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  1. How much to charge for a graphic design logo?
    This is actually for my brother, he’s a student and soon he’ll be graduating from year 12. He wants to do graphic design, and has just gotten his first job as a kind of freelance designer (I guess you could call it that.) He has to do a logo for a bike distribution company, and he’s not sure how much to charge. He’s thinking $200, is this a good amount for someone like him? Thanks. 🙂

  2. He needs to build his portfolio, so the price should be reasonable. He shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money off the first job he does. How much depends on what the company actually wants. A 3D design, flash, size, will it be printed on business cards, etc..


  3. What’s a good logo design idea for a web & graphic design company?
    I’m looking into making my own graphic & Web design business. What’s a good idea for a logo for this theme?

  4. How to charge for graphic and logo design?
    I work for a printing company and I do logo and graphic design. I want to do this on my own on the side but I’m not sure how to charge for it. Hourly or per piece of art? What would be a fair price for a guy moderatly good at it who is just starting out on his own on the side?

  5. If you want to do web design, you should be able to come up with your logo. What’s up with that? When a customer want’s a logo will you come here for ideas?

  6. Graphic logo design for my new business?
    I just start a small business and now I need someone to design a logo. Know any logo designers who are good at logo creation?

  7. Who to ask for creating an electronic version of a logo, a graphic design OR software tech student?
    I’m looking for a student at my school to create an electronic version of a logo we’ve created for our student group. Where should I try to recruit this student, in the computer software department or graphic design student (they are split at my school)?

    I’m worried that a graphic design student will want to DESIGN a logo for us, and we know exactly what we want already.


  8. If you’re looking to hire a designer the traditional way, I suggest you don’t. Nowadays company and business owner are moving to logo contest. Its much more convenient to run a logo contest and receive unique entries by professional designers.

    I see company awarding up to $1000 for the winning designer. This means they are still serious about their business identity and seek professional result from logo designers. Since we are dealing with online logo design and we can’t really meet the designers face to face, there has to be a platform for business owner and designers to connect together and discuss on design project.

    Cullogo.com is a good place for you to launch your logo design project. You can still interact with the designer and give suggestion to their design entries so they can do revision of the logo design.
    Logo company like cullogo.com are getting increasingly popular on the net. More and more people are switching to logo contest instead of hiring just 1 designer the traditional way. Cullogo serve the platform for you to run logo contest.

  9. This all depends on the size of the company you’re doing work for, I go with $1200 plus $100 for every employee they have.

    So if a company has 6 employees: 1200 + (100 x 6) = $1800

    You’re just starting out so scale that down to what you’re comfortable with and move forward increasing both numbers every year until you retire. Early in my career my fees were structured like this:
    2011: $200+15 for every employee they have
    2012: $225+20 for every employee they have
    2013: $250+25 for every employee they have

    This scales well to any size company you do business for. This information isn’t something you tell clients. It’s math for you and you alone. You tell them what your fee is and then be very quiet. Do not budge. If they don’t have enough money that’s their issue not yours. If they want to goto a quickie-logo site online for $30 or use one to question your fees they do not know the value design can bring to a company’s image.

  10. That’s what a graphic designer does. Takes your ideas and designs what you want. In this case a logo.

    If you already have one, and just want it reproduced electronically, then that would be where I would go as well, as a graphic designer also recreates things.

    Some in the software department MIGHT be familiar with programs needed to create an image, but a graphic design student is still your best bet.

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