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TM Media Inc. is located in Dallas, TX, and offers professional graphic design services, brochure design Dallas, graphic design Dallas, Dallas web site design, Dallas web design, graphic design firm, graphic design brochure, web graphic design, graphic design site, web site graphic design for customers in the Dallas or worldwide.

TM Media Inc is headed by a team of professional graphic designers with extensive experience in the graphic design industries. Our work is outstanding and innovative. Our graphic designs, website designs, logos, brochures and many more are tailored to suit your target market and accurately reflect the background and behavior of your business. We can give you plenty of ideas. We can help you with all aspects of graphic design.
Our graphic design and website design services include:

* Logo Design
* Website Design
* Brochure Design
* Identity Design
* Book Cover Design
* Package Design
* Illustration Design

We present high quality work that complies with all web standards. What makes us different from others is that we are passionate about our work and services; also, we keep a close & keen eye on the latest market trends, and are quick to incorporate any novelties discovered henceforth. TM Media is a top graphic/web design company in Dallas and is dedicated to providing professional and affordable graphics design and web site design services and solutions to customers worldwide. Our team is experienced and technically adept, that’s why we give unmatched services to our client. We are equipped to meet all your needs. Visit our website to see our work or portfolio.

Get thorough details about the organization and our nature of work management by visiting our website Contact us for remarkable Graphic Design, Web design, Website design, logo design, print design, brochure design, package design, book cover design, illustration design and branding etc To get our services, you can reach us at or CALL US at 817-656-8597.

About the author: Get thorough details about the organization and our nature of work management by visiting our website


10 thoughts on “Professional Graphic Design”

  1. I need a professional graphic design for my shirts. Can anyone reccomend me a website or a person to contact?
    I have a women/men shirts that I wanted to add words and a picture on it…like t shirts design. I would like someone that is good a creativity.I would also like to find out about purchasing several women and mens shirt for a low price? What company and website are available?

  2. How much do Canadian companies pay for Graphic Design professional services, and which season is better?
    Im interested on going to Canada next year, would you tell me about job options for a Graphic Designer? Im not asking for job now. I only need orientation about which month or season is better by wheather, opportunities, and how much are the payments for that services, etc. for seeking job in Canada, for english-spoken latin people. Thanks.

  3. What is the best monitor to get for professional graphic/ web design?
    What is the best monitor to get if you are working in graphics/graphic/web design? The best in resolution, dpi, color and etc? Cost not an issue, but want best quality.

    Thank you for your input!

  4. CRTs are still tops for color. Mitsubishi Diamondtron, NEC, and LaCie (if you can find one used) are the best I’ve ever used.

  5. What is a professional graphic design program?
    I want a good graphics program, preferably for a Mac? I’m looking for something proffessional, & am willing to pay for quality. Any advice appreciated, thank you.
    Okay… I want it all. I have used Microsoft Picture it Premium, which is good, but I want more. Photoshop I hear is comparable. I used Corell years ago, but I care for it, is it any better now? Have you heard anything about “Canvas”? Keep the answers comeing, the more the marrier!
    I meant I didn’t care for it

  6. I am not sure this will help, but there is a website called This website allows many artist and creators to sell their idems. The artist have commission, where they take other peoples request and create it depending on what the persons idea is. They have many design stuff that you may find interesting, and you could possible ask someone to create something for you : )

  7. For seasons, think of Canada as a little colder than the US Summer in several parts can be over 100 everyday. Winter can be 50 degrees below 0 ( yes Fahrenheit) in several parts of the country. The Atlantic area is like Maine, Boston Southern Ontario is Northern Michigan, Southern Alberta is Northern Montana and the further north you go the colder it gets. Any season in this country is great its the area you choose to go to. Everyone thinks Toronto or Calgary. Toronto would pay less because they have a lot to choose from. Calgary would charge less because again they are growing and there are a lot of resumes to choose from. Both places would be interested in a bi-lingual employee. And although French is Canada’s second official language, There are huge numbers of Spanish speaking (or a form of Spanish) communities.All across the country. I think if you are looking at moving to Canada, you add the safety of your family into your decision as well. Smaller cities and towns have need of your services too and will pay you fairly. I suggest you email the economic development officers of towns and areas that interest you. They will provide you with valuable information.
    Good luck

  8. Can I use fake product designs in my professional graphic design portfolio?
    In class our teacher had us design “products” for companies that really exist. These companies did not use these fictious products. I am now putting together my design portfolio and want to know if I can use these designs, or if it incorrectly implies that I’ve had these big compaines as clients.

  9. get the adobe CS3 bundle. everything you need is in there.
    it’s what professionals use across the board.

  10. Student works do have a place in a professional’s portfolio, as long as the work was not done too far in the past. It is best do indicate that it is a student class assignment so that it will not be mistaken as a actual client product.

    Where you may face problems is if you place these images online. It is considered copyright infringement if you use real product names and registered trademarks on your website without permission. You CAN try to get the company’s permission by contacting the 800 phone number usually found on the real product’s packaging.

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