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How To Get Media Attention For Your Business

Entrepreneurs who have just started a business usually have strong desires to create a business that will be both very successful and that will yield great profit. In order to achieve both of these things, however, a business must first be extremely marketable before anything else. Owners of successful businesses know how to successfully market their services or products through a variety of effective advertising techniques.

Most of the successful businesses in the world use effective advertising techniques such as the public media. The impact of public media in today’s world has such a strong influence and impact on the opinions and choices of its viewers, almost to the point that they control the lives of the people who watch the advertisements. If a company knows how to successfully gain the media’s attention, then the company will certainly gain more customers and will therefore increase its profitability.

There is a story about a young man who works as a salesman for a golf equipment company that produces and distributes golf tees. These golf tees are made of either hard plastic or birch wood, which ultimately increases their stability and durability. They also are made with springs and strings which are constructed in such a way that improves the overall game performance of the player.
The golf tee business took a very smart method of marketing and registered to market their products at a celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe. They worked out of a simple booth along the golf course, but their contact with famous celebrities gave them a great advantage over similar golf companies. Celebrities would come to the booth and look at the golf tees with great interest.

This business gave away free golf tees for the famous people to use during the golf tournament. Many of the famous people played very well with the tees and would tell the media about them. One player even won the longest drive competition and told the media that it was partly the tee that helped him win.

Easy advertising strategies such as the ones described in the experience already mentioned will greatly increase any company’s success and durability. The following are ten ways that companies can attract the media’s attention:

1.) Make your business ready to be on t.v., the Internet, in newspapers, or other types of media. Clean it up and make it look professional.

2.) Create and mail out business statements frequently to the media. The media businesses will produce them in their different forms of advertisements.

3.) Challenge other companies that offer the same types of things or products and create some friendly competition. This quickly gains attention from the public and media.

4.) Hire someone in the company to look after the responsibility of public relations.

5.) Design creative advertisements for the Internet.

6.) Get someone famous, such as celebrities, movies stars, etc., to endorse your products or service.

7.) Participate in different charitable events or other nonprofit organizations in the community.

8.) Produce and send out a specific newsletter or web site for your company.

9.) Create new changes for your products or services from time to time.

10.) Participate in different public activities in the community such as sporting events, concerts, etc.

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  1. How can I have a website design coded for ecommerce?
    I have Photoshop design of a website I would like coded so that it becomes an ecommerce website where customers can purchase my products online, log into a ‘wholesale’ area and manage their purchasing. What is the best way to do this? What software/programs/services? Thank you!

  2. How much can I earn by doing website design?
    I’m thinking of learning web-site design as one of my hobby and I would like to know what is the average income of designing website.

    What is the price they usually charged to hire people to design their website.

    What are the programs that I need to learn to start designing my websites?

  3. How to design my website myself,without any training in it?
    Can I design a website myself,even though I do not know how to do it.

    Are there any software tools available on the net through which even a lay person like me can design?

    Please give me the links of all those tools through which I can design myself.

    I’m from India.Website designing services are very costly.So I need your help here.


  4. How do website design companies get the design to their clients ?
    I am planning on creating my own website design company but I dont know how Im going to get my design to the client. Do they give me the url and password and I publish it or sum other way all answers are apreciated thanks.

  5. You really can do all of this yourself. There are tutorials all over the internet.

    1. Find a HTML Editor – loads of them around and some very good ones for free (Visual Web Developer, SharePoint Designer, NVU, Kompozer)

    2. Find a HTML template you like – last time I looked Google listed 200 million of them. You can write the code from scratch yourself if you want, but a template is easier.

    3) Add your content to the template. Unless you’re using ASP or PHP you can test the pages easily on your own computer – just open the HTML files with your browser not the editor.

    4) Find a host, either a free or paid, it doesn’t matter, except most (but not all) free ones will add adverts to your pages.

    There’s lots of free ones around to try before you have to spend any money –

    All hosts should provide a URL for you, for the free ones something like or

    Later on you can buy a domain name ( or whatever) and point that to where your site is hosted and maybe move to a paid host which should give you more flexibility.

    You can either upload the files to the host’s server using the editors built-in FTP (if it has one), or use the hosts uploader (if they have one) or get a FTP program like FileZilla – or WinSCP – and use that – the host should supply the settings you need. There’s also a FTP transfer program built into most web browsers and Windows comes with it’s own command line FTP program – just open a command window and type FTP.

    5) Go through the entire site again, making sure every link works and every image displays properly.

    There are tools to help. One of the best free one is Xenu Link Sleuth which produces detailed reports about your site and will check all your links work.

  6. I imagine they would show it first on their own server, then upload it to the client when it’s approved. If you don’t know how that works you have some more studying to do.

  7. Coding a site for e-commerce can be done in many different ways. One of the biggest factors is how payment processing will be handled. For example, if you choose to use PayPal – as many do that are starting out – your costs will be lower for your hosting. (Can usually avoid purchasing a security certificate.) This is because all the actual transaction data is handled on PayPal’s secure servers.
    Even better, assuming you know how to write your own HTML code, etc., PayPal offers a lot of help in their documentation and tools in getting you started.
    Google Checkout is another payment processing company that works similar to PayPal:
    Google has more restrictions over the kinds of products you can sell, so read through those sections carefully.

    This is assuming you want to code your HTML and so forth yourself. I’ll get into software that provides support for such things in a bit…

    In order to take advantage of EITHER company’s fraud protection services, you will need to provide various terms and conditions statements – such as your returns policy – on your site. Again, read over the requirements and advice. (Good stuff, even if you never use their services!)

    The next level of an e-commerce site, where the transaction process would occur on your site, involves a lot more stuff and cost. You’d need a security certificate for the site, and arrange payment processing through a combination of services including a merchant account setup through a local bank. Costs for doing such a setup is significantly higher, which is why I suggest waiting until you know your sales will produce a steady profit of at least $1,000 per month. Then again, such services will automate many of the details you will be handling yourself going the other route. (Thus saving you time and effort.)

    As to what kind of software you might want to run on such a site… Again, there are a lot of choices out there. Rather hard to make a recommendation unless I knew more about what you were selling, how you planned to handle the transactions, your level of expertise in so far as handling coding, databases, etc.

    Another issue in choosing the software is if you are looking for a commercial solution or open source (License free). Let me warn you, there are a LOT of opinions on which direction someone should go. Developers, such as myself, will always tend to go in one direction in this area over another. I’m not going to get into explaining the pros/cons of either methodology here, as I’m spending a lot of time on this answer as it is. Suffice to say, that’s a good question to ask on its own!

    Good news for you is that software designed for ecommerce use may have plug-ins, or add-ons available to integrate with PayPal, Google’s Checkout, etc. (If going open source, avoiding the cost of licensing too.) But, this again is very dependent on the exact software in use.

    Finally, assuming the design you have isn’t too complicated, a good developer should have little trouble converting that for use as a theme, skin, or template set for use with the software you plan to use. I would certainly ask the developer to give you links for similar setups that they have done somewhere before hiring them! (So you can check them out to see if they look nice and actually work.)

    Good luck with your project!

  8. How can I migrate my website from Microsoft Publisher to another website design program – and which program?
    I designed my website in Microsoft Publisher. Now I have learned that my site suffers from “code bloat”, a common MS Publisher problem, which may be negatively impacting on my site’s performance and SEO.

    To the best of my limited knowledge in this area, the only solution is to use some other website design program.

    Which program should I use? And IS it possible to import an existing website without redoing the entire site from scratch?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Our senior web designers make around $95-250/hour depending on the type of work, if on an hourly basis. This is in Manhattan, where prices are higher.

    Otherwise, a general idea is that a professional website designer can charge anywhere starting at $500 per custom-made page. That means that the page is created entirely by them, from their own imagination. Otherwise, if you are simply copy pasting a template, then $50-100 should do just fine.

    It really comes down to whether you do customized work or you simply copy and paste into existing templates. If you want to be dishonest you can always charge high prices for template work as well.

  10. Hey don’t worry victoria , its easy .all your web sites are saved in html or aspx or php , formats right ? simply open it with other programs it will let you regain acess to edit it .
    i personally use adobe Dreamweaver , its simple and easy to use , more than that u can directly ftp the whole site to your server .
    just right click the html and open it with dreamweaver or run dreamweaver and open file .
    for beginners and professionals , dream weaver is the best i can reccon ..
    go for it .

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