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10 questions to ask, before hiring any professional web designer

Once you have decided to make a website then you need to know who to hire as the web designer. It could be anyone but you need to make sure that they are a team of dedicated professionals. They should have the right blend of experience and expertise. However you need to know what kind of questions to ask any professional web designer before hiring.

Can they give an estimation of a projectc Is a break down possiblec

The first thing that you need to ask a web designer is that whether they can give you an estimation of the cost of their services. In addition to this you need to get a break down of their prices. This should be a list of pricing for creation of content, graphics and uploading them on the site.

Is there a turnaround timec

One question that you should not forget to inquire is that how long it will take for complete website design work.

Do they have a portfolio and can they provide with referencesc

Now after you have found out about these details you need to request them for their portfolio. You need to check on their proficiency as well. In other words you should check on their online presence. Then you should also find out about references too. This will serve as a client testimonial for you.

Ask them can they design a giant size web 2.0 logo for your websitec

This is very important for your company and you need to ask your designer that can she/he design a giant size web 2.0 logo for your website or not.

Are they capable of designing SEO friendly web templatesc

You need to find out that whether they are capable of designing SEO friendly we templates or not. This is an important factor while choosing your web designer.

What HTML structure do they follow, table based or DIV basedc

Ask your professional web designer what HTML structure do they follow, table based or DIV based. DIV provide your website with clarity in coding for sure which could be an add-on.

Are the web designers willing to redesignc

Another thing that you need to find out is that is a redesign possible or not. If the answer is in the affirmative then ask your web designer what is the cost that you may be charged for it. Additionally you need to ask them that whether they can format an equally complex website or not.

Are modifications available at the same pricec

Do not forget to ask your web designer about modifications that you may need to make at some time or the other. You need to find out about the price for that.

Do they need an approvalc

This is a must for you to ask your professional web designer that is s/he going to ask you for an approval. After all it is your site and your opinion is important.

Do they want any testimonialsc

Lastly check whether they need to get a feedback from you. This may serve as a testimonial in future. Just find out whether they are interested or not in doing so.

About the author: Joanna Gadel is dealing as creative website designer and associated with a reputed innovative web design Sydney firm.


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  1. How can i be come a professional web designer?
    I don’t have any knowledge about web design and i’ll really
    want to be a professional web designer. Where will i start
    from and links to help me. Please

  2. How to become professional web designer from beginner ?
    I have basic computer skills like MS Office, internet, Windows etc. I try for myself to do easy websites using Front Page (just on my computer’s hard disc). How to train to become professional web site designer-and set up my own bussines ?Should I buy any special HTML editors or other software ? Any books, courses etc. ? I live in London. Daniel

  3. i did a course at college it took 6 weeks, i was just learning out of a book dead easy and i could of gone on to do the next course but i got ill, anyway its a part time course day or evening should be at most colleges check it out.

  4. How do you become a professional web designer?
    I’m extremely interested in web design. I took a class in high school and it really clicked with me. I already know HTML basics. I’m just wondering how do I become a professional web designer. What steps do I have to take in order to become one, Im considering going to an art institute that has a course in web design. Would this be a good starting point? and where do I go from there to become a professional, thanks for the help

  5. This is actually a fairly broad question. Can you narrow down a bit what you want to do? Are you interested in the look and layout of web sites? Are you interested in the various applications that enhance various sites around the web? Are you interested in creating/maintaining the databases that store all the information that various sites collect and use?

    Given that you are apparently starting with nothing, I would suggest you start by learning HTML and FTP. These are very basic nuts and bolts required for web design – and really all that is needed in many cases. Throw in CSS here because it allows you greater control over the design and look of pages with very little added learning.

    Once you get those basics down, you may want to learn a scripting language like JavaScript, ASP, or PHP. These allow you to start creating interactive pages that actually do things. But you’ll also want to learn about database management so you can save and reuse information.

    If you want to go further, they you’ll need to learn Flash or some other similar technology.

    And there are nearly endless different combinations and permutations of what you can learn and how you might apply it.

  6. What skills are required to become a professional web designer? is required any graduation?
    I am a Pre-Degree holder, and I would like to be a professional web designer, So, I welcome someones help in this matter.

  7. hi i do professional web sites. you might want to be qualified in Adobe Photo shop and know HTML extremely well, programs like dream weaver are good but put to much code in and makes it hard for changes later. good luck its a hard job to get into and when you do find the work you will pull your hair out. send me a demo of what you have done

  8. Here is what I did:

    1) first study web usability. Web usability has to do with look and feel of a website and web user psychology which is unique and makes web design different than graphic design. This is a very important part of web design and will give you a competitive edge when you talk to potential clients about web usability. My two favorite web usability books/authors: anything by Jakob Nielsen (Designing Web Usability, Prioritizing Web Usability) and the “Web Pages That Suck” series.

    2) second, study SEO and marketing. Many clients mistakenly think that once you have website people can find you. This is not the case and SEO and marketing is something most web designers do NOT know how to do. Study at least the very basics because then you can talk intelligently about getting traffic. No matter how nice a site design is, people also need to know how to find it

    From there, talk to your network of friends and family and find out who needs a website for anything and offer to do it for free so you can build a portfolio.

    Alternatively, you can post on Craiglist saying you are a website designer looking to build a portfolio and say for the first five clients who respond back and want a website you will design a simple site for free to build your portfolio.

    Alternatively, you can just do a search for local professional services in your area (chiropracter, accountant, etc) that do not have a website but have an email or phone. Then email or call and see if you can design their site for free as you are looking to build your portfolio.

    After that is done, then you do the same tasks as above to find your clients. Professional services websites you can easily charge $500 for plus a maintenance fee if you want to maintain it (I usually don’t, I like to hand it off).

    Hope that gives you some ideas!

    I’ve linked the web usability books I discussed in my post:

  9. What and all should i know to become a professional web designer?
    What and all shouls i know to become a professional web designer?
    i mean i’m asking about the web designing languages, database, seo and some designing processes…

  10. I put in front of you the list of subjects you should know to be a professional web designer:

    1. You must learn html, php, sql, javascript essentially and other programming languages might also be helpful.

    2. Various web design tools online and offline like adobe dreamweaver, microsoft frontpage, expression page etc. and online tools like joomla, drupal etc

    3. Skills on various graphics tools like Flash, Fireworks and Photoshop are also helpful and essential.

    4. You must have the basic knowledge of how domain registration and web hosting operates.

    5. Master your skills in search engine submission and optimization of websites.

    6. Master your skills in e-commerce and tools for earning money from websites like advertising networks, affiliate marketing etc.

    This all guidelines and information you will find at which is a very good resource on the topic.

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