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What Skill Set Do You Need To Become A Web Designerc

Becoming a web designer is not the dream that most little children have when they are going to sleep, but many kids grow up to find out that web designers are paid far better than firemen, policemen, cowboys, or unicorn riders. Professional web designers earn an excellent paycheck, and it can be one of the best careers to explore if you are considering branching out and trying something new. However, in order to be an effective web designer, there are a few skills that are essential for you to develop:

Layout Skills
When it comes to making an effective website, the layout of the website is one of the most important things. The layout is the structure of the page, how much space is between each item on the page, the margins around the content, and the way the page is presented. Learning layout is so much more than learning how to use whitespace effectively, as you will need to learn the rule of thirds, margins, and 101 other tricks and techniques.

Graphic Design Skills
Laying out the website is only the first step, and you have to create the nifty graphics that will be used for your website. Aside from the text that you will use, you have to choose the right color scheme, template, theme, and patterns that will make your website look professional, fun, light, or whatever tone you are going for. Learning graphic design is something that is easy to do, but it takes years to become a true expert that can make web pages that are attractive and professional.

Photo Editing Skills
Yes, you will need to edit photos to use for your website. Editing photos doesn’t just mean shrinking them or making them larger, but it means learning how to use the photos to the best advantage, how to crop and slice the photos properly, and even how to choose the best photos for your website. While the text of the website is important for rankings and marketing, the images that you use are there to attract readers. You have to attain the proper balance between content and images, and learning photo editing is imperative.

Writing Skills
Unless you want to spend money on hiring freelance writers to come up with the content of your website, you will need to develop the ability to write at least a few simple articles a month. The content you place on your site will be important for not only your SEO, but also for providing value to your visitors. If you skip out on the writing skills, you may end up with a very boring website.

Coding Skills
The final step in the design of your website is putting it all together in the web page, and this is often the hardest part. Learning the codes that are needed will enable you to get your website up and running, and will enable you to make a professional website. You will need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and a few other languages that will help you make dynamic websites that will be attractive and professional.

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  1. Learning to make professional Website Navbars?
    I am looking for online resources/tips on creating professional website navigation bars. I have intermediate experience in Java and basic experience with HTML. (I am willing to learn other languages).
    The navbar I am aiming for should be something like the one on
    Is there a technical term used for that type of navbar?

  2. What is the easiest way to make a professional website and host for free?
    I don’t want to have to choose templates..
    I want to make the website from scratch..
    and host for free.

    Is that possible?

    I know how to make the design..
    and I have a couple ideas regarding hosting..
    but I am not sure.

  3. well free webhosting is not recommended because once the bandwidth gets over people can not visit your website

    To make a website you need a domain and webhosting.The best way to buy a domain for free is to purchase your domain and webhosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some webhosting companies offer this as a gift . I am using bluehost webhosting for mine

  4. It is called a horizontal nav bar. Some horizontal nav bars have show drop down menus when you hover over them. They are called horizontal drop down nav bars.

    The sample web site you mentioned uses either css or javascript to acheive the highlights when you hover over them.

    Using css, model the ‘a’ element as a rectangular block and add to the property a.hover a rectangular border 1 or 2 px wide and a color of your choice.

    Using javascript, onMouseOver the ‘a’ element, call a function which modifies the style properties of the ‘a’ element.

    So, in both cases, you need to have knowledge of css. Learn css at That is the best place to learn a lot of things.

  5. What’s a good program to use and what’s a good tutorial to use to make professional looking website layouts?
    What’s a good program to use and what’s a good tutorial to use to make professional looking website layouts?

  6. How to make a professional website?
    I want to make a website for my business i wan’t to be able to put pictures and have people be able to buy and pay for it with credit cards. Like a shopping cart. Are there any programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, or itself that allow you to make a whole website with a shopping cart? I have no problem buying this program and web hosting. any help apreciated

  7. There are so many options when it comes to web design and web hosting. I like to compare it to going out to find a new set of clothes. You really have to find the best fit for you. You can do that by comparing many web hosts. First comparing feature-by-feature then dollar-for-dollar. This will ensure the best fit for you and get you the most for your money. Doing your homework (due diligence) will pay off in the long run. You can certainly take a look at my web host of choice as one option.


  8. How can I make a professional website?
    I want to make a website but those dull,lame sites make you want to skip it and even if nobody did skip it,I wouldn’t want that so it looking cool is a must.

  9. if you want to create your own Original website, dreamweaver is a fantastic software to use.. i took a webpage design course and i have to admit that your imagination is the limit with this program!!!!

  10. First, before you can make a cool looking website, you must have a good site builder program. And, (2) you must have the talent to design a good one.

    Some websites look like someone walked into a mansion and said, “Sure, I’ll decorate it. I’m an interior designer.” Then went to K-Mart to buy the furnishings.

    I can go to and design a really nice website for anyone because I’m a professional graphics designer with lots of experience. It takes talent and practice.

    Go download Web Builder 8. You can try the full version free for 30 days. Learn how to use it. Web Builder 8 requires no knowledge of HTML or CSS. It’s one of the best on the market. It has every feature anyone could ask for – and more.

    The web builder 8 website has free video tutorials, free templates, support forums and a whole lot more. Pros use Web Builder 8. That’s why their websites look so good.

    All it requires is a hosting company that has an FTP server – and most all do.

    With it, and a little talent, you can have a fantastic looking website.

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