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How To Build A Website For Your Home Business When You Are On A Tight Budget

There are many people out there who want to start a work at home business, but they need to build a website and they either don’t know where to start, or they think they can’t afford it. It’s a myth that you need a lot of money to start a home business website. Sure, you can pay to have one built for you, but you will find that you will want to make changes to it and you need to have the flexibility to do this yourself, otherwise you will also have to pay for modifications.

The first thing you have to do is choose a domain name. When it comes to domain names; size does matter. I made the mistake of picking a long name with a lot of dashes in it. This is not recommended. Try to pick something short and memorable. It’s also a good idea to have the name of the product you are selling or promoting in your name. Spend some time brainstorming before you decide. You’ll be glad that you did.

You’ll also need a web hosting service provider. This is the company that stores the files of your website on a computer that allows Internet users to view it. You can usually acquire web hosting services for less than per month. It is better to find a service with a fixed rate, because websites usually grow and require more storage space. For example, I use IPower, because they charge me the same rate no matter how much storage space I need.

It really isn’t that hard to learn to how to build a website. You would be amazed at how easy it is once you get started. There are really two approaches to building a website:

Starting From Scratch
Starting With a Template

When I started my Work At Home Directory website, I built my own site using a simple template. There are many companies on the Internet with free or inexpensive templates. I’ve seen them as low as – . I decided to use Microsoft Frontpage as my HTML editor, because I was already familiar with some of their other software products and I thought it would make the transition easier. Many of the HTML editors out there allow you to either use their editor, or to make changes to the code directly. After I got started, I found that I did a little of both.

There are two things I would recommend when starting to build your site. Get yourself a book on the subject, such as HTML for Dummies, and find someone that knows HTML, who can help you when you get stuck. When I started my website, my 15 year old daughter was a big help to me. She taught herself HTML when she built a Neopets website at the age of 13. I figured if she could do it at 13, I could do it.

There are a lot of teenagers and college kids with basic computer experience who can help you. If you don’t know anyone, put up an ad at your local college saying that you will pay per hour for someone with HTML experience who can help you set up your website. Paying someone 0 or 0 to help you, is a lot cheaper than paying 00s for someone else to build a website, that you don’t know how to make changes too.

After you learn HTML, you can be proud of yourself, because you will have learned a skill that can help you advertise your home business and earn money at home.

About the author: Eileen Childs is a mother of two living in Virginia. She had twenty years experience working in a corporate environment when she decided to start a work at home business.


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  1. How to build website that displays database in frontend?
    I am desperately trying to create a website on the lines of I do not want any sophisticated features. Just need to have a username/password controlled listing of articles in the joomla database to be displayed, whenever someone logs in. I DO NOT need any designed website. This website will ONLY be a checking URL for latest articles. How do I create such a front end database disdplay as Reuters has?

    Is there any ready template that I can readily use to get up and running? Please help

  2. How to build a website to promote my organization?
    I have recently registered an NPO (Not for Profit Organization) in India to educate rural people. I want to build the website which will have these pages – ‘about us’, ‘projects’, ‘photo gallery’, ‘contact us’, ‘donor details’, ‘expenditure details’. Can you please suggest me what would be the fastest way of creating this website? I do not have any experience in building website.


  3. How do I build website traffic for free? How to get links to our site?
    We have just started a new online business. We have spent money on a quality website offering a great product for families (fun pictorial based chore system). I am looking for advice on how to build our webiste traffic and also how to get link to our site. I would also welcome any feedback on our site

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    Anyone in any company can use this generic recruiting system to produce endless leads and sponsor more reps faster and easier than they ever thought possible.

  5. How and why many professional build website?
    Many ppl build website for their business,service etc.But can anyone build website to earn through it…plz guide me fully and tell minimum investment for starting a good website which generate some earning.

  6. what online websites do you recommend me to visit on learning how to build a website?
    i’m new, trying to learn to build website. Anyone here had experience, please recommend me some good sites or forums that help me learn.

  7. I wanted to create my own website to promote products. I tried to build one using “how to build a websites”. They were easy to use but they didn’t really do what I needed and like you said the control panel was way confusing.
    I found this place on Facebook. They guaranteed I could build a website after I used them. It was actually pretty cool. They were able to log right onto my computer and show me everything I needed. It took about 2 hours. When I was done I could build just about any kind of website I wanted.
    (I have found website building is very addictive)
    I keep making page after page and can customize it anyway I want.
    It was only $75.00 and they were very professional. I think they were just starting out. The guy that helped me was really nice. He explained everything he was doing while I watched from my computer screen. Then I took over and he watched and talked me through all the steps.

  8. The number of financially successful websites far outweighs those which don’t make any money. Professionals try because of the possible rewards, it’s like buying a lotto ticket.

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