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Punto Blanco Exploiting Graphic Designers To Sell More Underwear

Did you know that the company that owns PUNTO BLANCO brand, the Valls group, also owns a graphic design companyc Did you know that they push those designers round the clock to make new, incredible unique, striking and stylish design just so you can say you are wearing the finest prints and colors underwear market has to offerc
Now, we’re sure those designers love their job, but when you look at how much work has been put into Punto Blanco underwear line, so many fabulous designs, such colors and emotion, you have to be a bit sorry for those guys and gals, cause their work is never finished over there. But that’s good news for you, rightc Because you know that Punto Blanco never runs out of ideas, and never falls short from being the perfect underwear brand for you. See for yourself, check out the colors on this sexy Punto Blanco hip hop boxers. If you want something that’s not as loud and in the face, but still elegant and sophisticated, check out the Punto Blanco basix bikini (we promise, you’ll forget you have them on!).
As if that’s not enough, they’ve got their own fabric factory, where in the secret laboratories, behind closed doors, all they long, scientists come up with the highest quality fabrics that keep you comfortable, dry, and healthy. They even got a reward to prove it: in 2001 in Venetia fare (Italy) they received Meryl Prize (1st place) for fabric manufacturing.
We know you expect we’ll brag about the quality, so here it goes: all of the things you read above, enable Punto Blanco to stay ahead of the game, delivering only top quality products, with supreme comfort, design and durability. Whether you choose Punto Blanco swimwear or underwear, fabrics are supremely manufactured with the latest technology machinery. The complete Punto Blanco men’s range is available from so why not get some nowc

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10 thoughts on “Graphic Designers”

  1. Graphic designers: What do you typically charge for a basic small business identity?
    This is a question for freelance graphic designers:

    I am a student graduating and just starting out in the business. What do you typically charge for a small business identity?

    By that I mean, how much do you charge for the design of:

    envelope/stationary/business card

    Thanks to all who reply!

  2. Graphic designers…?
    Graphic designers…how much do you charge a..?
    a business card? ( € or $ ,please)

  3. Its best to tailor your portfolio to who you are interviewing with. For example, if you are seeking employment doing direct mail, show your best ad examples. A future employer may like versatality, but they might turn you away if your portfolio is geared towards another line of the business.

  4. Graphic Designers!!!!?
    Hello everyone. I’m doing a school project on graphic designers and I need a real graphic designer to answer these questions for me.

    1. Your name
    2. Name of your company
    3. Job description (brief)
    4. Education needed for job
    5. Entry level earnings
    6. Amount of math used
    7. Amount of writing used
    8. Company policy on being late to work
    9. Company policy on dress and appearance

    If you are not a graphic designer, then i would appreciate it if you would help me get in touch with one.


  5. You can find most of the ansewers to these questions in the salary calculator (the free one) on

  6. If it’s a small business, I’d charge roughly £250. If I expect them to want to make lots of changes I’d charge more.

  7. How many hours do graphic designers work per day/week?
    How many hours will a graphic designer work, per day or week, realistically? Does it differ in different parts of the industry? Is it true some graphic designers work 7 days? Your answers would be much appreciated.

  8. Designers usually charge by the hour. A designer will know how long is spend in the design of your business card.
    They are pretty reasonable, and I think the printing will be the more expensive, you can get a cheap printing company and tell the designer to send it to them.
    The costs are
    For a junior designer $40 per hour up to senior designers which can charge you as much as $200 per hour.
    But if you want a simple business cards there are many promotions in the net. You can get 100 for about $50 or so

  9. Contract and Freelance tend to work many more hours than a salaried employee.

    It all depends on how much you want to make, how good you are, and whether or not you are getting a salary (and wish to keep your job).

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