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How Graphic Design Can Help your Business

Effective graphic design is the applied art of arranging text and images in a way that effectively communicates a message. Effective graphic designers can enhance the image of advertising your company and products through media such as direct mail, flyers, newsletter design, brochure design, annual reports, business cards, letterheads and of course web site design. Graphic design agencies can assist you with all the above stationary to be designed to a good standard and would give you ideas of how to implement brand development.

Effective graphic designers attract people to read the content of your message. People often get their first impression of your company through some communication such as a brochure or flier or even a business card. And the quality of the graphic design influences their reaction. Effective graphic designers build trust and confidence in your company and products and helps in brand development.

At its best, graphic design agencies welds artistic concepts such as colour and shape to the essence of your products or services and takes into account the characteristics of the consumer and their trends.
Effective graphic design is also a key component of brand development. Consumers respond to graphic images such as logos, and skillful graphic design companies helps make your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So though you may be tempted to give your brochure design job to Sid in accounting who’s a dab hand with watercolours, you should realise that the image of your organisation is something that needs a professional’s touch. Graphic design agencies offer a specialised service so outsourcing is your best option. For one thing, pro designers work in many fields and are in touch with the trends of the day.

So how do you go about finding effective graphic design agencies, graphic design companies or graphic design studiosc Look for a company with a strong portfolio of memorable designs. Check if you recognise any of the clients the design firm has done work for. And don’t forget that graphic design is an applied art. Designs that are beautiful for their own sakes don’t guarantee commercially viability. Look for designs that indicate the designer has a strong grasp of marketing too.

When you find graphic design agencies, you need to ask them about brand development, advertising etc like, how many revisions the firm will do until you’re satisfied. Clarify such factors as what you’ll get at the end of the project. For example, is printing includedc In what format would the graphic design agencies delivery any graphicsc There are a host of details like this that you need to consider.

If you want convenience, it’s an advantage to hire effective graphic designers that offers a complete range of services in web development, brand development, advertising and other promotional tasks, along with portfolio management and printing. This means you can leave the whole project to one company which streamlines the whole procedure.

About the author: Andy Lomax owns and runs Kudos Web Design one of the Leading Web Design companies in Manchester. He has been working within the internet industry for over 10 years and has advised hundreds of companies about their websites and online marketing strategies. Kudos Web Design works with effective graphic designers.


9 thoughts on “Graphic Design Studios”

  1. Do graphic designers or graphic design studios usually use the Wacom pen / tablet instead of a regular mouse?

  2. What would I need to build a good graphic design studio?
    I have an idea but would like to hear from you what are the elements to building a good studio for graphic design work. What software, computer and art supplies would you recommend or have at home. Thank you to all who answer.

  3. Yes, definitely! Once I used a tablet, I could never go back. Taking my tablet away would be like making me draw with my foot.

  4. First off you need contacts, good contacts and a very high end portfolio or your not going to make a penny without them.

    You need about 4 grand over all, for software and your seat (licences), a high spec computer, a decent printer something that can print A3 for proofing. You will need your own promotional work, business cards, letter headings and what not. I had brochures and A6 double sided postcards on art board printed too. Then you will an office, it’s all well and good working from home but if say your starting a studio no new business will touch you with a home address.

    Depends what you want, if you just want to go freelance for abit and your havnt got much money just download the software and work from, aslong as you tell the tax man what you earn your be fine, Mr Adobe wont be able to throw you to the lions because their more bothered about the people earning the big bucks and can afford to be sued.

    Good luck anyway

  5. Is there a way to get a list of Graphic Design studios/agencies/boutiques in Atlanta ?
    I’m moving to Atlanta next summer and I’m going to be looking for a job as a senior graphic designer there… I don’t know if I suck at googeling but all the agencies that I find are not that awesome. I’m not looking to work in advertising… more branding, edition, packaging. Is there a website where I can find a list of smaller agencies or studio boutiques ? Or maybe someone knows a bad ass creative place ? Or maybe Atlanta has a graphic design contest where I could browse good pieces ?

    Let me know !!
    * thanks for your answer Colanth … unfortunatly I tried it just now and my town’s library doesn’t have american yellow pages 🙁

  6. what is the work environment like in a graphic design studio?
    I was wondering if the work environment in a graphic design studio is casual. Is a suit and/or tie required, or is jeans and t-shirt acceptable.

  7. Probably somewhere in-between if you are on the creative end. If you are in sales a suit and tie might be appropriate for meetings, and just a shirt and tie on regular days. But even as a creative, if you are new to the workplace, neat, casual slacks like Dockers and a shirt with a collar (polo or casual dress shirt) would be as casual as I would go until more time has passed and you have a better pinpoint on what is acceptable at that particular studio.

    Always error on the side of paying MORE attention to the details of your appearance . . . often times it colors what people may think the quality of your work is like . . . until they get to know you better.

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