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How to Open Your Own Graphic Design Business

Are you interested in launching your own graphic design businessc Opening up your own graphic design business often leads to starting your own small studio or ad agency. Making the transition between freelance graphic design to your own business is both exciting and challenging. Transitioning can come quite naturally and can help your business grow tremendously. If you are ready to start your own graphic design business, here are some tips to get you started.

1) Taking the first steps to open your own graphic design business

Opening your own small studio can be exciting, especially if you used to work on your own as a freelance graphic designer. The good news is you don’t need many resources to get started. The requirements are minimal. You will definitely want a computer, telephone, some flat files, a copy machine, a desk, and a comfortable ergonomic chair. You can run your graphic design business in your house, or you can rent office space. The next step is to come up with a clever name for your business.

2) Coming up with a clever name for your business

As you can probably imagine, a good catchy name is important to getting the word out about your business. There are many different schools of thought to help you name your business. You can go with a clever name, a proper name, a corporate-sounding name, or a quirky name. Whatever you choose, try to keep it short and memorable. You can design and print your own business cards — an easy way to show off your design talents to potential clients.

3) Finding the right people to work with

To make your freelance business grow, you will need to collaborate with many different people. You will probably want to hire a full-time assistant or a freelance graphic designer to help with production and traffic. If you can’t handle the business and bookkeeping aspects of running a business, look into hiring an accountant or bookkeeper. This person will be in charge of keeping track of income and business expenses, and can help you formulate a viable business plan. In general, you should hire one to three employees for your graphic design studio. Your graphic design studio will include a principal (you) and the employees. Job titles may include senior and junior designers, production artist, and intern. You may also want to hire a receptionist to answer the phones and manage the office traffic.

4) What are the keys to successc

You will find many keys to success when it comes to starting your own graphic design business. One of the most important keys to success is experience. You will need at least one person with ample design experience. The designer should have a lot of experience as a staffer or as an independent freelance graphic designer. The second most important thing is securing clients. To be successful, your company will need clients. If you have experience as a freelancer, you probably have a list of regular clients. Your company will also benefit from partnerships. If you can find someone with like-minded goals, with talent and resources, he or she could be an ideal partner.

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10 thoughts on “Graphic Design Business”

  1. need suggestions on graphic design business ideas?
    I’m Indonesian and planning to start a graphic design business in my country that stands out and is distinct from today’s already existing design businesses, such as: advertisement, clothing, etc.
    I’m good at Illustrator and Photoshop.
    Need some inputs from you all, please?
    And if possible, please mention the budget to start such businesses.
    Thank you.

  2. How do i start my graphic design business with not enough income?
    I recently received my BA in graphic design my spouse is still in college and we are having a hard time already just trying to pay our monthly bills. I can’t find a job in my field so i work an on-call type of job thats pays minimum rage. i know if i could either find a job in my field that i would/could make more money for us. We just don’t have the extra income to start my own business up or have anyone to ask could we borrow it from so what could or what do we do?

  3. How likely is it to create a successful, small graphic design business?
    I’m 16, and going to be 17 by the time I can hopefully get this idea running, but I am wondering how possible it is to create a graphic design/web design business for small-businesses and individuals in my city. Is it impossible for a teenager to pull this off? If it is possible, where do I start, meaning: how do I advertise, where to advertise, who to talk to and if I should charge money.

  4. What printer should I buy for freelance graphic design business?
    I am looking to buy a wireless printer for my home-based freelance graphic design business. I have a HP printer at home but it’s 8 years old. I have been researching and I saw the Epson Artisan series is good which they have a good rating. However, someone told me to buy a HP Photosmart series which has good prices but they have decent rating. What printer should I buy for my home-based graphic design business?

  5. Epson Artisan. It is an awesome printer with many features. It has the best warranty. For 2 years Epson will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one at their expense. No other company offers this. As my sister, who runs a professional printing business, found out when her Canon needed to be repaired for the second time, it’s difficult to run a business when your printer will be in the shop for a week. With an Epson, she would have had her replacement the next day. She has since bought an epson but it has never needed to be replaced and it’s been a few years. Neither has my year old Artisan 800.
    Finally, you can get cartridges for under 50 cents. They cost under 2.50 and you get $2 back for the empty ones. Try finding HP cartridges for anywhere near that. You can buy several printers for what you’ll save on ink.
    This article has more info and links to the latest Epson deals

  6. That is very difficult since there are many design businesses. In order to succeed, you have to define what makes your work better than another designer’s. If you were a customer, why would you choose you over someone else?

    To start you need money for hardware and software, and not too much else. Good luck!!

  7. How start a Graphic Design Business?
    Does anyone know how to start a graphic design business? I am a self empolyed freelance graphic designer. What would I need to do to become a business? Thanks!

  8. Start it as a part-time side job. You may need to do some volunteer work and spec projects to get a portfolio of work to show your skills and ideas.

    Use craig’s list to advertise your business.

    Try to use the temp agencies to get your foot into the door in your field. Christmas season is coming in retail. Apply to many Mom & Pop stores or a larger retailer to develop a Christmas ad campaign and brand. (Including window treatments and store design if you have the skillset.)

    You are going to put yourself out there if you want your business to succeed. It won’t come to you…

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