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Graphic Design Portfolio Graphic Design Portfolio

Tips To Create An Effective Graphic Design Portfolio

To the graphic designer, it is not sufficient just to have a diploma or knowledge in designing. In addition to this, their career is greatly dependent on their graphic design portfolio. This is because it is based on the material produced in the portfolio that you get your future job openings.

When creating your portfolio, you have to concentrate on showing your work to its best advantage and not distracting with too many distractions in it. Of course, you will have to use a clever layout in your designs. However in the process, you have to remember not to forget the purpose of the portfolio, which is to display your work and not divert attention from it.

Variety adds spice to your portfolio

Create a graphic design portfolio with various pieces of your past work. It is better to choose pieces where you have used different concepts and design skills in creating your work.

Remember that variety is an asset for a portfolio as this is the best way of giving an employer an idea of what you can do for them. So, if you have the talent, dont hide it but flaunt it. But if you dont have it, dont despair, work at developing one.

One important trait you have to develop to create an effective graphic design portfolio is to be able to look at your work critically. Dont add work that is not of good quality; remember that the portfolio is created to reflect your ability in producing high quality designs and in deciding what a high quality design is.

Use expert opinion when creating your portfolio

If you find it difficult to choose the pieces of work to include in your graphic design portfolio, you could consider getting some expert opinion. Many a time, an honest but brutal critique proves great in creating the perfect portfolio.

When creating your portfolio, it is better to include all the best works you have done so far. And if you are a newbie in the field, you may have to include everything you have done so far in the portfolio. Even things you have done for friends and family can be included in the portfolio, so long as the work is something that is complete and clear to look at.

Use the internet to create an online portfolio

You could consider enlarging your graphic design portfolio by volunteering your services for local, non-profit organizations. These organizations are usually more than happy to get some of their work done for free.

And to make things beneficial to you, you could request to have your business name and phone number added in the finished work you do for them, as advertisement of your work. This way, both you and the organization benefit, and you have extra pieces to add to your graphic design portfolio.

With the internet at your finger tips, you can create an online portfolio. This way, people and employers from all over the world will be able take a look at your graphic design portfolio, and decide on the feasibility of hiring you.

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  1. What should a graphic design portfolio consist of?
    I’m applying for graphic design in a university but i don’t know what to put in my portfolio or how it should look. I edit pictures and that basically all i can do. Could somebody please help.

  2. What goes in to a Graphic Design portfolio for college?
    I’m applying to art schools and I’ve done some stuff with graphic design and I have no idea what to put in my portfolio. I’ve done things on illustrator, foundation drawings done from observation & still-life, things I did last year in my AP art class, black and white ink drawings done for “basic graphic design” class. I have no idea what to use. Anyone that’s applied as a Graphic Design major before know what they used in their portfolio? I’m thinking about RISD, Pratt, and Syracuse if that has any relevance.

  3. When i applied for graphic design they asked us to draw on a certain theme

    How about try talking to you art teacher if possible.

    What the colleges look for is strong drawing skills, good use of colour, originality, a variety of subjects.

  4. Agreed with everybody – your work should be showcased, not the design of the portfolio itself. It’s it’s cool to see AMAZING portfolios that actually have thought put into them, but as a graphic designer, don’t add frilly shit around your work that takes away from it. Put it some process images, not just the final product. Hiring managers like to see how you came to the final idea as well as the how the final idea communicates. Sketches work well here. Make sure, above all, to have it printed nicely.

    Good luck.
    Integraphix, a Chicago Marketing Company

  5. How Can kick-start my graphic Design Portfolio?
    I am passionate about graphic design, despite not having relevant graphic design qualifications. I’d like to start a freelance portfolio as I would need to appear professional when I contact companies. Though, not having done any work before for any companies, how would I start my portfolio? I’d like any views on my dilemma from professionals and those in the Graphic Design field especially freelance artists.

  6. Graphic Design Portfolio, What to put in it?? Is it ok to put Made-up stuff in it?
    I have no real qualifications in Graphic Design, but fluked my way there by working in a business card warehouse, & eventually making my way on the computer to design Business Cards which I did for 3 yrs, For the last four yrs I have been working for a hospital doing graphic design & typsetting for them, I am started to get bored of always having the same logo & colours to design with and am going to try & spread my wings & apply for other design jobs, only problem is all I have is some business cards & Hospital Stationary, posters etc..(all with the hospital logo and colour on them) should I make up my own stuff with fake company names to fill out my portfolio or will that be too obvious & unprofessional?.. I live in a small city and do-not have any short courses I can do unless I got to tafe or uni for 3 yrs, but feel I have learnt all I need in the adobe suite through the yrs to bother with that… Has anyone else had this dilemma, or can help, or have suggestions on what 2 do next?

  7. I am a graphic designer, but i don’t need a portofolio yet because i work for a company full time so far.
    I have a friend who is a graphic designer and he showed his portfolio to me. he just put the pictures he made in photoshop, they were like compositions very nicely arranged. He also put some texts, like facts, statistics, and the subject of it was “Reality”.
    On the first page there was his short resume. It looked very nice and professional. When i will be making mine, i think i will take some poem and illustrate it with the pictures i make in photoshop

  8. To have an impressive porfolio, you need to just do it, even it’s free. Do some free graphic design for people. Because on your resume, you don’t have to put down whether it was working for free or not. Try get your name everywhere and specify that you’re nice enough to design for free. Try to learn from other established graphic designers, how they market themselves. Take a look at some of the profiles on benefito and see what kind of porfolio those people have.

  9. What elements of my graphic design portfolio should i have?
    I am a going to be a junior this year in school, and I am trying to start up my graphic design portfolio. What are some of the different elements that I should display? I was thinking of doing an add for sneakers, water, and showing how two of the same products would be advertised in different magazine (i.e Harper’s Bazaar and National Geographic) I was also thinking of doing an identity package. But what else should I do?? I really want to have it put together by January and I need some helpful tips and opinions. Thanx!

  10. Some general things that most graphic designer have in their portfolios…

    1. Several logos and identities
    2. A few specific pieces of advertising
    3. A campaign of some sort that shows that you design a system, not just singular items
    4. A few books and/or magazine to show that you know layouts
    5. Packaging and packaging design
    6. Illustrations, preferably both digital and illustrative, depending on what strengths you want to showcase
    7. One or two pieces that showcases your typography skills, whether that be a book layout, poster, or something else entirely

    Also, I’m not sure how you plan on approaching this project, but you should also consider designing the portfolio itself. One of the least interesting things you can do is to tuck everything you have into a standard portfolio binder and bring it to interviews. Consider designing the portfolio itself as a graphic design project. After all, the portfolio itself should also reflect your ideals as a designer, not just the work inside it.

    Best of luck to you.

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