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Get Your Trade Show Displays Designed From a Graphic Design Company

Trade shows and exhibitions are useful for a number of reasons. They help in increasing product sales and reinforcing the market share. They are also a good platform for launching a new product into the market. You need good display tools to showcase your products better. As display equipment is not economical to purchase, you may source it from trade show booth rentals or custom design companies.

Why custom design trade show displays

You can get custom designed trade show displays from a graphic design company. Such companies can create high impact graphic designs focusing on the details of the product. They can create unique designs suitable for your brand and you can be sure that the ideas are not similar to any other brand. Having effective graphic design display can help you project your brands better and increase the sale of your products. If your company is small, displays allow you to expand your customer base and the sales of your products. The use of efficient marketing tools like custom displays in showrooms or other high visibility areas like conventions and trade fairs is an important contributor in the success of many companies.

Benefits of opting for a firm that offers multiple services

It is advantageous to rent custom display equipment from custom design companies rather than trade show booth rentals. Apart from getting display equipment like banners and pop up displays, you have the benefit of getting them custom designed for your needs. See if the graphic company offers other services, like packaging your products or helping you in the after sales management of your products. This will reduce your overall cost and the final product will also look better. If the graphic design company also designs custom boxes or covers for your products, it will help generate high brand recall in consumers and boost your product sales.

Check out for companies that offer you a complete product package including professional graphic designers. These designers can create a cohesive marketing campaign by incorporating your company’s logos and values into the custom displays. You can hire designers who are experts in working with custom displays at trade shows as they will be good at handling marketing tools in such large scale conventions.

You can ask the firm if they offer dye sublimation graphic printing service as well. This method of printing creates graphics that are washable, have excellent resolution and are also durable. You can create graphic images or designs that stand out from the crowd by using this method.

Ask if repair services for the damaged booth or display material are offered while hiring graphic design companies or trade show booth rentals. You can ask previous customers who have used the design company’s services on how would they rate the particular company or their satisfaction about the display materials provided. If you are unable to find good design companies, you can look around for booths at trade shows that have eye catching display designs. Then you can ask the owners for the company that designed them.

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    I am a makeup artist looking for a graphic design company to work with. I would love to have my name designed in a pretty font with a logo, however, I dont want to spend a ton of money. I will need the logo for all types of formats, jpg, etc for all work advertising purposes.

  2. I need a slogan for a graphic design company?
    I need a slogan for my graphic design company called Zajac Studios. We have been dealing with all types of customers making posters, packaging, and t-shirts.

    Basically Zajac comes from the polish word Rabbit which is our trademark logo. I need help coming up with some type of slogan involving graphic design and the thought of a rabbit. All help is greatly appreciation.

  3. Who is the Best Graphic Design company or Best Graphic designer?
    I was just wondering who is the best Graphic designer or Graphic design company.

  4. What is a good name for a graphic design company?
    My daughter is starting a graphic design company. She would like something associated with the beach or water, but any suggestions are welcome.

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  6. I am looking for a graphic design company that has excellent work at an affordable price any suggestions ?
    Hello, I am looking for a Graphic Design Company that can offer excellent work at an affordable price. Does anyone have any suggestions ? I see there is so many to choose from on the internet but I am looking for a company is or nearby the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

  7. Yes, you can find many sites that offer services for graphic design. Try looking in your local phone book to narrow your search. Creative Sweetener is located in the Twin Cities area and we are interested in your design needs. Check us out at and see if we are the answer to your project. We do offer reasonable prices for clients and produce excellent designs with great turnaround time. Feel free to contact us and we can quote your graphic needs.

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