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Make My Own Website – What Is My Best Solution

There are several reasons that people want to build a website, but most who are looking to make a website fall into one of the three following categories:
Create a family or informational hobby website.Build a website as a profitable online business.Corporations looking to create a successful ecommerce website.
Because I wrote this article to help the normal everyday person that wants a website, I will not even talk about the corporate websites. Those types of sites should be left to the high priced web designers that are abundant on the Internet.

If you need to create a simple website for the purpose of connecting with your family and friends, there are numerous free options that will serve your needs just fine. You will need a hosting account to host your website and most of the web hosts provide free website builders as a part of the hosting package. You should be able to find a template in their library that will be sure to please you.

To update your website, you will need some knowledge of html language. This is the case with every free web site builder that I have seen. You can get some basic free help with html language at various sites on the Internet. These sites will most likely give you enough guidance to allow you to update this type of website.

In the case for this type of site, I would strongly recommend that you investigate the Social Networks like Facebook, My Space or others. They are completely free and will serve your needs well.

However, if you plan to build a website and sell various products online, you are talking about a different animal. Now, you have probably seen several sites on the Internet that offer you a method to build websites starting at per month. The catchy words in this phrase are “Starting At”.

Most, if not all of these sites will entice you with a small starting price and immediately start offering several small upgrades. Before you know it, you will be paying per month but you will think that it is worth the extra to get the premium service. While the premium service may be just the key for some novice users, this will not be the case for most first time website owners. There are factors involved in website promotion and maintenance that you will need to know and these sites will do little or nothing to help you with this.

The first thing you need before you ever build a website, is a niche that you can monetize and that has enough interested searchers that you can sell to. Without either of these, your website will be just a waste of time and money.

Websites also need to be designed for search engine optimization (SEO) as well as being appealing and useful to your visitors. Targeted traffic is sent to your site by search engines, so you must appease them. Be sure any web design offer you decide upon will supply you with basic SEO features. Professional SEO firms can cost as much as ,500 dollars per year.

Now, if you’re like the vast majority of people thinking of building a website, you don’t have a large budget to work with. Professional web site design services are outrageously expensive. So let’s see what you can do to get a website built that will fit a small budget and allow you to be able to update and promote the site without being a programming language guru.
There are some affordable freelance designers out there that do nice quality work at a price that will be very pleasing to a small budget. If your budget is small (around 200 to 300 dollars), you can get a nice design with hosting and website promotion help.You could by a web design program for around 0 that will allow you to make as many websites as you like. Most of these programs are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs, which means you actually see the design as you are building it and the necessary programming is done for you automatically as you build the site. You can build a site through the drop and drag site builders but the fees for these services will turn into your worst nightmare and you will be left holding the bag when it comes to promoting your website.
A work from home or small business will take time and money to develop. There is no such thing as a free website, product or service. The word FREE is tossed around freely on the Internet and TV today. It has become a method for advertisers to gain attention of their viewers. Unfortunately, it works at an alarming rate and poor innocent people are the victims of this false advertisement.

My advice would be that; if you don’t plan on investing some money to start your business and time to promote it, don’t even think about starting one. You will only waste your time and money on any of the sucker offers.

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  1. How do you make money on ebay? Where do buy the items cheaper? Is it cheapr to make own buis and website?
    Sorry for the title, was going to run out of characters. So that is my question. Can you make money on ebay, or is ebay riping you off with fees. Are you better off making your own small home buisness and running your own website?

    Where do you buy the items in bulk to make money?

    peanutbutter, how come all the answers you leave in the buisness section are always the same?

  2. How can I make my own jewelry website for free?
    I want to make website for my jewelry business. I want to make it for free ?? which are the links or websites that allow us to make websites? of our own ?? is there a duration of time that they alot for making free website?

  3. Hi,

    Ebay is a very difficult medium to make money in – especially with the most popular items like electronics and clothing. However, if you find a niche product to sell, you can eventually dominate that niche.

    I suggest you start your business by taking inventory of yourself. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Interests? Develop your business around these things. Why? Because you are naturally interested in them and will have more knowledge than most and more passion than most for them.

    Once you have your niche (target market) and products you will supply defined, start selling on ebay – even if you only break-even. Once you get your feedback up, start up a website – where you can charge higher prices. Utilize ebays internet traffic to move traffic to your website. Before too long, you will have a honest-to-goodness internet business!!

    Hope that helps! Good Luck!!

  4. How to make my own website and design it with my own style. I need information?
    Help me please? All informations you know to make website look cool. How to make it, add information, or maybe anyting else?
    I mean from hich program/website should I make.
    I mean from which program/website should I make.

  5. if you are going to be selling things online where you will need to accept credit cards or paypal payments, you won;t be able toi do it for free – to accept credit card payments, you will need to open a business checking account and a merchants acct – which will cost you $80+ per month – even if you have no sales – accepting paypal payments is a lot cheaper – you only pay a 4-6% fee when you make an actual sales and you can create a “shopping cart” with Paypal – if you are totally lost – you’ll have to find someone to help you in person

  6. How can i make my own website?
    Please tell me the procedure to make own website.step by step?which softwares program i need?and is it true if you make your own website you get paid?And is it free to make own website if not how to make?thank you

  7. As you may know a domain name is just a name, not a real website. If you are going to create your website: 1- Buy a domain name. A domain name is a name you want to call your website (ex: To get a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. 2- Buy a web hosting service to provide your online space and enable you to get your website online at your purchased domain name.

    If you want to start your website I recommend purchase your domain and hosting together. In this way it is possible to get your domain for free. Some hosting services offer this gift today.

    As an experienced webmaster I recommend BH web hosting which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 3 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.

    You can reach reviews about this web hosting provider and its latest DISCOUNT COUPONS at:

    They also offer “Free Site Builder” that helps you build your web pages without difficulty if you are not skilled in using any website creating program. (WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get) You can use this service optionally. You can also create the pages offline with your favorite program (DreamWeaver, FrontPage, etc.), and then upload them to your web host. This is another easy way to get your website online.

    * This service was awarded “The Best Web Host OF The Year”.
    * If you sign up for this service you will have $75 credits to advertise your website with the google & yahoo search engines for free!
    * You Can Register A Free Domain or Use Your Existing Domains. They Support All Domain Names.

    Another useful link:
    There you can find a step-by-step guide to start your website.

    And the easiest way to create a website is reachable here (web host offering 4500 decent templates):

    If your website is not a business site (is personal), you can also refer to this cheap, reliable service:

    Hope This Helps.

  8. How to make own free website?
    How to make my own website?????????
    Can i make it free with out any cost???????
    so, i can share my self with people around the world.Usually,people make website for their company or some kind of organisation.Can guys make website who have no company or any kind of organisation or institution YET?Thnanks a lot..

  9. Yes. Making a blog is the same as making a website. is a website where it lets you make a website for free. If you do it for free then the name if you website wil be www.(the name of your website here) The put the “webs” part as a form of advertisement. You can pay money to have that not be there. Also if you know Web Design then you can put in your custom HTML and CSS code. You can do the same thing for

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