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Working From Home Tips ( How To Make Money While Your Sick )

Many people want to start a home business, but never do because of the hassles and start-up costs. As with any new business, a home based business can have unforeseen expenses and problems. There’s also usually a waiting period of at least a year before profits can be realized. But with a turn key, automated home based business, many of these hassles can be eliminated. You can make money from home without the initial hassles of running a business. Let’s see how a turn key business works to your advantage.

Eliminate Many Business Start-Up Costs

Most new home based businesses will require certain start-up costs. These may include a new computer and computer desk, a printer, supplies, a fax machine, employee costs, consulting or accounting fees, a business phone, and printing costs for letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. With an online home business, you’ll incur fees for new website design along with your domain name and hosting fees, promotion, and order processing expenses. These can add up in a hurry and are the main reason many new home based business owners don’t make it.

Why a Turn Key, Automated Home Based Businessc

A turn key home business helps you eliminate many of these start-up costs and some of the hassles while realizing your home business dream. You’ll still have some responsibilities, of course, but nowhere near as many. Whyc A turn key home business is a ready-made business that has already been tested and proven time and time again for your benefit. By the time you join the opportunity, the company has likely already tested to see what works… and what brings sales!

You can enter a turn key, automated home based business with the backing of highly trained professionals who know how to guide you every step of the way. This eliminates part of the waiting and testing period for new business start-ups. You can make money from home in less amount of time while leaving the legwork to the experts.

Benefits of the Turn Key Home Business

There are many benefits of joining a turn key, automated business opportunity. First, you’ll be able to avoid the hassles and many start-up costs of a new business. Turn key businesses usually provide a website for you, which will eliminate high web design costs. You may be required to pay a fee to receive the website and services, but much time will be saved because your website will be ready to sell. The website presentation has already been tested to bring results. Also, customer service can be a huge benefit. The company will take care of sales for you. Trained professionals will take the phone calls and answer questions. They will close the sale for you so you won’t have to worry about working one-on-one with customers.

Having a turn key website also eliminates many office expenses. You may still want to get business cards and promotional items, but you can eliminate phone expenses and other supplies because you won’t need them for online promotions. Your main function will be network marketing through online promotion, so you can earn a healthy residual income based on your promotional efforts. The company does the selling for you once you introduce new people to your website.

As with many MLM opportunities, the turn key, automated home based business uses an automated system that works around the clock selling the ideas or products available, even while you sleep. Your focus can be on promotion, not everyday tasks such as answering phones, mailing correspondence, and updating your website.

So if you’re worried about the hassles of starting a business, then a turn key, automated home based business may be just the right choice for you to realize wealth from home. has an excellent Free Report on how to make money online with some excellent tips and guides on webhosting and more.

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8 thoughts on “New Website Design”

  1. Could a new website design affect the websites already high ranking on google?
    I have a client who has a website that has been on line for 10years. It has a very high ranking for some key phrases on google. My client would like a new design for their website, but will use the same text content. Does anyone know if a new design would hurt their rankings on google?
    They will still be using the same domain too. so nothing would change except for the look of the site.

  2. what do you think of my new website design and have i missed anything?
    hi just finished my new design and was was just wondering what your forts are and if you think i could ad anything to make it that bit better.

    thanks mike

  3. Normally, if the content stays the same, and only the design of the website changes, there should be no consequence for the websites high rankings.
    However, if with the design, the structure is also changed, this CAN influence the rankings. For instance, if you change your titles, or put words in

    tags that weren’t there before, this will influence your rankings (putting the keywords in

    tags will benefit the rankings).
    Most important is to keep all the urls the same, never ever change those!

  4. help with my new design website?
    i have recently had a new website bulit for my design business, i’m generally happy with it but i’m unsure if its user friendly or if its loading quickly enough? any thoughts or comments would be appreciated?

  5. We are a new website design & development starting up on own,how do we find new start up companies to approach?
    as we would like small projects to begin with, as there is so many big fish out there?

  6. you can check county records for new fictitious names that have been registered, or local business newspapers that will have the business listed in the classified section. You can also post ads on Craigslist looking for just anyone who needs a website.

  7. Looks great! Simple, professional, classic. I did notice a few things I would change:

    1. I have Broadband, and your flash is a little slow to load. I wasn’t sure for a few seconds there if something was going to load or not.

    2. The links in the text at the bottom should be denoted a different way then smaller text.

    3. The text size at the bottom should be either moved to an “About Justin” page or made larger. People with vision impairment will have a really difficult time reading that.

    Good luck!

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