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Internet Marketing Buzz Words Glossary

Here is a quick glossary of terms that are commonly used in the Internet Marketing space. If you know of one that I forgot please let me know and I will update the post.

Ad Scheduling
In internet marketing, Ad Scheduling is the practice of scheduling the day into several parts, during each of which a different t advertising rule is applied based on advertising objective, budget, and competitors.

A marketing partner that promotes your product or services under a pay-for-results agreement.

A digital representation of a user in a virtual reality site.

Average Page Depth
The average number of pages on a site that visitors view during a single session.

Abbreviation for robot (also called a spider). It refers to software programs that scan the web. Bots vary in purpose from indexing web pages for search engines to harvesting e-mail addresses for spammers

An application used to view information from the Internet. Browsers provide a user-friendly interface for navigating through and accessing the vast amount of information on the Internet.

Cloaking describes the technique of serving a different page to a search engine spider than what a human visitor sees. This technique is abused by spammers for keyword stuffing. Cloaking is a violation of the Terms Of Service of most search engines and could be grounds for banning.

Content Network
A group of Web sites that agree to show ads on their site, served by an ad network, in exchange for a share of the revenue generated by those ads.
Online: Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network.

Content (A/B) Testing
Testing the relative effectiveness of multiple versions of the same advertisement, or other content, in referring visitors to a site. Multiple versions of content can be uniquely identified by using a utm_content variable in the URL tag.

Cost Per Sale

Cost Per Transaction

Cost per targeted thousand impressions.

Customer Relationship Management

Cascading Style Sheet (file.css)

Abbreviation for Content Targeted Advertising. It refers to the placement of relevant PPC ads on content pages for non-search engine websites.

An index of websites based mainly on human editing and categorization. In most cases the content is submitted to the directory, the editorial team will then approve a title and description and place the URL in an appropriate category. For example, Yahoo! is a human edited directory.

A domain is the main subdivision of Internet addresses, the last three letters after the final dot, and it tells you what kind of organization you are dealing with. There are six top-level domains widely used: .com (commercial) .edu (educational),.net (network operations), .gov (US government), .mil (US military) and .org (organization). Other, two letter domains represent countries; thus;.uk for the United Kingdom, .dk for Denmark, .fr for France, .de for Germany, .es for Spain, .it for Italy and so on.

An intentionally crude or abusive email message or usenet post. Rule: Don’t do it. Ever. Not only is it bad etiquette, you leave a trail.

A vector based animation program that has become a popular technology used to deliver content. Currently search engines have difficulty indexing flash effectively as robots cannot read the text that is held within.

Geo Targeting
Delivery of ads specific to the geographic location of the searcher. Geo-targeting allows the advertiser to specify where ads will or won’t be shown based on the searcher’s location, enabling more localized and personalized results. Online: Local Internet Marketing

Googlebot – The name of the spider used by Google. Instructions to Googlebot can be directed in the robots.txt file. Googlebot statistics can be viewed with web analytics software, on web server logs, and in Google webmaster tools.

Google Dance – Some internet marketers reference “Google Dance” as the time just after the search engine results pages change because of a change in Google algorithms. Usually webmasters and marketers who lost top ranking and keyword placements were the ones who told the “Google Dance” story.

Inbound Link
An inbound link is an hyperlink to a particular Web page from an outside site, bringing traffic to that Web page. Inbound links important because many search engine algorithms use the quality and quantity of inbound links to measure the popularity of a Web page.

Someone who starts up a business in information technology or online communications.

Keyword Research
Keyword research includes the processes and methodologies to research key words that would be used for search and internet marketing campaigns.

Keyword Marketing
Keyword Marketing is the act, process, or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service on-line.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

A discussion group on Usenet devoted to talking about a specific topic. Currently, there are over 15,000 newsgroups. Also called usenets, newsgroups consist of messages posted on electronic bulletin boards. Each board has a theme, and there are tens of thousands of newsgroups concerning every imaginable topic. Many of them cover professional subjects and societies and are rich sources of business information; others are junk and contain little but mindless drivel.

in/Opt out
An email marketing promotion that typically gives consumers an opportunity to “opt in” (taking action to be part of the promotion) or to “opt out” (taking action to not be part of the promotion). Marketers can be sensitive about the distinction, although many are secretly anxious about the day when email, like real-world direct mail, becomes an opt-out medium.

Formerly known as Overture and originally known as GoTo was acquired by Yahoo and represents Yahoo Search Marketing and is the most widely used pay per click search engine. Overture supplies results for some of the most popular search engines and search portals, including AltaVista, GO, HotBot, iWon, Lycos, MSN Search and others.

An advertising pricing model in which advertisers pay agencies based on how many consumers clicked on a promotion. Condemned by advertisers and agencies alike for its many marketing vagaries and technical loopholes.

An advertising pricing model in which advertisers pay agencies based on how many consumers see their promotions.

Pay Per Click. A type of campaign or service which applies a CPC price to relevant keyword phrases to easily and accurately calculate positioning, online marketing costs and ROI for your website. As opposed to a Maintenance or Optimization SEO campaign, the client only pays for the traffic that is provided, based on the agreed CPC.

Quality Score
A score assigned by search engines that is calculated by measuring an ad’s clickthrough rate, analyzing the relevance of the landing page, and considering other factors used to determine the quality of a site and reward those of higher quality with top placement and lower bid requirements. Some factors that make up a quality score are historical keyword performance, the quality of an ad’s landing page, and other undisclosed attributes. All of the major search engines now use some form of quality score in their search ad algorithm.

See spider or crawler.Robots.txt
A file place on your website directory tree which gives instructions to robots/spiders as to what content to access.

Return on Ad Spend

Search Engine Marketing
The process of building and marketing a site with the goal of improving its position in search engine results. SEM includes both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click advertising (PPC), as well as using all other areas and services offered by Search Engines.

Search Terms
Text that is typed into a search engine to gain results leading to related content.

Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of making a site and its content highly relevant for both search engines and searchers. SEO includes technical tasks to make it easier for search engines to find and index a site for the appropriate keywords, as well as marketing-focused tasks to make a site more appealing to users. Successful search marketing helps a site gain top positioning for relevant words and phrases.

Social Media
A category of sites that is based on user participation and user-generated content. They include social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or My Space, social bookmarking sites like, social news sites like Digg or Simpy, and other sites that are centered on user interaction.

Squeeze Page
A page that promises to deliver some type of information when the visitor enters in some personal information. Typically it is as simple as a name and email. This information can then be used to market to the visitor later.

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Refers to content submitted or suggested to a search engine or directory. Several search engines and directories supply forms for users to complete to suggest or pay for content to be included. In most cases the actual submission should be optimized to include relevant keyword phrases to increase the chances of being found in a search.

Unique Users
The total number of different users, or different computer terminals which have visited a Web site. This is measured using advanced tracking technology or user registration.

Universal Search
Also known as blended, or federated search results, universal search pulls data from multiple databases to display on the same page. Results can include images, videos, and results from specialty databases like maps and local information, product information, or news stories.

To send a file from one computer to another via modem or other telecommunication method.

Uniform Resource Locator, an HTTP address used by the World Wide Web to specify a certain site. This is the unique identifier, or address, of a web page on the Internet. URL can be pronounced “you-are-ell” or “earl.” It is how web pages, ftp’s, gophers, newsgroups and even some email boxes are located.

Magazines that are published digitally, rather than on paper. Some are mainstream, others are oddball and cover almost every topic imaginable

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