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PowerPoint Advanced Concepts: The Importance of Design

At first most people see PowerPoint as a simple slide show program. Most user make common mistakes such as putting too much information on a slide, using a font that is too small, and so on. With experience and training they start to create better presentations and feel that they have reached the limits of PowerPoint.

Advanced users take the experience one step further. They understand that there is more to design than sticking words on a screen. There is a creative element that is the difference between ho-hum presentations that put the audience to sleep and dynamic projects that electrify viewers.

Focus On The Audience
The key to exciting and memorable presentations is to create a personal experience. Before PowerPoint is started up, take some time to think about the people who will be watching your presentation. Trying to use the same slides on several audiences is doomed to fail. In a perfect world, a presentation should be customized differently for every audience.

It seems obvious that a seminar about art industry trends to an audience of college students shouldn’t be constructed the same as a presentation on Medicare benefits at a senior center, and yet a surprising number of people would create both projects exactly the same.
Instead, think about what makes the audience unique. One audience might want the classic presentation: black letters on white background, large fonts, maybe some bullets. Others might be drawn in by bold graphics or an emotional musical background.

Good Design Means Bigger Profits
Maybe you’re convinced of the need for this level of PowerPoint advanced design, but that doesn’t mean your boss is. A survey by Archetype Associates of 368 board members at Dow Jones companies revealed only one, Steve Jobs at Disney, with a background in design. Most executives just don’t get the need for the bells and whistles.

However that attitude shows that these executives don’t pay attention to the industry.

Peer Insight did a study of over 40 Fortune 500 companies and found the ones dedicated to customer-experience design were ten times as likely to outperform the S&P 500 as companies that didn’t.

This survey was looking at product design, but PowerPoint advanced techniques apply as well. A company committed to good design incorporates that philosophy in everything from products to web sites to the annual report.

Your audience is your “customer” whether it is a sales presentation or a meeting about your company’s new retirement benefits. When you make a strong, emotional connection the information is retained better and the viewer walks away with a better impression.

Get The Powerpoint Advanced Training You Need
Advanced design requires advanced techniques. Some people can pick up such complex practices on their own, but most do better in training courses taught by experienced instructors. Discussion with the instructor and the other students reveals a wealth of design methods that will give your presentations tremendous impact.

Take the time to learn PowerPoint design techniques to their fullest to create memorable presentations to be proud of.

About the author: Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information on Powerpoint advanced, please visit http://www.microsofttraining.net

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/presentation-articles/powerpoint-advanced-concepts-the-importance-of-design-311051.html

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  1. How much do graphic designers charge to develop a powerpoint presentation?
    In terms by hour, and how much it usually costs in the end.

    I still have to learn a little more about the program before fixing up one they want me to “sexify”.
    So I rather not charge by the hour, but it might help me figure out the end price.

  2. doing a powerpoint project on a fashion designer, what are some good ideas for slides?
    okay soo i have to do this project on Euro-American fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini, and our teacher didnt give us a lot to go off of, but she wants it to be 10-12 slides and I only have 6 so far….im thinking of using two slides to just show pictures of her designs, but thats still not enough. does anyone have any ideas for topics?

  3. powerpoint designer?
    I working as powerpoint designer can i work from internet i mean any one need to mak powerpoint presentation sent to me and i do it for him with money

    any one can help me in my project?

  4. What are the dimensions of a Powerpoint Slide?
    I am a designer so I rarely ever work in Powerpoint, but have been asked to create powerpoint slides for my client to email out to salesmen. These will have UPC’s on them so it is imperative that the UPC’s are placed at 100% so if printed they will scan correctly.

  5. She started out in the knitwear business, maybe something about that.
    Have you seen these websites about her?
    They may give you some help:



    She has a huge range of merchandise from handbags and shoes to eyewear and perfume – her range should be mentioned.
    Also her financial success.

  6. How much should I pay a powerpoint designer?
    I own a business and I am about to pay someone for making a powerpoint slideshow promoting it. The slideshow turned out AMAZING and I will definitely use it. How much should I pay the desginer. I am so grateful but don’t know what a good price is.
    I have a question for netsploit……
    Do you have experience with this? Where did you get your prices from? And for everyone else; I cannot upload it to show you but trust me the show is GREAT and exactly what I am looking for.

  7. In the “brick & mortar” world (in the U.S.), I charge $50 / hr. I’m actually on the low end – I know people charging $60+. In the online world where I have to compete with people with much lower costs of living around the world, I can get $25 – $35 / hr. tops.

    I occasionally take on flat rate jobs, but base the rate on how many hours I think it will take.

    If you are designing a look and cleaning up the slides – let’s say 25-35 slides – it might take you a day or more, so think about charging what you’d like to get for a day. For a small project like that, I’d charge $500.

    If you are doing a major graphic design – bear in mind that can kill a day or more with multiple rounds of approvals and changes. So that’s more time.

    If you are editing content – more time, especially with approvals.

    If you are developing graphics and charts and sourcing photography – more time. And make sure the client will pay for stock photos or that you get paid enough to cover it yourself.

  8. A few ideas…

    1) Become familiar with Rent-a-Coder. It can be a challenge to get a winning bid, and there are many features to consider (just like eBay). I’ve assembled links to some of the more useful how-to articles.

    2) Diversify. Since you’re already adept with ONE presentation package, learning similar techinques in another should not be a huge challenge. For example, MacroMedia (Adobe) Director, and/or Flash (which I almost always prefer over PowerPoint).

  9. I actually do PowerPoint for a living. It is a freelance job, so rates are pretty high. I get $50 / hr. I am considered low by most professional standards – people in New York can get $70+ / hr.

    On the other hand, there are much less expensive resources online – through sites like oDesk and Elance. On those sites, you could pay someone in the Philippines as little as $6 / hr.

    So, it’s a little tough to say – base it on the professional level of the designer for an hourly rate. If you don’t know how much time was spent, keep some of these things in mind…

    Was an original design created – add money

    Did the design go through a back and forth approval process – add money.

    Did the designer just clean up and relay out your content or did they work from a script or suggested content and redo it or cut it back – if so – add money.

    Did they locate photography to include in the presentation – add money (and pay them for the photos if they paid for them).

    Did you make multiple rounds of revisions – add money.

    Did the designer work under a horrible deadline – add money.

    Is there advanced animation – add money.

    Hope there is something in there that can help you a little.

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