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Social Networking: How Technology Influenced Sociology

Humans have always been interested in socialization and interaction. No man is an island, after all. This is why most people welcome the opportunity to meet, chat with, and befriend others. Meeting new people is not only a way to gain new friends but also a way for them to get more contacts, especially when it comes to their businesses and other interests.

Interaction among humans has been revolutionized by technology. With the invention of the telephone, individuals from different corners of the country and the world got the opportunity to hurdle physical barriers and communicate with each other. The invention of land, air, and maritime transportation gave people the opportunity to travel to with ease and meet other travelers along the way.

The development of the Internet has further brought human interaction to a whole new level. It is now possible for individuals to communicate and conduct their affairs online. Even the way people meet friends and partners has been influenced by the Internet through social networking websites.

Social network web design enabled individuals to interact with each other on one medium: the social networking website. In a social networking account or profile, one can put his or her personal details and interests. The profile page can disclose a person’s interests, likes, dislikes, and favorites.

Aside from benefits for social networking users in terms of communication and socializing, social networking website design can also help a business increase its profit. Social networking websites help individuals become aware of the existence of a business, especially its lineup of products or services. When the business becomes a hit to social network users, word will spread until such time that it goes beyond the realm of social networking websites, reaching the consciousness of other Internet users. Eventually, this will help the business enjoy a larger client base and a bigger profit.

Social networking development is proof of how much technology has deeply influenced sociology. Humans will continue to find ways to simplify interaction and communication. As long as this occurs, people expect breakthroughs such as social networking to come out and drastically alter the way society interacts and evolves.

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  1. How much does an Educational Networks web design package cost for middle schools?
    I’m looking into various web services for a middle school website. I saw Educational Networks
    but they don’t give prices. Does anyone know how much it costs? Or if there are any other school website design companies, how much do those cost?

  2. Who is lewis scott burns. What is Web design? What is Burns Network and Computers?
    Lewis Scott Burns. Burns Network and Computers. Madison Parish. Web design. Computer repair.

  3. Web Design or network.would it get to be to much if i do both or should I emphasize to become master of one.?
    Web Design or network.Would it get to be to much if i do both or should I emphasize to become master of one.Me,I would definite would like to have both trades or skill at my disposal.

  4. It’s hard to say how much they charge. I would estimate in the $3,000 to $15,000 range. However it would not surprise me if they charged significantly more. There are a lot of companies used to working with government and it can be amazing how much they charge, and often for shoddy work.

    If you are looking for a more general price, I would recommend looking at local web design studios, seeing if they have the experience to take on a project such as a middle school. I’m assuming you are going to need more than a static website. You will need some sort of content management system to edit content, add new content and provide dynamic content pulling from databases and so forth. Not all design studio’s can do that, but there are plenty that can.

    Do a few searches for web design firm or web design studio with your city or region and see what comes up, check out their portfolio’s and pick a few to request a proposal with. The best way to get an accurate quote is to put together a brief email / outline of the website project as well as it’s goals, features, etc. and send that to a few studios for a quote.

    To get you started many better web design studios have a project question Word document to get you started by asking questions about your project, if they have one fill it out. You can check out this Word document
    from my design studio to get you started with thinking about features and components needed in the site.

    I would guess out of the blue you would be looking at a somewhere between $1,500 and $5,000 to get a site designed and running on a good open source content management system. I would highly recommend Drupal, ( ) it is very powerful and one of the main CMS’s that I develop websites on. ( see: )

  5. Can anyone recommend an amazing web design company to design a social network?
    Can anyone give me the names of one or two companies that are specialists in designing social and professional networks? Please, only recommend the absolutely top notch ones. They must have extensive experience designing social networks. I am willing to pay for the best out there.

  6. At the large, high end (big staff, expensive, proven) of the spectrum of shops, Virb designed:

    Virb is at:

    At the small, low-end (small staff, relatively cheap, competent but still in start-up phase) of the spectrum, S8Design, has recently provided a social and marketing promotions beta at:

    S8 is at:

    There’s bunches of middle-ground players, but, since you asked for only one or two, I gave extreme examples.

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    Thank you,
    Phoenix Web Design

  8. I would choose one as your ‘major’, but keep tabs on the other one. Unless you’re working for a small company, there’s not much value in knowing both. It’s not like web design and web development, which do crossover. I know web designers and none of them know networks (or need to). I also know network admins, and none of them know how to design a website. If you’re in a small company, there might be some advantage to knowing something about both – but otherwise, pick one.

  9. What’s the similarities between Network Technicians, Web Design, and Database Administrators?
    compare all three, similarities

  10. They are similiar because you will have to work with advanced technologies related to computers.
    These are three very different areas that require lots of experience.
    But another similarity is that you can expect to have a good salary and it is relatively easy to find a job.

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