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Forthcoming and Current Trends of Web Design

Designing trends is more like a guidance to help set new ideas and rules whenever we create a design. It has been seen that in the world of web designing, trends changes rapidly so to survive in the web design industry it is very necessary to keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Like graphic design, art and fashion, website design also goes through different trends. Below some latest trends are listed which when applied helps you to set new ideas for your upcoming web design projects or while redesign your own website/blog.

1] Use of Huge Headline and Images: Many websites these days are using huge headlines and huge images because of which it becomes easy to grab user’s attention and invite them to visit your website. In addition, it creates great visual effects which will create a great impact on your visitor and he/she will always remember your website. This can also be used on your designs to communicate the tone of website or to create an immerse experience to the visitors.

2] Using Customized typography: Use of typography in designs of website is growing day by day from the old boring old standard fonts to new customized fonts. By using Typekit, you can easily use real fonts on the web which are beautiful and readable fonts to convey the main objective of e-commerce website or portfolio.

3] Influence of Print Design: Print design aspects like serif fonts, more graphics, grid systems and many more have become an inspiration that is influencing web design most nowadays as it also helps to create high impact to grab attention and communicate clearly.

4] CSS3 and HTML5: With the help of CSS3 and HTML5 designers can get lots of benefits. With the help of CSS3, designers doesn’t need to use images to create effects and with HTML5 lots of functionalities have been added by introduction of more semantic tags like “header”, “footer” and “nav”. Also there is an advantage of fast loading of the web and creating better navigation.

5] Visual Effects: These days lot of attention is being paid to the background of the website. Old backgrounds are replaced with patterns or subtle and textured background as it looks nice and gives a modern look. It also creates certain visual effects for the website tone.

6] Mobile Compatibility: Design according to mobile compatibility is very necessary as mobile generations has been started since the release of smart phones and many smart phones which supports CSS and JavaScript has created a new trend for designing a web and directing many websites to go mobile.

7] Single Page Layout: If there is not more information to give but still need a website about you or your company’s services then to opt for single page layout is a good option to avoid creating unnecessary pages which is more effective.

8] Multi column/grid system: Creating multi columns or a grid system is not a new trend actually but it is being used much now as it makes it easier to use and also allows them to fit in more content as more spaces is saved on the layout.

9] Social Media is must: It is another way to interact with visitors by putting social media links on your footer, sidebar or anywhere you can fit in your website.

So these above points are some of the latest trends for designing a website.

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9 thoughts on “Graphic Design Art”

  1. Is there a large-enough demand of careers in graphic art or design?
    I do some pencil sketches as a hobby & my computer has a Wacom tablet that I’m not really good @. So I’m considering returning to college part-time to study art & perhaps fatten up my resume so that I can find a career in graphic art or graphic design. For the time being, what are some good jobs in graphic design, like designing logos or advertising & stuff? & is there high demand for graphic artists?

  2. Can you get a good job with graphic art design with an Associates Degree?
    Was wondering if you could get a good job with graphic art design with an Associates Degree?

  3. If you have a portfolio that appeals to a potential employer, a personality that they feel will fit in with their business and can demonstrate that you have concepts and technical information at your fingertips.

    The problem often is that you need to get an interview in the first place. And, for that, you need the best CV/resumé that you can have.

    It would also depend on what you think is a “good” job.

  4. If you have talent to do that, just do it, even more!! if you have a wacom tablet and you don’t know how to use it, then take that curse. You can continue with your hobby but now in a modern way. And demand for graphic artists? there will be always demand, but just for the good ones.

  5. Art schools online for graphic design?
    I’m thinking of taking an online course for graphic design and graphic arts. What art schools can you recommend that offer online courses on graphic arts/design? I would prefer the school to have a solid background and reputation. Thabks!
    Anywhere in the US or in London

  6. Can you name some famous Graphic Design art critics?
    I was looking from some graphic design art critics. I searched google, but nothing. I was wondering if anyone here is fimilar with any graphic design critics or know where I can find any.

    Oh yeah, and I mean legitimate critics, not bloggers or such, sorry 🙂

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  7. I attended the Art Institute Online and have an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from the school. It also offers courses in Interactive Media Design and Game Art and Design. The school has placed 91% of BA Graphic Design grads and 95% of AS Graphic Design grads.

  8. I am thinking about starting a degree in graphic art design?
    I want to know a little about the field of graphic design. I have gotten information from teachers and colleges; they will just give me the positive outlook of the program. What about the negatives? I love art, I love to draw and why not do something I love. Can anyone tell me what to expect in the class and after I graduate.

  9. Well I’m still studying graphic design & I haven’t regretted it for a second. I never did any computer work before, I always just drew & painted, I’ve always had a love for art & once I got started learning the basics of graphic designing I was hooked. Its fun, exciting, rewarding & lets you be as creative as you want, to me there is nothing else I’d rather be doing with my life. Personally, there are only two down-falls- 1. DEADLINES 2. WEB DESIGNING. Deadlines breathe down my neck every assessment I do, many times I’ve stayed up for over 40 hours working on a project to meet the deadlines, it can get stressful but its definitely worth it, the reward of seeing your artwork being appreciated is priceless. And web design, well its pretty boring to learn but it needs to be done lol But yeah if you get into it, you’ll love it so good luck.

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