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Four Tips For Better Powerpoint Communicational Impact

Many people get used to create presentations with PowerPoint program and share them with others for different purposes. However, the feedback is not always engaging. In fact, there can be some slight faults in details that potential audience may not like your presentation. We sum up four necessaries you should pay attention to when creating PowerPoint presentation, indicating a better communicational impact of your PowerPoint presentation. Here are the four tips:
1. Keeping your PowerPoint presentation simple, clean and consistent
For someone who likes to present a lot of complex slides to seize his audience, you will find too much fussy stuff in his presentation. It’s vital to decorate your presentation to make it smarter, but you should remove all objects, pictures, animations and effects that do not contribute to your message delivery. A PowerPoint slide which contains excessive objects can drive your audience dazed and distract their attentions, making your presentation a PowerPoint Hell.

To avoid embarrassing situation, you should make a considerate outline before starting your creation, including how many colors of text or images to use, how long every slide goes on, what the main point the audience receive and etc.
2. Make your PowerPoint presentation vivid and live
A PowerPoint presentation in plain text might be dull, so inserting moderate media is another way to enrich your presentation. You can embed streaming video, add narration or put other interactive objects in order to help your audience to escape from the tedious mouse-clicking. You can also make full use of other tool of Microsoft Office like Excel, which makes it easy to draw some graphs and import to presentation, providing a big help to your description.

If it’s possible, create a menu and let your audience decide where to go at the beginning slide.
3. Linking up your PowerPoint presentation with others
Consider how you prove your standpoint in general. Under many circumstances, you can load your slides with references. It asks you to offer extra information in your presentation. A well-designed PowerPoint doesn’t mean “self commended”, but more suggestions from other professional experts. Referring their comments as evidences can make your key point memorable and actionable.

Learn from those “top ten” list. You can add one slide and list the useful external links which are related to the content of your presentation, sharing more knowledge at the same time as well.
4. Converting your PowerPoint presentation to video
Visual effect can be a very important part of your presentation but not just some kind of decoration. Think over that how to make more audience get the same experience as people who have PowerPoint installed on their computers. You can convert your presentation to video so that it can bring more opportunities to make it widely spread. The presentation in video can be uploaded to video sharing site, transferred to mobile phones and even burned to DVD as backup.

There are many video converters which help you to convert PowerPoint to video. Some of them are free and easy to use like Acoolsoft PPT to Video Free.

PowerPoint is common and powerful presentation tool. Bear in mind these four tips that you make a great improvement in creating memorable PowerPoint presentation and getting better communicational impact.

About the author: Adward Chan is a software consultant who interests in PowerPoint Converter in presentation, training and e-learning. He is willing to share all education techs and knowledge to everyone gets ready for e-learning.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/software-articles/four-tips-for-better-powerpoint-communicational-impact-1904648.html

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  1. how do i design a website homepage is there a program or can i do it in microsoft word?
    i dont actually want to create a wesbite, i just want to design a homepage its for my school work.


  2. How would i design a homepage for a website contest?
    If my buddy was having a home page design contest for his website, how would i first off, make it. and secondly how would he make it his sites main page if he selected it?

    And is there any way i could add details to it? like moving effects etc..make my own background for the site or w/e

  3. The main site’s page is to be named “index.html”. To make it…

    CSS Tutorials:


    How to Make a Webpage:

    Full Web Building Tutorials: http://www.w3schools.com/
    The Web Book (free): http://www.the-web-book.com/index.php
    Beginner’s HTML Tutorial: http://www.htmlbasix.com/
    How to Create a Webpage: http://www.make-a-web-site.com/
    So You Want To Set Up Your First Site, Huh?: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/tutorials/getting_started/article.php/3479561

  4. How to design homepage simple and attractive?
    I am making a website on railway reservation system please help me to design the homepage template.

  5. my yahoo homepage got switched to a new design/How do I get the classic yahoo homepage back?
    How do I get back my classic yahoo homepage back? I don,t like the new design.

  6. This is what others are doing to return to the original homepage, clear the browser cache of cookies and temp files, then restart the computer, then use this link. http://www.yahoo.com Yahoo has been testing a new homepage at random and it usually returns to the original in a few days or sooner. Mine returned in 1 day.

  7. Hi Rohan DB.

    Its nice hearing you to develop a railway reservation system. But before you proceed I would suggest you to go through the sites I am listing below,

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  8. you can do this in microsoft word
    microsoft word (versions 2000 and later) can save documents in html form (html is the document type that is used when creating web pages)
    when you’re finished creating your page or document in microsoft word just be sure to click “save as” and save it as an html (usually .htm document) instead of the default .doc file

    another program called microsoft frontpage can also create web pages

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