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Six Common Mistakes Might Affect Your Website Design Or Businessc

There are a number of fundamentals to avoid when designing a site, we look at six of these and how they may affect your business.

Poor web design can cost business, and is increasingly doing so in this day and age where a rising number of transactions and contact with businesses is via the Internet. We look at the six mistakes that may affect businesses through poor website design and show what a website designer in London will avoid if he is worth his salt. .


Flash looks great, its a snazzy and colourful tool that is great for presentations. Unfortunately it does not translate to a SEO friendly websites as it is an animation and not recognized as a text by search engines.

Flash is also extremely slow to load, especially when you compare it to the faster HTML5. This really annoys people as it is far from instant and a good company who does web design in London will prevent this. Flash also has another problem; it cannot be played by Apples IOS meaning it is useless for iPad and iPhone users which are the future of browsing.


Many companies also use black backgrounds on their sites, thinking it looks better and perhaps in some cases it does. However though the text seems very clear at first, it causes a shadow effect on the eyes after 15-20 seconds and makes the site a lot harder to read. Try and avoid black backgrounds as much as possible on sites, even low cost website design wont be an excuse for this.

Easy does it

Too much clutter and flashy animation takes away from a site and also the central message of the website. Having too much clutter on the site will cause users to become unaware of the sites theme, website design London will prevent this from happening.

With good web design the idea that less is more really rings true. Choose a simple template and try and avoid plenty of pictures where a few or one will do. When designing also make sure you design on what the market dictates, not on what you like.

Contact Info

Ensure you have all your contact information on your site and that it is easily seen by people who want to access it. Many companies put up everything but a phone number on a site as they feel they can get away with emails. Remember not everyone likes email, so stick the number on there and await the phone calls.

About Info

People will also want an about section so they know who you are and what you stand for. An About Us section gives people an air of trust in you.

Make sure you have all contact and things for regular updating like Facebook pages and Newsletters at the top of the page and within eyeshot of the customer. Youd be surprised the increase in subscriptions you will see a rise to double from single is not uncommon.

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Some common mistakes and its rectification while designing a Low Cost Website Design. To know about well established Website Design Company in London or you can simply browse at: Website Design London

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  1. How do I set up a low cost website for my small business?
    I would like to set up a website – just a one or two page site. I have looked at local websites but they charge hundreds of pounds. I would sooner design my own fir fre. Just need to find out how i can host it etc? I have good computer skills but not much technical knowledge of websites etc!!

  2. How to set up a low cost website?
    I am planning to write a book and want to set up a website that acts as a forum for people to post suggestions and contributions based on their own experiences. I am going to ask for small donations from anyone willing to help fund the research…i dont have a large budget….any ideas would be greatly appreciated, cheers

  3. where can i find a free or low cost website builder for a small business?
    my friend is on a very tight budget! Thank you!

  4. Suggestions for low cost website domain and hosting?
    I am trying to find a low cost website host and domain seller for a non-profit organization. A local webdesigner donated their services and created us a beautiful, professional site and did it in Dreamweaver so that we can update it from our office without much skill. So the hosting must be able to work with Dreamweaver.

  5. You can either try http://www.wordpress.com or http://members.freewebs.com. You can get free accounts there. I don’t know much about freewebs, but I know on WordPress sites, users can leave comments on articles. The only thing about WordPress is that your site name will be yourusername.wordpress.com. If you’re ok with that, that’s cool. If not, you can get a cheap domain name through http://www.namecheap.com or http://www.1and1.com (about $9 a year). Now for WordPress I believe you have to pay like $10 a year to have the domain point to your WP site (http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/10/domain-mapping/). Again, not sure how this would work with freewebs but you can check out their site. Good luck.

  6. what is a good low cost website for a small construction business?
    i just want to promote my construction business. i’m not looking to do any online sales. just want to list my services and phone number, and have a email acct for customers to email me. and i’d like to show pictures of my work. i’m looking to help people, from getting ripped off; by bad contractors. and want to provide cheap or free service for seniors. thanks for your time and website ideas

  7. Start a blog with google blogger it’s free and easy and if you provide some tips on how you would keep people from being ripped off and pictures of how you did it the site would sell itself. You could also have people’s testimonials on your blog vouching for your work or how they were given outrageous bids and you cleaned up the other contractors mess and completed the job for a reasonable amount.
    For your free e-mail account I use https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?&.src=ym , which is the link to the yahoo mail page where you can sign in.

    Using keyword optimization in your blog will rank it higher on google and drive more traffic to your site and if you visit construction forums and post your blogs address that will drive even better traffic to your site.I learned a lot about this through the resources at this site, http://tinyurl.com/ygbj89p , which is the link to the yahoo mail page where you can sign in.

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