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Web Design, Graphic Design and Advertising – Differences

Difference between Graphic Design, Web Design and Advertising Design.

Based on the practices of these years and these last two months, I’ve noticed that when we offer our services as Web designer tend to confuse the customer by our very Confucianism in terms of the concepts of web design.

For this reason, I decided to write this article under the title of web Design, the title will probably not say anything, but I hope to get a lot of doubts about the concepts are concerned.

3 are the concepts that I am going to try, and I’m going to write my own words and according to my experience.

We started with Web Design:

Probably not need much eplicacion in which we do not have many doubts, however we tend to confuse Web Design India with Web Development, as wellc, Simple, we offer Web design when in reality we are referring to sites that use only static HTML, something CSS and a lot of Photoshop.

In contrast, Web Development includes the above with the particularity that also adds PHP as a programming language to interact with the data base which usually is in MySql servers to Linux, or asp or aspx pages as a programming language and Sql as Bases Data for Windows Servers. Come rightc

In summary for this section:

If the server is using Linux PHP Mysql; If the server is Windows will use ASP SQL.
If the site is static does not matter because the server will use HTML CSS which is supported on any of the above dimension servers.

Graphic Design:

The graphic design includes a wide range of services, ranging from the design of business cards, brochures, flyers, folders executive, and so on. Until the gigantografa (roadside billboards).

In the graphic design elements used to make nice to see the job, a photo downloaded from the Internet, background colors, letters that make the game, and so on. But this is pure Graphic Design, and the practice is more common among designers.

However, when a customer asks us to include in all their gear elements of its corporate identity, the thing changes and becomes:

Marketing Material

For the Marketing Material must meet the standards of the client, respect the tipografia, colors, sizes, relationships, separations and other items set forth in its Corporate Identity.

It is no coincidence that Major Companies invest thousands of dollars in making its corporate identity, these are large volume of documents that seek to standardize both the tape and the arts that the customer needs and will need.

For the preparation of a Corporate Identity intervene marketers (Graduates in Marketing) and study hard but the results are admirable, then that the marketers completed its work and enteg document to the customer, the latter will pass the document to your Publicist who is responsible for what is established in that document is fulfilled.

Therefore we can say that generally perform work of Graphic Design merely, but if it concerns the standards set in his client’s Corporate Identity and moved on to talk about Advertising Design Advertising and Graphic Design, as you want to call.

Besides that is heard more attractive offer “Graphic Design Advertising.”

I am sure that these concepts will help us better understand and provide better services to our customers or small businesses.

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10 thoughts on “Graphic Design Advertising”

  1. Where are most graphic design/advertising companies based?
    Where are most graphic design/advertising companies based? main cities? business parks? private estates? Are there any reasons why they are in these areas?

    not just one question but hey.

  2. What is the difference between graphic design and advertising?
    I would like to attend SVA for one or the other but I am unsure of the difference. I looked at the curriculum for both and they had many overlapping classes. I would like to one day make advertisements for television by means of animation but i would not like to work with cartoons. HELP?

    oh and also is SVA the best choice for a graphic design/advertising major?

  3. they are in every city and the growth of the city will dictate the market there. Sure the corp offices are in N Y C, Century City, L A, Hollywood, Chicago, Atlanta, Singapore, London, Paris and Mexico City but who cares where they are? The question should be what have you done lately? The corporations greed puts offices where graphics and advertising is taking place on a multi level basis. (the media) When something is needed that we can’t here do for free on answers some greedy ars*d chief exec is getting his cut on everything being run and done in his Co.

  4. Advertising is strictly ads. Like newspaper, television, ect. …. And can involve animation too.

    Graphic design can be many things. like designing cd or movie covers. Or maybe design a new screen saver for a computer. Its an endless list really.

    They go hand in hand because they’re one of the same. For you, go for advertising. Graphic design doesnt specifically stay on advertisement for long, and is meant more as a starters place for someone who wants to go into advertisment

  5. Where is are some of the best places to intern for a graphic design/advertising student?
    Im currently a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh majoring in graphic design. My ultimate goal is to be a creative director at a major advertising agency. I was wondering where the best places to intern would be to give me the best chance at making my career goal come true. Any info or advice would be great. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Can you go from graphic design/advertising to the business side of it?
    I am a junior/senior majoring in graphic design/ advertising. I have found that I am not much interested in the handson computer designing aspect. I am interested in the big picture, coming up with the concept not actually making it. If I minor in marketing do you think I could get a job in advertising/marketing on the business side rather than the art side? Thanks to people with experience or knowledge

  7. Freelancing = wrong. At this point in your career, you want to surround yourself with people who are better than you so you can learn from them.

    With that in mind, find some ad agencies in the area whose work you really admire, and send an unsolicited, well-written cover letter, resume, and portfolio (as a SMALL attachment). Better yet, if you have a website, send that link instead of a portfolio. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll be ignored.

  8. Worked in marketing/finance/HR since 2002.

    The only thing you truly need is a degree. Any degree.

    A basic knowledge of accounting/marketing is helpful if you want to get on the business end. So take accounting 101, intro to macro, and intro to micro at least would help.

    Finance/econ/management majors + MBAs do get their foot in the door easier on the business end, but they aren’t the only ones.

    As long as you have a degree you can get into any job really. You could graduate as an Asian Studies major and have gotten an entry level job with me as long as you had some specific knowledge of the business or how a business runs in general or have specific computer skills or just the fact that we were hiring and you interviewed well.

    I’d suggest checking your school’s resources for an internship for at least in-between semesters or summer to see what you might need to do in the specific field you want to be in. If that’s not possible, just get your degree and pound the pavement from there. And if you aren’t qualified to get the job you want, go back to school and get qualified.

    But for the most part, I’ve found any degree can get your foot in the door, at least entry level. What you do after that is your problem.

  9. Does Advertising and Creative Advertising Graphic Design Double Major offers good job prospects?
    I am planning to take up Advertising and Creative Advertising Graphic Design Double Major at Curtin University Australia.
    How demanding is this course and what are the job opportunities like here in Malaysia & other countries?

  10. Hi, It offers excellent prospects. Also once you complete your studies in Australia then the Australian Government and Department of Immigration make it relatively easy for you to stay and work in Australia and you could easily get a visa that could lead to permanent residency if you were interested in staying in Australia.

    If you went back to Malaysia then there would be a lot less opportunities for high earning employment. However there would be nothing stopping you setting up your own web business as that way it would not matter which country you were in and once you had finished the course you would excellent skills to be able to start such a business.

    Apply yourself, study hard and in 4 years time you could easily be living the life you have always dreamt of.

    Best of luck. Go go go for it.

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