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Benefits OF Outsourcing Web Development Services

With the expansion of web services spinning out of control, everyone has jumped into getting their sites developed. Companies outsource their work in bulk to get their work done at a low cost. The increasing demand for outsourcing web development services outsourcing has made it important for organizations to choose an efficient outsourcing which would work productively to give good results within a certain time frame. It is essential to find a provider with competent experience and understanding of the industry and can provide a variety of solutions.

Factors like cost, time, quality, experience, search engine friendly code, etc are important to consider while thinking of outsourcing. Outsourcing companies make sure that business quality service is not affected by using the latest technology available and will get your Web application developed in no time at a reasonable cost.

The following aspects will give you an understanding of how Outsourcing Web Development services can be extremely beneficial to companies:

1. Standard development Process: A firm process model is followed by most companies. Clients are guaranteed of the standard processing and get their development work completed on-time and delivery without any problems.

2. Lessen your Development Cost: Skilled and competent staff is required for the development of any product, also lots of cost needs to be spent on R&D and setup of space for development. But if you outsource web development services you need to pay a very fair amount which in turn assures you of the best service possible with a search engine friendly and light weight web application developed using latest technologies and tested in every way.

3. Reliable and Accurate: The outsource companies have knowledge and experience of development, so the end product will be accurate and reliable in terms of outputs demanded by the client.

4. Future enhancement: As every company wants to make the most of their business, these companies offer regular maintenance and notifications to upgrade your product if needed.

There are many invisible benefits of Outsourcing web development services:

1. Companies can concentrate on their routine without worrying about their Web development process. So they are able to save time.

2. Money is saved by outsourcing web development service, which is nearly half the cost required in own development process. The saved money can be used for future enhancements and maintenance.

3. They are able to learn new process models and their skilled knowledge.

4. Expect best recommendations and latest technologies that best suits your business requirements and success on the basis of their experienced skills and requirement analysis.

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  1. Is outsourcing web development subject to backup withholding?
    I have an internet business. My web development happens in India. Is outsourcing web development on a monthly basis to India ( a few employees there) subject to backup withholding ? This is an expense for the USA business and am wondering is there is any kind of taxes due on this outsourcing bill
    Please indicate source/referring page and also if it is exempt in CA. My CPS says I am subject to backup withholding on my outsourcing payments but I see no reference of it on the web. Please provide reference, if possible

  2. How it is possible to get offshore outsourcing work for Graphic & web development work from UK companies ?

  3. They setup contracts with one another.
    A good firm I have worked with in the U.K. is Concentra.co.uk
    They work with a firm in Belarus called iTransition (itransition.com).
    Your best bet, in my experience, is to find a firm in the UK (or US) to manage the developers in the low cost country.
    Culture is also an important consideration here when thinking of communication. Belarus, I have found is more European. The time difference is less severe as well.
    Russia is a good area to look as well.
    If you are looking for a bigger player infosys has a global resource pool.

  4. Your CPA doesn’t know international tax law.

    1. Earned Income is sourced by WHERE the work is done.
    2. If the work is being done in India by someone who is a citizen of India, it’s not US-source income and not subject to US tax rules.
    3. If the work is being done in the US or in India by a US person (US citizen or resident alient), THEN it’s subject to the rules.

    You need to have the contractors in India (all of them) sign a modified version of the W-8BEN form (the problem is you need language that says this is NOT US-source income and they are NOT US residents for tax purposes and the IRS does NOT have a form for you to use to show due diligence).

    For “proof” get the IRS publication 515 and realize that your situation is NOT COVERED. And since it’s NOT COVERED, it’s NOT subject to US withholding.

    Now, since these are employees, the income *may* be subject to INDIAN tax law and INDIAN withholding.

    See pub 515, page 22 and read the part about Pay for Personal Services VERY carefully. Yes it says 30% for backup withholding, but it also says “performed in the United States.”

  5. reputable outsourcing web development and design company in the Philippines?
    Im looking for a reputable company who can make our business a website, we’re also looking for affordability and great designs. we’re also looking to outsource our sales force and customer service preferably to the same company. thanks
    we’re also considering a company who can offer web marketing, social media management, Search engine optimization. preferably a company in the Philippines for faster transaction our planned website is like a webstore with our products, online payment, online purchasing and such. with payment gateway or using PayPal as credit card payment. thanks

  6. Outsourcing Web Design/Development work to India?
    Does anyone have any experience outsourcing web design/development work to India or other countries? I heard stories: good = cheaper price | bad = communication etc. Any thoughts whether I should/shouldn’t out source?

  7. How Would i found outsourcing work for web developments Like PHP web Development, Java development?
    How Would i found outsourcing work for web developments Like PHP web Development, Java development, Asp.net development, joomla development, word-press development, Search engine optimization, i would like direct source not from any website like freelancer

  8. this company http://www.ascwebsitebuilder.com/ by Access Springboard Corporation. the outsourcing company of Solar Entertainment, Shop Tv and other related companies. they offer web development, web marketing, and customer service. we’re having our website done by their company and outsource web marketing, they’re rates are great and below the average because their a big company already and more trusted and reputable because most of their competitors in price are freelancers only.

  9. Outsourcing is only a good idea when market exchange can provide you the same or better value than producing the same resource or capability in-house. I wouldn’t do it for communication reasons. What hours is your office open? What kind of lag or lead time issues will you be facing? Imagine asking a developer to create a web application and you get up and go to work and it’s not like you imagined at all; not only would you not be able to call and have them fix it, but they likely would not receive your message until work the next day and you wouldn’t have the problem fixed until two days later. The lag time could prove to make your operations very inefficient. Not to mention that, in looking at India’s demographic trends, outsourcing will probably not make financial sense in the future as the standard of living rises. I recommend hiring cheap interns (college students) who are currently facing a rough job market and having them work without pay in exchange for job experience.

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