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In the current scenario, the websites are swiftly populating the web. The design of a website plays a crucial role in its popularity. Properly designed website with good design tactics definitely leads against its competitors.

There exist some simple and highly effective websites that use cascading style sheets (CSS). This functionality is implemented in the websites to improve the web design and to make the website perform better in major search engines. It also helps in grabbing quality traffic for the websites.

Before going further with CSS Web Design, it is important to understand the meaning and application of CSS.

What is CSS and how it is usedc

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets’ a new functionality widely used for layout and style of web pages. With the help of CSS the presentation and styling code is separated from the actual content in web design. CSS implementation consists of few rules which are stored in separate files with a .css file extension. Then CSS file is linked from the web page using HTML link tag.
In the past decade, tables were the only tool available with the web developers to design the layout of web pages of any website. But with CSS support, web developers now have a choice. There are lots of advantages in terms of web design to separate the presentation code into distinct CSS files.

Here are some excellent web design modes through which the web site design could be made more search engine friendly. These are as follows:

Use CSS to Structure the Document

Content is very important part of any website. Search engine robots read the content of the website and indexed it. By removing the extraneous table tags and replacing them with smaller HTML (div) tags formatted with CSS rules makes it much easier for the robots to read and index the content. This makes the code search engine friendly.

Use CSS to Style the Header Tags

Search engines give importance to header tags. As header tags are used to define page structure and simplify page navigation. Using CSS here makes the header tags appear in nicely formatted and attractive text. This increases visibility of the website in the search engines.

Use CSS to Create Rollover Images

Traditionally, web developers create rollover images using 2D graphics with some complex JavaScript code. This JavaScript code can adversely affect the search rankings of the website. Instead of this creating a normal text link and using CSS to format its appearance is a much better way to create images.

There are number of benefits of CSS over the classic web design techniques.

Benefits of CSS Web Design:

1.Separation of Content from presentation: HTML mark-up, text, graphics and multimedia can be separated from presentation.
2.Consistency: CSS provides a way to apply single style to various pages at a time. For example: to change the background color of all the pages of the site just make a change in CSS and it will be reflected in the entire website.
3.Maintenance: CSS makes the code clean & clear, and more understandable which can be easily edited and maintained.
4.Search engine rankings: With the help of CSS, one can position the content at the top in the page code to make it SE friendly.
5.Fast loading: Table-less design diminish the load time by 25 to 50 percent.

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10 thoughts on “Graphic Design Templates”

  1. Is there a web graphic design software?
    Is there a web graphic design software that has templates for navigation bars and menu bars and items commonly used in web design?

  2. How do i start my own print design template buisness.??
    Im a 17 who has been graphic designing for about 5 years. Im startin a freelance company in march . But i want to sell graphic design templates like flyers , stationary , poster etc. but im on a very low budget can i start this company in wordpress and how can my customers edit there templates?

  3. Do not purchase such kind of software. These are just wastage of time and money. For assistance for the same visit at

  4. Hi Jewel,

    Good job, starting your own business will open new doors for you. However, it could cost you some money and specially in the beginning.

    So, here is my advice for you since I work with Graphic Designers myself:

    You are a Graphic Designer which means you could design your own Personal Website to expose your projects and skills towards your customers. Try to find somebody that could make your website work or learn the basics by yourself.

    I would also like to advice you something which will be a huge advantage for your future career. Try to learn PHP/MYSQL CSS HTML. You are just 17 years old and once you are in the twenties – you have developed yourself some amazing skills which could bring you some good payed jobs.

    Combining your Graphic skills and the skills I mentioned – it is the key for being successful in your industry.

    You can also start @ Word press in the start.

    You will need a CMS program or tool for your customers that they can use if they want to edit their templates. You can find all type of tools on the internet.

    Feel free to contact me by E-mail or at Skype Chat.

    Good luck.

  5. Graphic Design brief templates?
    Im currently working as a freelance graphic designer.

    I need to devise a design brief template for future clients to fill in, I want the template to be constructed so it will be usable for any design situation, for example: flyers, business cards, logo design, menus and leaflets.

    any ideas as to what information i should include in the design brief template and do you think i should design it so it will be able to fill in electronically along with a printable version?

  6. In most cases, a client should have a brief developed, but the problem today is that many clients believe that they know what they want and what they want is right and all they have to do is hire someone to execute it when in fact a designer does much more than that. I think that you will save your client time and money and (at the same time) display your professionalism by having a brief prepared in the event that your future clients do not.

    If you have a local book store near you, you may want to look into “Creating the Perfect Design Brief: How to Manage Design for Strategic Advantage” by Peter L. Phillips, published in 2004 just in case you have any further questions.

    Before any business goes down you should want to know the budget of your client (AVAILABLE BUDGET) and when they expect this project to be done (DEADLINE). With the deadline, the client should take into consideration the time spent on research and strategy, concept and design, production (printing and other forms of production) and delivery.

    The rest of the brief should pretty much support the design you will be doing:

    OBJECTIVES — what does the client want to achieve? Whether it be more business or something more up to date or asthetically pleasing, their expectations should be realistic.

    TARGET MARKET — age, gender, geography, lifestyle of those the client wants to reach. Some clients may not know this while others may not think they know this.

    I was doing a flyer once and the client asked me to include an image of a well groomed young male in a tux and a pretty lady in a dress. I ended up using an Asian couple, yet the client came back and said that the party was going to be populated with a majority of Blacks. This could have saved some embarrassment and time if this was mentioned earlier before the design went under way.

    “THE MESSAGE” — this is one thing the client should be able to provide you with. What do they want to get across? Also what do they want used in the design and what are they providing you with: product shots, photographs, diagrams, text/wording?

    CORPORATE PROFILE — so they could say that “We are a realty agency,” but the client shouldn’t assume that you know everything about them nor will you. It never hurts for them to provide a small summary of their business along with a brief history.

    WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO — This part is most clients favorite since a lot of clients love to play the role of artist. It is best to get this understood in the beginning though. I have had a case where a project seemed to be going well. The lady didn’t have much of a budget, but I thought that I would help her out. I constantly kept her up to date with the work I was doing and the project was progressing. All of a sudden, contact between us lessened. I sent her a follow-up e-mail and she suddenly started to say that she wanted to atake alter the project a bit and she now wasn’t too pleased with some of the photos used and she wanted to do a photo shoot all over again when I was thinking the project was near completion.

    Another thing that a lot of clients misunderstand is what design works and copyrite laws. If a client shows you something and says “We love this, but just want to erase X and replace it with Y and maybe do away with A and add some B instead,” listen to them but at the same time offer your views and guide them from what they think might be good for them to something that is extremely better and will definitely give them their money’s worth.

    There are maybe many more things you can include, but you cannot go wrong with the basics that I touched on. Depending on the brief and the client, you may get more descriptive and helpful feedback from one person as opposed to another.

    Your idea to design the brief is good. I will leave the decision up to you as to whether you would like to design the brief for Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word or some other file format in which the client can easily type in the information. For the less computer savvy and those with a printer though, they should also have the option to print the brief, fill it out and fax or scan it to you.

    Good luck!

  7. How to change template, design, layout, graphic etc on myspace ?
    I have artist account and all I can see after EDIT PROFILE is Upcoming Shows, Band Details, Basic Info, Manage Songs, Listing Info. No template edit at all. I can see peoples have a nice design layouts but I can’t find any option for that. Please help.

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