pages.

    This is a 12 to 18 month job for a professional SEO, For a rookie with the learning curve, probably 3 to 4 years!

    I would suggest downloading a free seo ebook, I just uploaded so that you can get it.

    It is a free ebook that will teach you the basics of SEO and it is in PDF format

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  5. What exactly you will type in google when looking for a reliable web design studio for your company?
    I mean, what exact requests, like best studios in NY or best design or ?

    Thank you.

  6. Hello~ Although I don’t speak on behalf of search engines, I think that websites that provide clean web code and operate on fast servers are more likely to be favored by search engines these days. If your webpage loads slow, visitors are more likely to hit the “back” button or the “X” to just get out of there.

    By providing a good user experience, chance are you can also increase traffic to your site.

  7. Google is a search engine site. The best to do to get the best answer form Google is to enter the right keyword for what you are searching for. By so doing I am sure Google will provide you the necessary information.

  8. For a web design the cost will vary depending on what you want done. You can go to to post a job listing to hire someone to build your website for you. Web designers like myself will go in and bid on what we charge. Designer 1 may bid $500.. I may bid $300.. you pick who you want to have build it. Tell them exactly what you want done. They will build give to your for approval.. then you pay them.. done..

    For webhosting any webhost that offers unlimited hosting for a decent price is what you want. bluehost $8/mo, justhost $3.45/mo., etc.. any of them will do.. never pay more than $10/mo or you are getting ripped off! Check out for more on web hosting.

    As far as top listing in… no one can guarentee you top listing in the search engines unless it is for some long phrase that hardly no one is searching for like “request quote on remodelling my bathroom in ohio” then you may get #1 on google easily. google scans the content on your website, if the words and phrases you want to be known for are not actually written on your website in various places, you have no chance. Getting a top listing for your company name can be done easily.. but anything else will take time and effort and will NOT happen over night! For more information on getting listed higher in search engines, check out

    You can pay for top listing in the search engines by placing a pay per click ad on the search engines. like you can make an advertisement, and bid on phrases you want your ad to show up for.. “bathroom remodelling” “remodel bathroom” “remodel bath room” “remodelling quote” etc.. then you can tell adwords how much you want to pay IF SOMEONE CLICKS on your ADS! You don’t get charged anything unless someone clicks on the ad and actually goes to your website! Then you can pay anywhere from $0.01 = $100.00 for every click.. the more you pay the higher you get in th e listings.

    I’d start somewhere around $0.05/click and work your way higher.. be sure to set daily spending limits so you dont get a $1000.00 bill every day!

  9. How do web designers for sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Google design their web pages?
    What I mean is how do web designers for web sites like Youtube and Facebook and Google (etc)make their logos and backgrounds and what software do they use to do that?

  10. Complex sites like these will have their own custom build Content Management System (CMS). These let you run things like search engines, discussion forums, Facebook Apps, e-commerce, etc.

    There’s some good CMS systems out there that are open-source (i.e. free). Drupal has some free modules that mirror the functionality of Facebook (not everything, but a decent amount).

    You can read more on Drupal on and on the Facebook module used by Drupal on

    As the other responder said, the actual logos and graphic designers will most likely be created in Photoshop.

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