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At the end of the day the efficiency of any website is gauged by the business that has been procured through it and this depends on how effectively the web page design conveys the message from the website owner to the visitor and finally the buyer. Conveying message from the transmitter and making it received by the received followed by the desired response of the receiver is effective communication. The effectiveness of a web page design is about how effectively it conveys its message; it could be a product, service or even a piece of information.

The best way to make a web design attractive is by illustrating it with relevant images or videos. This can be very artistic but the technology used for embedding the visuals should be such as to add the least weight to the website. If this aspect is not handled carefully it can back fire and increase the duration of downloading. This can be harmful for the business. Unnecessary and irrelevant images should be avoided.

Tables, graphs and charts are important part of visual aid. They are more impressive than the plain text, more effective at communicating, and faster at conveying the message. Care should be taken that the tables have the least possible number of columns. If the number of columns is more it could be confusing. Care should be taken that the charts, graphs and tables are properly labeled.

The text content should be legible. If the font size is too small or the background color makes the reading difficult, the visitor may most probably hop on to another site. The size of the font also depends on the average age of the market segment that the website owner targets. If the product offered by the website is especially for elderly people, care should be taken that the font size of the text is big enough to be readable.

Main points of the text need to be highlighted. One should use proper tags to differentiate the paragraphs. Since the keywords and key word phrases weigh a lot for search engine optimization, one needs to strike a balance between the graphic content and the text content. The graphic content is only visible when the visitor clicks on a website. On the contrary the text content is an element of immense importance for search engine optimization.

As far as conversion of a visitor to prospective buyer and finally to a buyer is concerned, graphics become indispensable. It is always better to avail the services of a professional web page designer who knows the importance of graphics and text content and who knows to balance them for SEO.

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  1. Where can I make a web page that looks professional and is completly free?
    Where can I make a web page that looks professional and is completly free?

  2. I want to build a personal / professional web page.?
    Is there way to build a web page for Personal / professional usage. I want to build a page that features my educational experience and goals. I subscribe to at&t yahoo broadband and i would like to create a page that does not have 85 characters as an address.

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  4. heck, geo cities and hundreds of others, not all are created equal. another warning is this Free websites have severe bandwidth limitations . what does this mean?? your site will only be able viewed a certain number of times a day or even a month based on how many mega bytes gets transfered from your site or which translates to how many people go to your site . how proffesional you want it to look is up to you . but since free sites do have severe limitations i wouldnt suggest anything graphics intensive because the larger your site , the less people are allowed to see it . cause after you have reached the quota people will then see a message that your site has reached it’s bandwidth limit and cannot be viewed . if it’s going to be a site for business i would highly recommend putting up the clams . it really is rather cheap(at first) especially for a start up . but if you start getting lot’s of traffic be prepared to adjust business practices and fees accordingly .

  5. Where can I learn (online) to build a professional web page?
    I want to learn to build a professional web page but do not have a clue as where to start or which program to use or, most importantly, how to build one. Where can I learn (online) to build a professional web page easily and also free, considering I have no money and am unemployed at the moment.

  6. The first thing you should do is learn HTML. After that, learn CSS. More advanced topics to learn are Javascript and Flash.

    Here is my favorite website for learning these topics.

    Just remember that it takes time if you are just starting out. Start small while learning and work your way to bigger projects. A lot of beginners come up with huge intricate projects that would challenge even a pro’s knowledge. Also, design your site on paper before you commit to any code.

    Edit: When you first start it is fine to code your sites using Notepad (the one that comes with Windows). Quickly switch to something better such as Notepad++. Notepad++ is built for programming.

    Professionals use a program called Dreamweaver. It may be too advanced to start with and it costs a lot of money. You will know when you are skilled enough to make the switch to Dreamweaver.

  7. What is a good source for setting up a professional web page?
    I’m looking for a ‘package’ that will allow me to set up a professional looking web page for a sports club. I’m computer literate and know some HTML but don’t want to code it or use an application like Dream Weaver. Something simple-template like.

  8. I need a professional web page built to my specifications. How to go about finding a builder who can give est.
    Some flash involved and expansion likley

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