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TM Media Inc. is located in Dallas, TX, and offers professional graphic design services, brochure design Dallas, graphic design Dallas, Dallas web site design, Dallas web design, graphic design firm, graphic design brochure, web graphic design, graphic design site, web site graphic design for customers in the Dallas or worldwide.

TM Media Inc is headed by a team of professional graphic designers with extensive experience in the graphic design industries. Our work is outstanding and innovative. Our graphic designs, website designs, logos, brochures and many more are tailored to suit your target market and accurately reflect the background and behavior of your business. We can give you plenty of ideas. We can help you with all aspects of graphic design.
Our graphic design and website design services include:

* Logo Design
* Website Design
* Brochure Design
* Identity Design
* Book Cover Design
* Package Design
* Illustration Design

We present high quality work that complies with all web standards. What makes us different from others is that we are passionate about our work and services; also, we keep a close & keen eye on the latest market trends, and are quick to incorporate any novelties discovered henceforth. TM Media is a top graphic/web design company in Dallas and is dedicated to providing professional and affordable graphics design and web site design services and solutions to customers worldwide. Our team is experienced and technically adept, that’s why we give unmatched services to our client. We are equipped to meet all your needs. Visit our website to see our work or portfolio.

Get thorough details about the organization and our nature of work management by visiting our website Contact us for remarkable Graphic Design, Web design, Website design, logo design, print design, brochure design, package design, book cover design, illustration design and branding etc To get our services, you can reach us at or CALL US at 817-656-8597.

About the author: Get thorough details about the organization and our nature of work management by visiting our website


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  1. Is it possible to donate graphic design services and write it off for taxes?
    I’ve donated a few graphic design projects to non-profits thinking I could write them off for my 2009 taxes. I thought I could until I spoke my tax guy last night and he said that I couldn’t because rates are too volatile for the IRS to standardize. Can anyone help clarify?

  2. How much should i charge for my graphic design services?
    I am in high school and i am starting my own freelance Graphic Design business for local small businesses and it occurred to me i dont know what to charge. What is the average price for jobs such as logo and flyer design, web design and illustration? I dont need enough to live off of but i would like to make some bank. Word.

  3. Well depends on how good you are….but most web design companies charge anywhere from $200 (for a small website) to thousands (for larger PHP websites).
    I am also in high school (a sophomore) and already do what you want to do (for a few months now). I personally charge under $50 but that’s just until I get more popular, then I’ll start charging more.

    Here’s my website:

  4. Well, your tax professional is correct that you cannot deduct the value of your services, but it’s not for the reason he gave. Publication 526 states, very plainly, that “You cannot deduct the value of your time or services.” However, it also states that “Although you cannot deduct the value of services given to a qualified organization, you may be able to deduct some amounts you pay in giving services to a qualified organization. The amounts must be: Un-reimbursed, Directly connected with the services, Expenses you had only because of the services you gave, and Not personal, living, or family expenses.”

    So, while you can’t deduct the time itself, if you incurred any directly related expenses in connection with your donated time that meet the criteria about, then you CAN deduct those.

    See pub 526 for more info:

    Best of luck! :0)

  5. What would you recommend to get the word out about freelance graphic design services?
    If I were to start up a website that offered freelance graphic and web design services, where would you recommend that I advertise the website? Any innovative ideas other than just banner/text advertising?

  6. What is the market segment for graphic design services?
    I am starting graphic design company and I am finding it hard to divide the market into segments. Does anybody know where to find this information?

  7. Does anyone know any good sites to advertise graphic design services for free?
    I have a small graphic design studio and need to advertise, unfortunately my budget is non existent at present. I have already posted ads on Gumtree but, does anyone know anywhere else that could be good to post ads, preferably for free. I’m U.K based, so U.K sites would be preferable (trading long distance is risky when it comes to getting paid) Also I already have a website, so no help needed there.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Thanks very much Phill, thats loads to be getting on with. I’ll check them out.

  8. Hi

    these are freelance sites you can get work from and advertise your company

    Also try and put classified ads on ebay

    Also here are some of the higher ranked free ads sites

    Also put your self on google maps, Yahoo local and bing local.

    Get your website to a level that it can show your work and receive leads through a contact page.

    I have loads more but I can only put 10 links here

    If you need any more help just email me


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