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Picking a UK Marketing Agency – Essential Tips

Are you looking to hire a UK based marketing agency to help you with your design and marketingc Here are some tips to help you find the right company to deal with.

The Web as Your Guide

Yes, it can be smart to use the web as your guide for just about anything nowadays. As a consumer you can find out a lot of information to help you choose a product or service provider through the internet. Search at your leisure from the comfort of your computer without having to wait for return phone calls. Tip: Deal locally so you don’t have to worry about time zones. Sure, it may seem like an overseas company is priced right but do you want to wait for return calls because they’re in a different time zonec Do you want to deal with someone in the area of marketing that has no idea what it’s like in your geographical areac

Find a local marketing agency that has a good online reputation. That’s another great thing about the web… it tells a story. You can follow bread crumb trails that lead to professional service providers that tell you how well their work is received. Testimonials, reviews, complaints, kudos…they can all show up online. If you are hiring a marketing agency, try looking up the name of the company and / or the principals to see if they have a good online reputation. Finding a lot of information or published articles could be very telling and help make your decision about whether or not to hire them an easier one to make.

Look at Samples

Does the marketing company have an online portfolio showing website design work or other marketing collateral that they have provided to clientsc Or, can they demonstrate their expertise by showing you examples or case studies of other work that they have donec This information can help you determine that you are in face dealing with an experienced company with a proven track record.

Sometimes, you’ll want a phone call or a face to face meeting despite seeing everything you want to see online. Speaking voice to voice can be very telling, letting you see whether or not you’ve found the right person for the job of helping your company with marketing. Once you find the right marketing agency it can make a world of difference in your company’s ability to succeed. It can help you focus on what you need to focus on in order to grow and boost profit.

About the author: Chris Jenkinson is a business and internet marketing consultanty undertaking guaranteed marketing to build sales and profits for businesses throughout the UK. Jenkinson & Associates Ltd is a business and marketing consultancy offering marketing and marketing advice to new, small and medium sized companies.


9 thoughts on “Graphic Design Uk”

  1. What is the Average Insurance cost for a small UK Graphic Design Studio?
    2 – 3 employees, producing logos, layouts, animation and websites, based in the north east.

  2. There is no average, it will depend on what type of Insurance you want, the area and square footage. Phone up a Broker and ask.

  3. What are the best universities in UK for graphic design?
    I’m in year 11 now, and I’m hoping to go on to do graphic design (or something very similar, like visual communications) at university.

    I live in London, but I’m pretty much open to universities anywhere in the UK. From what I’ve read online, University of the Arts London seems to be one of the best, but I’d like to know what some of the other top ones are for graphic design.

  4. What are my chances of gaining a graphic design job in the UK?
    I am from Australia and have just finished a diploma in graphic design. I am thinking of having a go
    in the UK to work and live. I know it is competitive to get a job, yet what are the opportunities and chances of me going and seeking something in the UK? Thanks for your answers.

  5. Nottingham tent university is the absolute best for graphic design. it has only recently changed from a polytechnic to a uni which is why it is not high in league tables – academic subjects are not Trent’s strong point but it is a highly re guarded uni for all art subjects, especially well recognised for graphic design, fantastic buildings a facilities ,you should visit on an open day they have them very often, good luck

  6. Where are the best universities in the UK for graphic design or Photography or Art?
    I want to study either Graphic design, photography or art but I’m not sure which university is the best to study at.

  7. OK, you are from Australia. So am I.

    out of the 22 mates i have here in Cronulla. 17 of them went to the UK to make use of that famous yet useless Australia quote/trait. “just give it a go”. All of them had degrees in commerce, finance, art etc etc…all the crappy degrees that everyone else in the world has, yet none of them scored a decent job besides shoe-shinning, Partly because they are useless c.u.n.t.s, and don’t know how to properly hussle.

    Graphic Design, is probably the most popular job for modern day artist’s these days. It’s challenging, rewarding and you can get your real self out there and make some decent dosh. Trouble is every effin retard out there, who is a failed artist/ or doesn’t want to waste their time with a fine arts degree becomes a graphic designer, and thats in Australia alone. Think about how many depressed-because-of-the-weather UK knob ends, there are who are sick of their jobs. And want to get their art on. That equals ZERO JOBS.

    Ok, I’m being mean. Yeah, you’ll find a job, you just gotta learn how to hussle.

  8. What are some graphic design schools in the UK?
    I want to have a major in graphic design. Any UK schools are good, but if there are ones with writing majors and graphic design that would be ideal.

  9. I am looking to go to university aso and have been told by many people tht St.Martins and the London College of Art are the best 🙂
    Good Luck =D

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