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How to Get Your First Graphic Design Jobs

If you are thinking of applying for graphic design jobs then this article will surely help you out. This article will discuss all the process and even the basic requirements which you must need to prepare in order to get the graphic design jobs you desire. There are certain things you need to prepare and perform in order to get the right graphic design jobs that will suit you. Find out all the details regarding on how to get your first graphic design jobs below.

Since the world of the internet become very popular the demand for graphic design jobs also increased. Every day employers from different online companies hire people which comply with all the requirements of graphic design jobs. Graphic design jobs are one of the many online jobs that are in demand these days. So if you are thinking of having this graphic design jobs for yourself then take these tips which I will share with you.

Here are the graphic design jobs tips that might help you get hired.

1. Create an impressive portfolio
It is important to create an impressive graphic design jobs portfolio that would make your employers say ‘ohh’ and ‘ahhh’. Getting the graphic design jobs can be yours if you will only try to present your best works. It is the first requirement which you must adhere if you want to get the graphic design jobs. Bear in mind that first impression last so make that first graphic design jobs interview really last! Just don’t make up details that are not true or you might end up not having the graphic design jobs you’ve been dreaming of.
2. Listen to the feedbacks
It would also help you get the graphic design jobs you want if you will listen to the comments and feedbacks of your employer regarding your portfolio. Through this you can also share what you think will make the graphic design jobs more efficient and interesting. Your employer might listen to your opinions as well. Make sure to be more flexible and open if you want to pursue the graphic design jobs.

3. Prepare your resume
If you are applying for graphic design jobs it is very important that you prepare your resume well. Your resume should be free from any typos and such. Always remember that your resume should provide all the important personal details your employer need to know about you. Through these details and information your employer will base his decision whether they should give you the graphic design jobs or not.

Graphic design jobs are actually one of the most rewarding and fun online jobs today. By simply following these above tips you will surely get the graphic design jobs you’ve been dreaming of. Now if you want to add up more impressive details on your portfolio then you should check out and join in the 1st Annual Interpret Durban T-shirt Competition here in Street Scene Tours. This is actually the most talked about art online contest today!

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10 thoughts on “Graphic Design Jobs”

  1. What kind of graphic design jobs are out there?
    If I was to take a 4 year degree in graphic design what kind of job would i be able to do?

  2. What other jobs could i do with a multimedia Design degree apart from Graphic & Web Design jobs?
    Basically i’m finding it tough to find a web design or graphic design job and wondered what other jobs i could possibly apply for with my degree in Multimedia Design.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
    so any specific job titles you could think of?

  3. What are some fun graphic design jobs?
    I’m thinking about being a graphic designer when I get older but I want a job that is fun and that I enjoy. Are there any graphic design jobs where you get to work with celebrities or travel? Also if I were to work on the Ellen Degeneres show or if I were to design products or logos for Justin Bieber, would I actually get to meet with them? What kind of jobs are there for graphic designers? I don’t want to be sitting at a computer most of the time.

  4. It sounds like you are looking for graphic design jobs for major media corporations. If you work with marketing firms that are hire celebrities like Justin Bieber to do endorsements, you might get a chance to work hand in hand with the celebrities to come up with something they like and that you can design.

    Working with major media firms like a movie studio, television studio would allow you a better chance of coming across or meeting celebrities. For example, if you are doing the video graphics for MTV or Much Music, you could very well be working in a room right next to the studio where the celebrities go and where the live on air shows are filmed.

  5. Multimedia, as you probably understood from your course doesn’t just consist of creating media for web sites.

    Multimedia can range from creating a advertising clip for a company, to helping game companies arrange/design there new game intro clip.

  6. What skills / software knowledge do I need for Graphic Design Jobs?
    I’m planning to study Illustrator and InDesign, but wondered if there are any other software applications I need to familiarise myself with in order to apply for most graphic design jobs, ie. Flash, Quark Express, and so on.

  7. Hey Erica!

    Wow! You’ve asked a tough one! That’s like asking “How high is Up?”

    As a graphic Designer, I have worked many different jobs. I’ve worked for sign companies designing signage, running their sign design and layout computer, sculpting the 3-D billboards, 3-D digitizing maquettes into the computer for eventual routing, painting, and designing silkscreen masks. I have airbrushed, designed layouts for newsletters, magazines, greeting cards, and so on. I have done so many things that I can’t even rememer! And the funny thing is, I studied scientific illustration, not design! Right now, I do 2-D cad which gets translated to G-codes to run variouse milling machines. It’s a lot of fun, =-)

    Here’s an article that may help answer some of your questions,

    I recommend checking out all the job boards, see what’s out there.

    Most Graphic Designers I know are only making about $30,000. But I live in Florida, near Disney, so the place has more Graphic Artists than it needs.

    Good Luck!

  8. You dont need to know computer programming to be a graphic designer…

    It depends what you want to go into print or web?

    I work in both, but if you are working with Illustrator / Photoshop I wouldnt bother with Quark, stick with InDesign. Web, Dreamweaver, Flash, you dont really need to know Fireworks if your good in Photoshop. Try to be an all rounder.

    You dont need a degree, I never went but you do need a lot of raw talent, I work for a high end studio and I know a lot of designers who never went to Uni (I do know one but he designs ebay shops for a living, not really rock and roll).

    Learn your Pantone colours, thats really important.

    Start building your portfolio, do it for free if you have to, I used to design gig posters for bands (long time ago now) but it sort of gives you a sense of working with customers.

    Good luck!!

  9. do we need drawing skills for graphic design or web designing jobs?
    What are the applications and software that we should be specialised for graphic design jobs?

  10. Certainly ,
    One need to have Drawing skill for Being a Good Graphic Designer or Web Designer. B’coz drawing is the field what u r dealing in.

    To be a good Professional in Graphic Design or at Web Designing jobs
    u must have good command on showing u r expressions in images

    and of course if u r looking just at doing for a little change then it doesn’t even matter to have skills
    Bcoz the classes can teach u only necessary Technical skills but creativity that u need to posses .

    And lastly Application’s …
    so i don’t think that there is any restriction on u to have any Professional graphic design tool like Dream-weaver , Micromedia Flash,etc..

    Hoping..U Got u’r answer (sorry for short forms b’coz i send more SMS)

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