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Specialized Fonts in Your Logo Design

Your Logo should be as unique as your company and the last thing you need is for someone to duplicate it. Accordingly, one of the simplest ways to insure that your logo remains the “one and only” is to specialize the font. You can specialize your font in two different ways. The first way to specialize a font is by picking and emphasizing a specific letter from the company’s name or slogan. It is usually best to emphases the most important letter of the name or slogan because it will convey meaning to the customer. However, choosing the most important letter isn’t always the case, you can chose any letter that you feel will add a little spark to the company. Be cautious though, specialized letters can appear harsh to the eye if not placed next to a complimentary letter. The second way to apply specialized font is by taking regular font and then adding detail to it. For example in the Calypso logo, the font has been specialized by adding “waves” to the s’ and little tick marks to all the text creating a feeling of motion. By specializing your logos font you are making sure your logo is unique and conveys your companies message. So, don’t be afraid to ask your designer to try something a little different and specialize the font.

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  1. How much to charge for a graphic design logo?
    This is actually for my brother, he’s a student and soon he’ll be graduating from year 12. He wants to do graphic design, and has just gotten his first job as a kind of freelance designer (I guess you could call it that.) He has to do a logo for a bike distribution company, and he’s not sure how much to charge. He’s thinking $200, is this a good amount for someone like him? Thanks. 🙂

  2. Anybody Knows any Design agency in London that outsource design such a logos , graphic and and website desingn?

    I need to know how can i find an Design agency in London that outsource graphics and web designing work.

    Please don’t tell me about websites such as freelance, freelancers ,elance guru etc.

    I already know about them, I need to know some agency which outsource graphic design,logo works to other designers I will be thankful.

  3. He needs to build his portfolio, so the price should be reasonable. He shouldn’t expect to make a lot of money off the first job he does. How much depends on what the company actually wants. A 3D design, flash, size, will it be printed on business cards, etc..


  4. What is a good graphic design software to use to design logos and other artwork?
    What is a good graphic design software to use to design logos and other artwork?

    What is the skill level needed to use it? Ease of use?

    Windows or Mac?

    Where can I get it at? How much? Student rates?

  5. Do you think graphic design ( logos, business id’s, poster ) could be done by hand ?
    i don’t feel like learn anything for the computer but i want to have my own graphic design business.

  6. I’m old enough to remember doing all of that by hand and traditional methods.

    I can tell you this: I’ll never willingly go back to doing it that way. As a tool, the computer makes my job so much easier and faster. The design skills are still mine because the computer creates nothing. Way back when, when acrylic paints were introduced, I learned that working acrylics was so much easier that oils. They worked similarly, but the clean up and set up was SO much easier. For me, there was no reason to go back that made any sense for me.

    But you suggest that you want to have your “own graphic design business.” This is kind of like someone stating that they want to go into business repairing cars, but use only the wrenches and drivers in their red tool box. Sorry, but the technology under the hood of a car is far advanced to be very accessible to simple steel tools. Any mechanic who TRIES to run a repair service is extremely handicapped without knowing the technology and having the digital tools to work with it.

    Same for your business. You are at a disadvantage before you even begin. Logos, for instance. Virtually all print jobs, nowdays, begin with a digital file. For a logo, that typically means a vector drawing. The advantage of this is that it can be scaled as large as it needs to be without pixelization or distortion. Think about a logo to be displayed as large as the side of a building. Your traditionally drawn logo would have to be scanned or photographed. All of this kind of step is done on a digital scanner, or, if needed, a digital photograph. You can’t just expect to hire a traditional film photographer for this part. I remember what it used to take to prepare “camera ready” art. And I remember the cumbersome equipment it took to do the job. (a camera about as large as a washer/dryer, side by side) Imagine your customer’s reaction when you tell him the logo job will cost an EXTRA couple of hundred dollars to hire the equipment and operator because you “don’t feel like learning anything for the computer.” You don’t get earn much money if you have to turn away customers because you “don’t do that kind of work.”

    It USED to be done by hand, but the rest of the industry moved on, so a designer that refuses to learn the tools of the current industry is pretty much doomed.

    I have to admit that there IS one part of the graphic design business that relies less on digital tools. You COULD learn to be a tattoo artist.


    If you are really wanting something that is creative and unique you will need professional design software. Ease of use depends upon your other software knowledge. The more programs you know the easier it is to learn new ones.

    Adobe Illustrator is the best with some time learning the tools.
    But check out all of the Adobe design software and see what seems to click for you. Check out EBay prices and yes, they give student and teacher discounts at most stores that sell software. Best Buy etc.

    You can buy it in Wind. or Mac.

    Best of luck

  8. Have you tried searching Google, or UK search engines? I think you’d get a lot of companies to choose from.
    Actually, I don’t know any from London, but I know of a BPO service provider that offers the service you are seeking for. I’ve read that OIT2P offers web designing and development at low rates. You might want to check them out, so I’ll include their site:

  9. What software is best for web design, graphic designing , logos, brochures?
    My daughter is 15 and enjoys computers and art what type of software would be a great starting point Corel, Adobe? Thank You

  10. That kinds depends on what your budget is, and her interest level. If she is considering graphics art or web design as a career I would suggest Adobe Photoshop CS4 (she would qualify for the student price). If this is more of something she is interested in and just wants to check it out and mess with it for a while, I would recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements (also could get at student price), Corel isn’t bad either, but Adobe is by far the most “mainstream”.

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