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Modern Web Design Techniques

Successful web design companies and designers will all tell you that the most important factors for your website are that they offer original content to your readers in a way that will assist the search engine results.

Make Your Website Sticky

By achieving the above your website will keep regular viewers and of course attract new ones. By adding good quality, original content you can be sure not to lose too many visitors to your competitor sites permanently.

Get The Branding Right

When designing or commissioning the design of your company logo, try to get several variations created to choose from. Ask your friends and colleagues for their opinion to help you make the right decision.

Keep Homepage Text Content Short

Find ways to keep your homepage text content light. Use short paragraphs, line breaks and bullet points where possible to make the information easy to absorb quickly. Don’t put off the skim readers with too much text content.

Text Size Matters

Your target market may be much older than you and may require the use of screen reader tools and much larger text. Consider this at the outset so that your site design can accommodate this.

Easy Linking Between pages

Make it simple to move between pages with an organised menu structure. Anyone viewing the site and struggling to understand how to get around will probably leave.

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

Good use of images can really improve the users ability to skim read the page and analyse the content more easily. Avoid confusing and non appropriate images and stick to the theme of your page when choosing images.

Give To Receive

Web searchers are usually happy to offer their details for you to use in your future marketing if you give them a freebie. A simple pdf download in trade for an email address is often enough to encourage an action from your visitors.

Learn From Your Peers

Sometimes you don’t need to be completely original. Research your competitors sites to see the things that they do well and try to incorporate that into your site.

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10 thoughts on “Modern Web Design”

  1. What modern web designing techniques must I be familiar with to make a living in web design?
    Hi, I have been off and on web designing for the last 7 years. It started out as a casual hobby, but I have really gotten a grip on basic mark-up languages. My question is, What modern web designing techniques must I be familiar with to make a living in web design? I am looking for what languages must I be familiar with. It seems in recent years, Just basic mark-up won’t cut it anymore.

  2. CSS is a big thing. And so is JavaScript. PHP is also big. I’ve heard that people are backing away from Flash, but I haven’t personally seen that. And alot of people are using SQL, but I haven’t used it yet.

  3. Can you recommend a web site with modern design office furntiture. Something unique…not the same old stuff.

  4. Whatever you decide to name it you will want your domain name to match. So with that in mind, when you come up with a name check the domain name to see if it is available. You will save time, money and aggravation by making sure you get a good domain that matches first.

  5. Is the use of frames in HTML considered obsolete for today’s web design?
    As the web moves to Web 2.0,
    is the use of frames inappropriate for modern web design?

  6. This is a very interesting question, I would say yes, it is. I think that the frames are a little bit annoying, now days you can use layers to make your life a lot easier. If you browse popular sites (like yahoo, google, apple, etc) you’ll see that they don’t have frames. Old browsers don’t support frames (but I’m talking about browsers in Windows 3.1 or the first IE). You are to build your site depending on your final viewers. Think of a creative way to do it. I would recomend to use Front Page if you’re using windows or iWeb if you’re using Mac.

  7. I want to design/build my own website and make it look professional. What languages should i be familar with?
    I’m looking at creating a website for personal use, and gaining experience in web design and html etc. I was wondering what the most common programming languages were in terms of modern web design.

  8. For modern Web design, it is far more useful to be a good hand at Photoshop than to know any programming languages.

    That said, basic Web design consists of HTML and CSS, with a little JavaScript here and there.

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