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Six Common Mistakes Might Affect Your Website Design Or Businessc

There are a number of fundamentals to avoid when designing a site, we look at six of these and how they may affect your business.

Poor web design can cost business, and is increasingly doing so in this day and age where a rising number of transactions and contact with businesses is via the Internet. We look at the six mistakes that may affect businesses through poor website design and show what a website designer in London will avoid if he is worth his salt. .


Flash looks great, its a snazzy and colourful tool that is great for presentations. Unfortunately it does not translate to a SEO friendly websites as it is an animation and not recognized as a text by search engines.

Flash is also extremely slow to load, especially when you compare it to the faster HTML5. This really annoys people as it is far from instant and a good company who does web design in London will prevent this. Flash also has another problem; it cannot be played by Apples IOS meaning it is useless for iPad and iPhone users which are the future of browsing.


Many companies also use black backgrounds on their sites, thinking it looks better and perhaps in some cases it does. However though the text seems very clear at first, it causes a shadow effect on the eyes after 15-20 seconds and makes the site a lot harder to read. Try and avoid black backgrounds as much as possible on sites, even low cost website design wont be an excuse for this.

Easy does it

Too much clutter and flashy animation takes away from a site and also the central message of the website. Having too much clutter on the site will cause users to become unaware of the sites theme, website design London will prevent this from happening.

With good web design the idea that less is more really rings true. Choose a simple template and try and avoid plenty of pictures where a few or one will do. When designing also make sure you design on what the market dictates, not on what you like.

Contact Info

Ensure you have all your contact information on your site and that it is easily seen by people who want to access it. Many companies put up everything but a phone number on a site as they feel they can get away with emails. Remember not everyone likes email, so stick the number on there and await the phone calls.

About Info

People will also want an about section so they know who you are and what you stand for. An About Us section gives people an air of trust in you.

Make sure you have all contact and things for regular updating like Facebook pages and Newsletters at the top of the page and within eyeshot of the customer. Youd be surprised the increase in subscriptions you will see a rise to double from single is not uncommon.

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  1. Where can I buy website design services online for a low cost?
    It doesn’t have to be GREAT but my site looks ghetto and I need someone to basically build my template and then I can control content

  2. I am looking for a low cost website designing company in Chandigarh?
    I am looking for a low cost website desiging company in Chandigarh. I have some issues, like the website should be maintained by our office once it has been designed. We should have full control over the domain name etc…

    Can you please suggest any good company in Chandigarh or in Mohali?
    i need this website in joomla or wordpress, what will be the minimum charges to develop this webite for a pvt. ltd. company, i need approximately 20-30 pages. i need an equiry form and online chat room. please suggest and do send me a link.


    sonia sharma

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    I am searching for a website or program where I can create my custom logo. I am not interested in creating something fancy, just something where I have more options of drawing my design, instead of using preselected objects or formats.

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