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Co-working With Freelancers

Co-working is a relatively new concept amongst freelance Virtual Assistants. When one typically thinks of freelancing, you might picture a lonely writer or graphic design artist busily working in front the computer, doing it all on their own. However, many freelancers are now turning to the benefits of co-working to increase the profit and success of their business ventures. If youve been debating about whether co-working is right for you or whether you should continue to go it alone, heres a little guide to help you in the decision process.

The Benefits of Co-working with Freelancers.

As previously mentioned, co-working is a great way to fend off loneliness while you work. A fair number of individuals who are new to freelancing find that the busy office or store that they were used to has been replaced by an empty room in their home, and this is remedied quite quickly by choosing to co-work with other freelance Virtual Assistants, either at home or in a shared office environment. This fact also leads to another great aspect of co-working, given that you can get yourself out of the house for awhile each day to work at this shared office space. Having things to do around the house or bills staring you in the face while youre working at home can be unnerving and limit your productivity. But, if you are sharing the cost of a work area with others, then you will be free to work without distraction.

In addition, youll gain the benefit of whatever skills the other freelancers whom you are co-working with have their knowledge base. For instance, if you are a writer who doesnt know the first thing about designing a website, why not have the web designer on your co-working freelance team help you make one to show off your books or articles. This is a great way to avoid having to pay someone else money that you may not have, and, in turn, you can help them with anything they might need assistance with in the future. Its a mutually beneficial situation.

The Drawbacks of Co-working with Freelancers.

There are a few drawbacks to co-working with freelancers, one of them being that you may not be compatible with the other members of your freelance team. Its a given that some personalities simply dont mesh, and you may find that is the case with one or two of the freelancers you are co-working with. Maybe its the a bad habit of theirs that irritates you, or the fact that they invite people over to your shared work space without asking you first. Whatever the case is, conflicting characters is definitely a cause for concern when co-working. Also, the shared responsibilities of the shared office space may prove to be an issue between you and your team. What if one of you has trouble coming up with the rent each month, or seems to always be late on paying their portion of the electric billc If youre going it alone in your freelance venture, then you are only accountable for yourself. However, if you are co-working with others, their financial woes can also, potentially, become yours.

Overall, co-working can be very beneficial to freelance Virtual Assistants, if you find the right people for your freelancing team and iron out all of the kinks before you join forces. Remember to set some ground rules, like how you are going to utilize your shared workspace and when its alright to have visitors, so that you wont disturb the work of the other freelancers. Whether youre choosing a more solitary path or one that involves a group of freelancersgood luck and enjoy all that the exciting world of freelancing has to offer!


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  1. What does a graphic design artist do?
    I am considering a degree in graphic design. Can anyone help me to better understand this field?
    What is it like for a newbie with this degree?
    Is the industry stable?
    How about the pay–is it enough to live off of?

    Any info would be helpful! Thanks!

  2. Why hire a graphic design artist?
    I need three reasons as to why to hire a graphic design artist…I am having what I call a brain burp lol…

    I know quality, time, and what else along this train of thought?

    It wouldn’t be money, because usually for quality you spend a lot of it lol.

  3. Can a graphic design artist help me here? I’m trying to design a mural/graphic?
    I’m trying to design this wall mural and I want it to be original, I want to include vectors and waves and totally random graphic stuff but I can’t really knit all the things together into a goodlooking design. Like where do I start? how do I put everything together? How would a graphic design artist do it? help please!

  4. Does anyone know of any good online graphic design galleries for a single artist?
    I am searching for an online art gallery for a graphic design artist. If you could help me out that would be great, I don’t even care if it is yours!

  5. The design has to work on a piece of notepaper before you can consider how it will look as a mural.

    In short, of you don’t have the design chops in the first place, a mural is the wrong way to to start.

    What it sounds like you want to do is just a bunch of random shapes, lines and elements that have no meaning. If it has no meaning in your head, it won’t on paper, and, it won’t on the mural, either. Even garbage grafitti has more significance than that.

    I suggest you pick a theme and develop it. Make LOTs of sketches. (I mean DOZENS or more) Keep at it. Select the elements from some of the sketches that begin to work and discard, (temporarily) the rest. Eventually, the latter sketches will start to resemble a cohesive whole. At some point, you will recognize that “THIS ONE” is what you would like to traslate into a mural.

  6. Graphic designers use images and type to create a wide array of products, from corporate brochures to CD covers to book jackets and logos. While publishing and advertising are two of the most prevalent industries when it comes to employing graphic designers, almost every industry relies on the services of graphic designers when it comes time to produce printed materials. In many cases, graphic designers also significantly contribute to online materials and designs. Graphic designers work with images and text in a variety of formats, from print to electronic. Most graphic design today, however, relies on computer software, and the combination of the designer’s creativity and skilled eye and his or her technical savvy is a crucial one.

    The current median wage for graphic designers is around $35,000, with most designers earning between $20,000 and $60,000. While full-time salaried graphic design positions are available, many graphic designers work on a contract, freelance basis. For graphic designers who set out on their own, business savvy plays an important role in their ability to succeed.


    Graphic design, like many creative fields, is intensely competitive. While the outlook for the field is bright considering the increasing demand for graphics, particularly those destined for online uses, it is a field that continues to attract many talented individuals. When considering a career in graphic design it is important to remember how competitive the field is.

    No formal degree is required to become a graphic designer, although many entry-level positions require a bachelors degree. Nonetheless, a focused graphic design degree can be enormously beneficial, improving your skills and helping you to develop a strong portfolio, which is generally the most essential part of finding work in the field.

  7. Perks of hiring a professional

    – Quality
    – Time
    – Effort
    – Capability (professionals usually have more expensive image editing programs that “normal people” don’t want to waste money on to use for just one or two little things)
    – Fresh Perspective

  8. I want to a graphic design artist. Which applications do u advice me to practice to be the best in dis field?
    Are there sites that i can take advantage of to learn new techniques of graphic design.

  9. The field is VERY competitive. At a minimum you should know and Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign plus whatever you can pick up about typography and color separations.

    In addition, with the amount of practice you will need to start making a living at it, you will need 24/7 access to all those packages, at least. I therefore recommend taking courses. Community Colleges and Continuing Education courses are not TOO expensive, and with the right school you will be eligible for Adobe’s educational discount which can cut the price for the above drastically from — up to a thousand dollars or more for the professional work.

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