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Graphic Design Course In Singapore- The Study For The Future

Singapore is one of the most modern cities in the world. Located at the southernmost tip of the Malaysian peninsula, this city-state has grown to be a major commercial hub, and one of the most important cities in Asia. Although small in size, Singaporedoesn`t lack importance, nor the potential to influence other countries, both in theregion, but also worldwide. The reason behind this potential of Singapore is the fact that this bustling city has some of the best educational facilities in the region. All kind of academic studies can be found here, in Singapore.

As mentioned, Singapore is a modern city. That can be seen not only by its buildings, and busy streets, but also by the mentality that is present with its people. The people ofSingaporehave an openminded mentality, which is surely due to their varying ethnic and social background. This is important cause such mentality enables them to easily adapt and accept new trends in the world. The rise of graphic design in the last few decades is just one of those trends. Graphic design is a fast growing industry in Singapore, and there are more and more academic institutions that are offering the studies of graphic design as one of their academiccurriculums. These institutions offer different courses, from basic courses, to full Master level studies. Some of the schools that are offering these courses are: Raffles Design Institute, Beacon School of Technology,SaeInstitute, Cavalry School of Management And Design andNanyangPolytechnic.

Raffles Design Institute

This institute is part of the Raffles Institute Group, which has its schools not only in Singapore but throughout East Asia. This is one of the most influential schools of design in Singapore, dealing not only in graphic design, but also in fashion design, 3D design and so on.

Beacon School of Technology

Although the main focus of this school are technology studies, this school offers a Higher National Diploma in design. This diploma is meant to focus on creating a foundation for a range of careers in the graphic design field of business.


The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) was created in October 1976. Ever since, it has been a major institution regarding audio engineering. Today, it is also offering short courses in graphic design.

Cavalry School of Management And Design

Working with an Italian curriculum, this school is primarily oriented towards the fashion design studies. However, other type of design studies are also present here, including graphic design.


Although this school is primarily focused on technical and technology sciences, it is also offering its students the possibility of getting a diploma in Visual Communication from their School Of Design department.

There are some other graphic design courses being held in Singapore, however the ones mentioned here are the most important ones. So, if you are interested in graphic design studies, this article should give you some insight on the matter.

About the author: I`m a freelance writer/ translator, and this is one in a series of articles that was ordered from me and never got payed. Enjoy.


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  1. How much would I get on ebay for a signed Mass Effect 2 poster from all the lead developers and designers?
    I won it in an ebgames launch day for Mass Effect 2, but I don’t have a 360 (I went because my friends were going).
    It’s supposedly 1 of 3 in the world

  2. How much money does a graphic designer make in America and are there requests for a movie poster designer?
    I’m in metric now and I live in South Africa. Next year I’m going to a college and do a course for 2 years for Graphic Print Production and I’m going to write the international exam. After that I want to go to America and find a job for a Movie Poster designer. Are there regularly requests for such a job and how much more or less do they get paid?

  3. Graphic designers’ criticism on this poster?
    This is meant to be a poster for a Fringe Festival (so it’s quite alternative and left-field) and the festival theme is sleep..
    But im just lacking inspiration from the design i’ve developed – to me it looks sort of bland and I know it needs something added to it.

    You can look at it at:

    Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

  4. can you name some film poster designers and what they have done?
    i need help for my Englsih Media Coursework! and i need to name some film poster designers and what poster sthey have designed.

  5. Hmm, ok… I like the idea of constellations, but I think it could be done in a far more interesting way.
    The glow you’ve applied to the text makes it hard to read, and the sort of ‘sparkle’ and foggy haze you’ve applied is – in my opinion – slightly tacky. (don’t take this personally, so much of design is a matter of personal taste!)

    I would take this right back to basics – you’ve got the beginning of a good idea here, you’ve got your copy, and you’ve got an idea for imagery… now you need to think about how to combine them together for the best impact.

    I think the one big thing I’d change is the centre placement of the main title/logo. Centre placement is rarely appropriate, try moving it, perhaps tilting it at an angle, and most of all, I think, make it bigger… at the moment, the poster just looks like several disparate elements floating in space, you want to make them form a more coherant whole.

    I would try and make everything more crisp – remove all the flashy effects and keep it simple.

    Hope some of this helps, and you agree with my opinions 🙂

  6. Can you name some poster designers?
    I’m having trouble finding any for my graphics coursework:(


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  8. Some very important art movements and people in the design world would be:
    Movements (List from the top of my head)
    Russian Constructivism (Russian)
    Bauhaus (German)
    De Stijl (Netherlands)

    Lester Beall (American)
    Kurt Schwitters (German)
    Paul Rand (American)
    Neville Brody (English)

    Those are just a few things that have influenced me and what I can think of off the top of my head.

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