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Jewelry Website Design Development Tips

Online shopping trend is fast catching up all across the globe. If you are a jewelry manufacturer or a wholesaler, it is imperative for you to get a website designed in order to reach out to your customers.

You neednt worry if you do not have the expertise with website development. There are many designing companies and professionals who would be more than willing to assist you with your web development needs.

If you are a jewelry merchant, you need to follow few basics for jewelry website design development.

This article will help you to understand the importance of having your jewelry website and the key aspects to follow while finalizing it. Once you get these basics right, you are on the right path toward success. Most of the jewelers have their own websites these days.

So are you ready to get startedc

The following tips will help you to make the right decision while you sit down for finalizing your jewelry web development.

Dont cross your budget:
Primarily, you will need to design your website based on your needs and requirements. Make sure that you get it done within your budget. Therefore, it is important that you select the right jewelry web development company for your web development needs.

If your website requires frequent updating, it is important that you do not choose the company which charges you for construction and maintenance on a monthly basis. Working on a flat annual fee might work out better for you.

Youll get hundreds of jewelry web design development companies seeking assignments over the internet for these types of works. If you are working on a tight budget, you could opt to select an Asian web design company which is normally a lot cheaper.

You dont necessarily need to make an expensive and flashy website. It has to be attractive, simple, informative and user friendly.

Registering your domain name:
Once you choose your jewelry web design developmentcompany, then the next step is to register your domain name. Most of the webhosting companies provide you with the tool to look for the domain names and extensions which are already not taken.

Make sure that the domain name which you select is closely related to your jewelry business. There are many free keyword tools on the net with which you can get to know about the most popular search engine keywords. This step will help you while you are optimizing your website for the search engine rankings.

Make sure that the domain name which you select is not too complicated. It has to be simple to understand and remember.

Finalizing your website:
Make sure that you convey to your web developer about all the things which you want to include in your website. Make sure you provide all the information related to your products in the website. You could provide your web developer with your catalogue, price range, specifications and other important details. More and more people are moving towards online purchases these days. Therefore, you will need to provide them with all the possible information which they seek.

Please ensure your website has provisions for online payment in order to prevent the delays in your sales. If a customer is unable to make purchase from your website immediately, he or she will leave your website and move over to your competitors websites.

The other things which youll need to ensure while finalizing your website are:

1. It should be data driven or content rich website
2. You should be provided with an easy tool to update the prices on individual categories and add new items
3. Option to select different sizes for every item you sell online.
4. Youll need to have your website SEO optimized for improving your search engine rankings
5. Youll need to assign a place for writing testimonials by your customers
6. You need to have a dedicated page for contact or Customer support and feedback

By following the above mentioned steps, your jewelry business website stands a better chance of reaching out to more and more prospective customers.

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  1. jewelry website??how to design??
    i wanna design a website where i can sell jewelry and make up..any tips on what to put on it and how to design it?

  2. I want to design and make my own jewelry line, where can i find a website that manufactures my designs?
    I want to start my own jewelry line, me designing it then a company producing it.
    i am aware many stores do this.
    i have tried but they seemed to be closed?
    does anyone know of any other online websites that offer this service?


  3. Is there a website that will help design pieces of jewelry?
    I have two rings with a total of 9 small diamonds that I would like to get reset. Are there websites that will help you “build” jewelry according to the kinds of stones you have? I know that does something similar for engagement rings… but I just want to get some creative ideas on how to reset my stones.

  4. Jewelry Designing Website ?
    Is there a jewelry designing website that you can design your own jewelry and then buy it ? For example, for shoes there’s or for the scarves and stuff there’s

  5. some online sites that make their own custom jewelry are willing to work with customers, a site that I have bought from lets you email or call to discuss designs. take a look at and see if her stuff is similar to what you are looking for, because if it is not similar then she probably can not help you.

  6. Looking to build a small website for my jewelry design.?
    I was working with a girl whom I found from Yahoo! answers and she suddenly fell off the face of the earth. Anyway, she was willing to help me for free because she was going to use it for her portfolio…
    Anyway, I wondered if there was anyone out there maybe interested in doing the same thing?

    My website right now is (it is very basic)

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