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The Interesting Fact of Working in the Design Industry

Having a bachelors degree and at least a job related experience is enough for you to experience the multi-faceted opportunities waiting in the one of Americas most stable and fastest growing industries. Among the five industries included in the design industries, graphic design is said to have one of the greatest increase in jobs by 2014, this is based from the information given by the United States Department of Labor.

What are the most common and the most practical reason being considered by job seekersc Accept it or not the salary comes first in the list. Considering the fact that the world is suffering from the effects of the global economic crisis, more and more professionals are looking for a job that will be giving them higher compensation. The Industry of Graphic Design as expected by the government will open more and more opportunities. With a very wide scope of options offered by the industry, every design professional has the power to choose on what particular industry he wishes.
Graphic design artists in newspapers or magazines, one particular sub-industry commonly requires a bachelors degree and a minimum of four years related work experience. How much compensation do these professionals getc The median salaries for these design professionals depend on what particular city they are working. In Los Angeles the median salary is , 200, in San Francisco $ 51,400, Chicago gives $ 47,000, Detroit $ 48,200, while Austin gives $ 42, 500.

If you plan to establish a career as an Advertising Graphic Design Manager it will only require you with a bachelors degree and four to six years of work related job experience. The median salary offered in Los Angeles for this kind of job is $ 57, 700, San Francisco offers $ 60,300, Chicago gives $ 55,100, Detroit offers $ 56, 500, and Austin gives $ 50,000.

If you have the passion in designing spaces, the interior Design Industry is the most appropriate field to deal with. If you have undergone formal training and, a bachelors degree in Interior Design, an authentic license, and relevant work experience then you are qualified to enter the field. A commercial interior designer in Los Angeles has a median salary of $ 46, 300; San Francisco offers $ 48, 400, the median salary for interior designers in Chicago is $ 44, 300, Detroit gives $ 45, 400, and Austin offers $ 40,100.

The bottom line this information is, a lot of opportunities are waiting for you in the Design Industry and you can, by earning your related degree greatly increases the number of job opportunities that you can be involved with.

About the author: Carolyn Miller has been engaged in the professional practice of interior design in Chicago, since 1994, after obtaining a bachelors degree in design from the Ecole d’Arts Appliques, Poitiers, France, 1984-1987. Her affiliations in Agence Vidal, which is an architectural firm, and in Air France, both located in Paris polished her knowledge in architectural design. Miller obtained her NCIDQ certification in 2000.


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  1. fine art/painting/illustration/graphic design artists?
    Hi, I am looking for artists in YouTube who work fine art/painting/illustration/graphic design. Where can I find it? I have searched .but I couldn’t find any good page!! So can you help me?? Do know any good page??can you give me some links??
    or can you give me list of contemporary successful artists that they have youtube page???

  2. What skills are required for graphic design artists?
    I have some experience with HTML and javascript, and have recently been experimenting with Blender 3D and Adobe Photoshop, and I am interested in doing some work in the graphics design fields. What skills do I need to develop or classes do I need to take to become a competative graphic design artist?

    Also, which area would you recommend?

  3. A question for the accomplished graphic design artists out there?
    I have lots of experience and I’m talented in photography but when it comes to drawing I’m a little…well not talented. Will my lack of drawing capabilities hinder my graphic design capability? If not what is the cheapest way to start learning?

  4. Anyone know any good graphic design artists and the name of the person who made the grudge poster?
    Any other artist name that has made any horror film poster design is welcomed.

  5. How hard is it to find jobs in graphic design? How much do graphic design artists make? thank you?
    I’m thinking about majoring in this…. anything you have to say about graphic design I would LOVE to hear!

  6. There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question – like any art-related field, it depends on your skill level. If your skills are very average, your salary will be the same, or you may struggle to find work as a freelancer. If you’re good at what you do, you will be in a lot of demand and make a very good wage. A natural flair for design will be of great assistance to you. If you have that and the subject really interests you then go for it – just be aware that what you get out of it will be a reflection of how hard you work on your skills. 🙂

  7. Graphic Design for Print: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator are required the most, InDesign (Magazine/Newsletter Layout). As a graphic designer for print, it would probably help if you knew the basics about printing, so maybe get a job in a print shop first as a prepress production artist. That will definitely help you as a graphic designer. Other than that, try to learn photoshop and illustrator as much as you can. For a website designer, you should know Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks and you’re already on the right track with experience in HTML & Java. Hope this helps.

  8. The best place to start learning is the library. Your only hindrance will be yourself. Classes at a junior college will help take you further or buy yourself a simple graphic design program and teach yourself the basics. Good luck

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