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Intranet Design Setting An Effective Communication Channels

The result is there for all to see. Intranet websites today are evidently more attractive than internet websites as it is all about upholding and promoting the well being of the organizational structure. Since intranet is restricted to the sphere of a private establishment merely, there is all the more scope for the contribution of content and design that fine tunes the objectives of the organization. Within this sphere, there is scope for the distribution of employee centric features that can enhance the performance of the stakeholders. An intranet network, most importantly, acts as a platform for the sharing of ideas and information that are beneficial for the smooth operation of an organization. In other words, it can function as a forum for employees to voice their opinions and concerns. Not limited to that, an intranet network can also be an ideal system for the maintenance of the organizational functions, such as client database, daily functions, and project summaries.

Realising the untold benefits of an intranet network, a growing number of corporations around the world have made use of the technology to add convenience to the task of data access and management for the employees. Acting as a uniform console for the employees, an intranet application makes it easier for small and even big companies to rise to their desired level. For the establishment of an intranet network, it is highly important for the guardians of an organization to hire the right professionals for the job. With various cost effective ways to build an intranet network that boosts your business, you will find yourself at a world of options awaiting you. Just apply the right intranet software for the purpose, and you are well on your way to have an intranet network that looks better than a website on any given day.

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  1. How do I build a header for an intranet which has drop down list and tab sheets?
    I would like to design an intranet page which has at the top either tab sheets which will represent different divisions within the company or buttons that are clickable (not sure what you call them).The browser we use does support HTML. Thank you.

  2. design bank intranet network?
    I’m having a project to design a bank intranet. It is a nationalized bank. so what will be the components in setting up the intranet network. Also please help me in, how to draw the diagram of the intranet network.

  3. A browser that doesn’t support HTML is like water that’s not H2O. A browser is an HTML client. If ithe program doesn’t support HTML it’s not a browser.

    That said, you’ll need a browser that supports not only HTML, but Javascript. If you can’t use Javascript, you can’t do what you want. Period. (If some pointy-haired boss set you this task, start working on your resume – you’re working for an incompetent person.) has a combobox (drop down list) and tab bar, among other nice gadgets. The free versions should be all you need.

  4. What is the proper web design for an intranet-based system??
    We are developing a performance evaluation system for a company. I’m just wondering, what is the proper web design to follow because this is not the typical internet website that is viewed publicly. Thanks

  5. The different sections of the company can decide what is best for the organisation and the system. You may want to find out which information should be shared and which should not. And what information can be collected and how, and the target date. Also ask for their suggestions and ideas before you start the design and give staff the opportunity to post suggestions on the site at least for the first 2 months. It is a good idea to place the strategy of the co. on the site so that everyone is aware of it (strategy cascading) as well as general newsletters. You may list the standards that should be achieved by the sections and the staff. You may add policies such as access to the information on this site is only for authorized staff and not for any 3rd party.
    In general, the pages should be easily accessible, navigation buttons are placed away from the content, avoid pictures and objects that can interrupt the purpose of the site, and implement any features that can speed up and automate the performance evaluation results such as calculations.
    You may not get the design and features correct the first time but with the staff needs and suggestions taken on board the site can develop fast. You may need to provide information/training to a member of staff that is authorized to update/amend the site, if any.

  6. Can any one tell me the URL(Web Address) for The Ministry of Transport newzealand intranet website?
    The intranet site Provoke Solutions developed for the Ministry of Transport has been named one of the 10 best intranets in the world. The site was one of the 10 winners in global research firm Nielsen Norman Group’s 2008 Intranet Design Awards.

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