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Graphic Artists Work With Pictures And Text

Graphic designers take computer programs and combine them with their artistic skills to develop images that are then taken by clients to convey certain concepts to different groups of people. Combining artistry with technology, graphic designers have a variety of audiences who are in demand for the images they create with this skill. Technology is very important to graphic designers as they do their work.

Usually, graphic designers employ computer publishing programs in order to lay out pictures and text. Graphic designers will generally spend many hours sitting in front of a computer monitor. A lot of artists still like to use board work and physical sketching in conjunction with computerized programs.

Online marketing has become more popular, so there is a greater demand for designers who have knowledge about the Internet. Graphic artists work together with copywriters to develop the visual component of a website.

The work of graphic designers is not limited to websites. They also conceive a variety of printed materials as well. Magazines, newsletters, and newspapers all have need for professionally designed layouts.

A number of designers concentrate on creating marketing publications to assist businesses in selling their wares. This generally includes signs, displays for promotions, marketing brochures, and ads. Some graphic designers are limited to computer-based creation, however others put their artistic skills to good use by creating original and unique logos and drawings for their clients’ projects.

Those who illustrate can also find work in animation, contributing their skills to websites, video games, movies and television. CD-ROM technology is always developing, which has subsequently created a need for designers who are able to make aesthetic content incorporating images and text.

Because of their wide variety of uses and abilities, graphic designers tend to work in a lot of different types of businesses and settings. Every organization needs to communicate and to do this they use an art department and graphic designers so that the goals are met.

A few designers work for firms that especially try to meet the design needs of many different customers. Many graphic designers choose to freelance, and thus be self-employed. They select their own clients.

Sometimes they work on a single project with a client or they develop a relationship over time and maintain an account, working on different pieces as the need arises.

There is expected to be a massive demand for graphic designers over the course of the coming decade. 3-D animation advances and developments in the internet are driving the need for the talents of designers who possess technical skills.

These designers have the task of generating images which can convey abstract and complex message for a wide customer base. A majority of positions in graphic design will require training in design or other artistic skills.

Numerous community colleges and technical schools provide associate degrees or certificates in the field of graphic design. There are programs available at some art schools that specialize in graphic design.

Certain organizations and companies wish to exclusively hire designers with a degree in a four fine arts year program. People who hope to progress to management jobs might think about accomplishing class work that earns them an arts administration degree.

Completing coursework that contributes to a degree or a certificate needs to incorporate lots of training in desktop publishing and computer aided design, in addition to more traditional fine art studio and design classes.

You can even think about completing an internship in order to get some hands on experience with graphic design. A lot of companies have intern positions open that are either paid or unpaid. This is a win-win opportunity, as the company gets a fresh perspective in their art department, and the designer has a chance to build a portfolio of completed work.

Students should also look into the study programs, work programs, loans, scholarships and grants that are made available to them. Much of these kinds of aid require seniors in high school to submit a FAFSA, or a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. These can be found at financial aid offices and their guidance office at school.

In comparison to most other fields, graphic artists are predicted to be more in demand in the near future, particularly those who are experienced with computer programs. Another perk is the dress code, as most graphic designers can work very casually. There are some corporate establishments that require their employees to attend in uniform, then there are others who have created a rather casual work setting.

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10 thoughts on “Graphic Artists”

  1. What computer do graphic artists use?
    Do you have an example of a mac model and a pc model. I’m majoring in art and would like a computer that is great with medias and applications for photography, graphic art, animation, drawing and etc.
    So i figured that whatever type of computer graphic artists use would be good, and it has to be a laptop for now.

  2. Macs come with *nix, but can run Windows. PCs (usually) come with Windows but can run *nix.

    The only difference is in how much money you want to waste. (Running *nix on a PC is free, running Windows on a Mac costs. Macs are inferior hardware and almost impossible to upgrade. PCs are, for the same money, superior hardware and regardless of price, easier to upgrade.)

    So intelligent graphic artists probably run PCs, while graphic artists who are impressed by the sizzle, not the steak, may use Macs.

  3. How important are graphic artists nowadays? Is there any need in the world for people who can draw and paint?
    I want to know if there is any need in the world for people who can draw or paint. I mean, with photography and Photoshop nowadays, is there really any need for graphic designers/artists?
    I want to be a painter or at least draw, but I’m not sure if there is a need for them in society these days.
    What do you think of people who can draw and paint? Is there any need for them anymore? Is it a talent worth having these days?

  4. There is, and always will be, a need for real artists. First of all, most graphic artists are still fine artists by heart that happen to use a different medium for the sake of modern convenience. Most graphic artists that I know still do the majority of their work by hand and then digitize it for editing purposes. Yes, graphic programs such as PhotoShop and Illustrator makes creating decent artwork a lot easier, but you still need an artistic touch to create it.

    As someone who works in the commercial field, I’ve seen a recent rise in demand of “genuine” artwork. These days people are gradually turning away from overly digitized work and leaning towards work that have a more hand-made quality or look towards them. The market is slowly leaning away from computer-created artworks and favoring more hands-on creations. The market these days are so overly saturated with mass-produced art that this is a natural reaction.

    So if you want to pursue a career in art, then I saw do it. It will behoove you to learn other mediums in order to create your work, since that’s how society is leaning these days, but in the end an artistic eye will always be helpful when looking for work in the creative field, no matter what you medium of choice may be.

  5. Is the iPad 2 useful for Graphic Artists?
    I’ve been debating whether to get an iPad or not. I can’t decide whether it’s worth my money or a waste of money.

    I think it’ll be handy for Graphic Artists but I don’t know.

    The decision is mine, but I like to hear your opinions.

    Is it worth it or should I just get another apple computer?
    I currently have a Macbook Pro since 2008.

  6. Graphic Artists…???????
    When im older, i want ot be a graphic artists… but what all do they exactly do..?
    I’m into photography and editing things, and i’d really like to know more about those subjects.

  7. That is a very broad question. You might want to start reading up on the career from books in your local library to online sources. This is probably one of the best graphic design sources out there:

    It might answer a lot of questions you have.

    Also check out Communication Arts and Print magazines at your local bookstore. Those are graphic arts magazines.


  8. I’ve JUST recently acquired an iPad, without really knowing what I’d do with it. I picked up a laptop last Winter and found it only marginally usefull in my business, other than the portability of taking in process works to show clients how things progress, and, to upload photographs on lengthy on site photoshoots when my flash cards got full. But my actual design work is done on my desktop full sized system with the twenty five inch flat screen monitor.

    However, I find the iPad makes a VERY handy sketch pad, using one of many free apps available from the iTunes store. It’s about as lightweight as a paper drawing pad and I don’t have to carry a handfull of drawing tools. It has it’s limitations, but, for quick, rough sketches, it appears to have a real use to me.

    I also have discovered that a full charge will last a LONG time out in the field the few times I’ve taken it out. Last weekend I had it out for two days of sketching. (probably a total of five or six hours of actual powered up time, and brought it home with 48% of battery power left.

    As I learn more about it, I expect I’ll find more uses for it. Meanwhile, it’s as useful as an iPod or other MP3 player, notebook, schedule keeper and so on.

    Whether it’s worth it to YOU or not depends on what you do, and whether you want to spend as much as $800 to help you do it.

  9. Two graphic artists are working on a 3D game project?
    Two graphic artists are working on a 3D game project. One artist works 3 hours more than his colleague. Together they work more than 27 hours. Find the possible number of hours each of them worked.

  10. Lets assume one artist work for x hours
    other worked for x + 3 hours

    toegther they work for x + (x + 3) hours = 2x + 3 hours

    It is more than 27 hours, therefore,

    2x + 3 > 27
    2x > 27 – 3
    2x > 24
    x > 24/2
    x > 12

    So one artist worked more than 12 hours
    second artist worked for more than 12+3 = 15 hours

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