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How To Use A WYSIWYG HTML Editor To Make Stunning Ebay Auction Listings.

What kind of browser are you using for online surfingc Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Operacc Sure, all are good programs but I want to talk about an excellent program called Netscape. If you use Netscape, do you know that you also get an amazing WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web design program called Netscape Composer for freec Basically you don’t need expensive HTML editors anymore. The list of commercially available HTML editors software is endless – and the price tags are enormous. Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money to get started with their eBay business. Fair enough, since the goal is to make money and not to spend money. So it makes perfect sense to use a program to design auction listings which is available for free. And such a program is Netscape Composer.

It has the same professional features like FrontPage or any other similar program. To design stunning and professional looking eBay auction sites with Netscape Composer you need to download Netscape first. If you start up the program, select File->New Composer Page and basically you can start immediately to design your auction listings. You can make you letters in any colour, bold, italics, use background colours (or even images) etc. The options are endless. You can save this file on your local hard drive as html file. I used to have one file for every listing I generate. The best thing is that once you have got a nice and professional looking eBay auction listing, you can use it for ever. Just open your last listing in Netscape Composer and edit according to your new item. Amazingly, this takes only a couple of minutes.

But how do you transfer your listing saved as a html file on your local hard drive to eBayc The answer is simple. Once you have logged in into your eBay account and selected your category and starting price you have to type in your “item description”. Did you see that eBay allows HTML formatc Have a look when you launch your next listing. That’s the time where you go back to your new listing you just have created with Netscape Composer. Down the bottom of your Netscape Composer page you’ll see a button called: SOURCE – the source code of your listing. Click on that and highlight and copy the entire text. Select then the eBay site and paste this text into the “Item description box”. Make sure that all links are working and that all photos are uploaded to the internet.

When you have finalised your listing you will be surprised. A stunning and professional looking “DIY-listing”. You can always use “ready-to-go” auction templates and edit these according to your item. You’ll see that with an professional auction design you can easily attract more buyers and get higher bids. It’s worth the effort. Keep in mind that professional web design software is highly expensive and does the same job. Alternatively, you can choose from a huge variety of third party auction services doing the job for you. But hey, there are incredibly expensive too. Don’t you think that the eBay fees are high enough and you can easily do it yourself without spending any additional dollars. It’s really simple!

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  1. What web design software do professionals use?
    Is it pretty much just dreamweaver or do people use other (Preferable free) stuff too ?

  2. I’m a pro and I use freeware for the editor although I have all the expensive stuff like Xara Extreme, Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard, Dreamweaver, etc.. I just hand code stuff from my head and make my graphics many times with nothing but, :P. If you KNOW how to do it, you don’t need all the fancy stuff.


  3. Need recommendations for professional web designing software for mac?
    I need to develop a professional website for my business and I need recommendations of web designing tools for mac. It is my first time creating a website so the application needs to be easy to use.

  4. Is there an e- commerce web design software for Macintosh?
    Hi, I need to do some professional web designing for some e-commerce sites and am looking for a MAC based software package – like Dreamweaver, but that allows me to add e-commerce apps (paypal, shopping cart,..etc). I am not versed in JavaScript, PHP and the like because I am mainly a graphic designer. Can anyone help me please> Thanks you!

  5. tell you what… you need to learn a scripting language or you will have a very hard time making websites!!!

  6. Where do i start for software and web design?
    Sorry thats a bit like 2 questions in one but, I want to get into software design, mostly for public information screens and probably on some sort of Linux OS as they’re more flexible. I am a total newb when it comes to Linux also! Where would be the best place to start designing professional web pages? Please don’t say Frontpage its TERRIBLE!

  7. What is the easiest web design software?
    I don’t have experience in web design, but I want to learn to build professional web pages. I know some html, but not much. Is there a cheap, easy to use and professional web design software that I could use easily without paying a lot? Am I asking for too much? Thank you!

  8. I have been coding HTML for about 6 years. Started with Notepad as my editing program. Have recently decided to take some formal instructions in coding HTML and CSS. Notepad is the ONLY editing program permitted for the class. So it is back to Notepad.

    However, years ago after doing 2 web sites I finally started using HTML-Kit, a free program from It will require that you know something about HTML tags and code structure.

    There is no software that will produce for you professional appearing web designs right out of the box. It will become necessary for you to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, php and perhaps more.

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