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Private hospital "new media" marketing war started

cc The first “private hospital development and Internet marketing” topic seminar held in Shenzhen
“In the next two to three years in Shenzhen will be a large word within the hospital to die!” Yesterday, in the Shenzhen hospital marketing experts and representatives of well-known private hospital, launched the first “private hospital development and Internet marketing” topic seminar, renowned marketing expert Qishu Dan promise to the hospital, said: “The time has come the crucial moment of life and death of private hospitals, the fate of the throat is tight briefly in warm water or to allow hospitals to be cooked slowly die, in a crisis to seek modifications of the Road is the Hospital managers need to carefully think about. ”

It is understood that the first “private hospital development and Internet marketing” seminar is planned by the Shenzhen-known health care marketing agency beings per team, with several private medical institutions as well as male dot com, including Shenzhen, Shenzhen, including dozens of women dot com medical network media co-sponsored a private hospital to seek sustainable development meeting the road. Experts at the center on the “private hospital development and network marketing,” private hospital on the current network in Shenzhen marketing channel construction, and how to create more effective marketing based websites had been a lively discussion.

Hospital brand new development thrust Said, “Hospital Marketing” and “marketing-based website”, Shenzhen Pengcheng Hospital, Division of Huang profound understanding of people. Pengcheng male subjects because of the health care market foresight, two years ago, the specialist on the “beings element of” team Cooperation , First established in Shenzhen, the most professional, most authoritative, the most comprehensive information and services online Men’s most powerful portalcc Shenzhen M dot, to achieve a department portal, brand building and mutual cooperation, in parallel. With Internet marketing tool, Pengcheng male subjects as the development of wings, became the leading brand in Shenzhen male subjects.

At the seminar Mr. Wong said: “Shenzhen Pengcheng Hospital, Division of brand building in the past two years has made a breakthrough development in 2007, named the brand list of medical institutions in Shenzhen in Shenzhen, the people won the favorite male subjects the brand! In addition to vigorously hospital management services, technology, in order to win the trust of strength, the male subjects a professional web site development information contributed. can say that we are the first taste of the sweetness of the private hospital network marketing. Now, more and more hospitals have realized the significance of network marketing, and continue to increase the construction of hospital information efforts, I hope our men in the new round of dot com constantly advantages of competition, marketing and brand building for the hospital and make new contributions. ”

Proved Shenzhen M dot the Men’s Health Information Network Service Platform, its rising and the stability of viscous flow of customers, as Pengcheng male subjects brought waves of patient groups, a regional health portal thrust into the hospital brand new model.

Cost-effective Internet marketing Chengxin Chong At the seminar, as the mastermind of the Shenzhen male dot com, Shenzhen well-known online marketing experts in the hospital, Mr. Xingping, said, “With the medical advertising policy changes and the rising number of Chinese Internet users, more and more private health care institutions to begin to approach the hospital from the newspaper sales, radio, magazines and other traditional media to the Internet, online marketing has become the most cost-effective private hospital a marketing model. the hospital through the hospital network marketing can not only enhance the visibility, but also bring real economic benefits for the hospital, which is recognized by customers for the same phenomenon. ”

Learned that the Hospital Marketing Website, including “self promotion”, “real-time communication,” good “user experience” and the complete impact assessment system (including traffic statistics, website analysis, advertising analysis). At the seminar, representatives of the Shenzhen love healthy dental chain share a love of healthy network marketing impact assessment system to help hospitals. He said, “assessment will allow us to keep abreast of the process of site operations and development trend of the indicators, on the hospital network to facilitate timely adjustment of marketing strategy, it is the correct evaluation of the hospital network marketing, input-output ratio has an important role.

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  6. Looking for new web site development software?
    I’ve been out of web site development for nearly 5 years and the skills are rusty. But I need a professional package for developing websites. This is for a not-for-profit consumer advocacy site so cost and efficiency are important.

    I can do some hard coding but don’t have the time to code from scratch so some form of WYSIWYG is needed. I don’t have time to relearn HTML or update my CSS skills. However, proper site layout and design is a skill I still have… I just need a hand in putting it to the web.

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    i’m open to opensource or simplified freeware. I’ve found CoffeeCup but am not sure about Visual Site Designer.
    Is Microsoft still pushing Web Expression? How about Adobe? Anything affordable?

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